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  1. he he he he he your right gary, this has made my day :
  2. It was about 2pm! exact time! My dad works at tankersley fire station so he is going to keep an eye out too!
  3. Spotted in a tree near tankersley manor blue ringneck! tried to get it down (with hand gestures and a salad sandwich) but it flew off and tried to see it again but couldnt it wasnt close rung and it looked quite healthy. poor thing wish id caught it - its been non stop rain all day up here :cry:
  4. and welcome! and a big wave from another sheffield/rotherham girl!
  5. Hi and welcome moonstar! Just make sure you research well before you select a breed! i recommend conures, quakers and sennies see my piczo site! but its up to you - your at the right place for advice sowwie about cake too....
  6. :evil: Thats right you photo theif! if parrotmad hadnt told me about this and i would have seen that pic! it would have upset me deeply and caused an argument between me and the breeder i hope you are banned from this site! and you are a coward!
  7. that picture looks like a twin of my sun conure rio. there are a few pictures of him on my piczo site!!!! you should take a look
  8. Welcome! i have 2 quakers there soooo cheeky!
  9. Welcome, my partner bought me my quakers as an anniversary present!
  10. Welcome Koky, i have been on your site and it was very emotional, the bond you and Manau shared must have been so strong i bet it was so heart breaking to see her get worse and worse. I think your an inspiration making people aware and your website does just that!
  11. Hello there Mango is really cute, i have a quaker called kiwi, why do we name parrots after fruit :shock: HAHA xxxx
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