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  1. Me too. worth checking and putting posters up around Burgess Park. Also the other local parks including Kennington Park. When my friend lost his bird a few months back it was found by someone in Kennington Park.
  2. Hi, Ive got a pair of lovebirds. They absolutely love sweetcorn. Have you tried yours with that? They also like peppers. I normally cut a whole pepper in half and they love to munch it into tiny bits. Mine seem to like celery aswell. Mine get sweetcorn and mixed veg everyday. I buy the veg that is cubed as its small enough for them. They also like the soaked beans aswell. Lovebirds love to have a good chew on pine and also cardboard. Mine get through those 'chube' things in about a week :roll: . And pine slices are gone within no time. Mine arent to keen on fruit but sometimes have a nibble on a strawberry and pomegranite seeds and some apple. If one of them is quite aggressive to the other one you might have a same sex pair. If this upsetting for the one being bullied you might be better off seperating them for a bit to see how they get go.
  3. Pharrell chooses when he wants a shower. He jumps into the sink so i know that he wants a shower and then I put him in the bath. he will then have his shower for ages!!!! if i put him in the shower and he doesnt want one he just jumps/flies back out again. The other 6 birds choose their water bowls to bathe in and this is normally a couple of times a week. Pharrell used to have showers every other day when he was younger but now he chooses to have one about once a week :shock: dirty bird :roll:
  4. have signed it. Last week kids let off fireworks right outside my block of flats. Scared the life out of my cats and birds. Scared one of the cats so badly that she went and weed in my bed :shock: I only found out when i got into bed and rolled over onto a wet patch :evil:
  5. I try to avoid giving my parrots soya. Heres a link from the parrot society website. http://www.theparrotsocietyuk.org/index.php/Article_22/92
  6. I'm in London - so Coventry is abit too far for me unfortunately :cry: Tory - i rang Rob Harvey today but they have sold out of all the cargo nets and dont know when they will get more :? , would definately have paid you a visit otherwise. Looks like my only option is to make one!! lol
  7. That looks great. Thanks hotfoot. Just need to know how much rope i'll need. Thx.
  8. I want to buy a cargo net for the parrots. I've been unable to locate any so far on line as they seem to be out of stock. Does anyone know where i can purchase one? If not, my next question is, if i was to make my own (boyfriend will have to make it as im useless at things like that ) :roll: , how much rope would i need to order to make a reasonable size one? am thinking probably 4ft x 4ft.
  9. :oops: :oops: yes your right Net. Apologies. That will teach me to read posts in the wrong order :roll: I hope Bailybird is able to get through her depression and keep her little caique.
  10. Do you do the talks down the south east region?
  11. Looks like shes made her mind up to sell her :cry:
  12. My ekkie loves his chicken legs and has them about once a week. Hes not too fussed about egg - but loves cheese. He goes mad for meat and will do anything to pinch the cat food. He also likes abit of the natural yoghurt. In fact he will eat ANYTHING!!!! :roll:
  13. I'd always had budgies as a kid and always wanted a parrot but my dad was having none of it. I saved up my saturday job money over the space of 2 years. Once i was 18 i went into town with my mum and dad. Mum went and done the shopping and dad went to the pub. I ensured that he had plenty to drink and once he'd had a sufficient amount of alcohol, i promptly took him to the pet shop and showed him the orange winged amazon that i'd had my eye on. There was also a moluccan cockatoo but i didnt have enough money for that one The parrot was all nice to my dad and so he allowed me to buy the parrot and even gave me the money for the cage. I had my OW Amazon named Guy for 21 years until he sadly passed away. My dad always said i'd tricked him into agreeing to get the parrot by getting him drunk
  14. i had my OW Amazon for 21 years until he passed away. All 5 of my current birds are with me until death us do part. The same applies to my 5 cats. I'll even make provisions in my will if they were to outlive me. When i take on any animal its for life.
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