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  1. Thanks jebirds, I give both Harry (my African Grey) and Archie a few fresh branches every morning. I hang them up in there cage then within an hour they are gone! I can't find any toys that Archie cannot destroy within a few days, I got him a rope perch from Pets at Home on Sunday - very similar to this, but bigger: By Monday night he had managed to rip one end out of it and completely chew through the plastic, I'll get a picture so you can see. I think I may have found a toy that could take him a few days to get through, it's called an indestrucibell - http://www.24parrot.com/Indestructibell--2-Sizes-P37717a/ I put it in last night so I'll be interested to see what state it's in when I get home. Thanks again everyone for the reassuring posts that this is fairly normal behaviour, I just want to make sure that it's not something i'm doing wrong to upset him.
  2. He very often bobs his head up and down as if 'dancing' but then sometimes he pushes his head forwards and backwards very quickly as if trying to regurgatate but he normally does this when he's sat on his cage rather than on my hand. Thanks for the comments on him :-) I'll try and get a video of him soon to put up on youtube so you can see what I mean when he steps up
  3. He does sometimes try to sort of 'suckle' on my finger, but it's mainly he will try and play with my nails...he tries to lever them off lol, quite painfull! He is a real monkey though and an extremely clever one at that, he worked out how to open his cage door that is on a spring type lock so I had to padlock that everytime he is in it but that didn't stop him and he quickly worked out how to open the side food bowl holders. I now have to lock every single opening part on the cage with a padock now to stop him getting out! I'm just waiting for the day when he whittles down a piece of wood into a pick and starts opening the locks!! haha
  4. Thinking about it that could be one of the reasons he is carrying on to do it because everytime he starts to chew I will pull my hand away and he must think it's a great game. I have tried giving him toys to distract while I am getting him to step up but these are chucked straight out of the way in favour of my fingers! lol Is there any sort of parrot safe liquid type stuff you can put on your hands that doesn't taste very nice? Similar to the same kind of things people put on there nails to help them stop biting them? Thanks for the comments too
  5. Hi Pippy, Thanks for the kind comments He's absolutely stunning and really has a lovely personality apart from this new bad habbit of chewing on my fingers he has picked up! lol.
  6. Hi all, I have a male Blue and Gold Macaw called Archie, he is nearly 2 years old now. I've had him since he was a baby and he's always been so lovely with everyone and still is but when I go to pick him up now as I put my hand infront of him saying step up he thinks it's far more fun to bite my finger and try to chew on it, not in a nasty way but in a playful way. He doesn't really bite that hard but he just won't step up now instead he just chews on my fingers. When I do finally get him to step up onto my hand he will continue playing by either licking my hand or trying to put my thumb in his mouth. It does get quite annoying after a while though because he doesn't realise his own strength and can sometimes bite a little too hard. I am just asking for some advice as to how I can get him to stop doing this or if anyone else has had a similar problem. I can't decide if it's because he's just getting older or if it's a hormanal thing. Any advice would be much appriciated. Here are a few pictures of him too:
  7. Hiya Wendy, Sorry I did'nt email, tried talking on MSN the other night, but you must of got cut off... I have misted Harry for the past two days and he has sulked both days since, he is not very happy about it at all lol so I dont want to start misting him trying to stop his feathers looking scruffy only for him to actually start plucking due to him getting misted which he hates....Buggered if I do, buggered if I don't basically lol. Going to cut down the misting to once a week for a while. I also need to give his nails a trim as they are gettig very sharp, he is still using his pedi perch but it does not seem to be having the same effect, any suggestions on clipping his nails? I have tried using a nail file but he will not stand still at all...
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies! I will keep misting him every day and shower him on a weekend and hopefully when his new feathers come through he will look amazing - not that he dosent already He is also getting a friend at the end of October when I get a Blue and Gold macaw, hopefully they will become good friends but not sure if I will put them in the same cage...having there cages next to each other should be ok though wont it??
  9. Cheers for the link abez, I just got a little worried thinking I was a bad owner as I thought he might be plucking...I will keep misting him everyday and will give him a shower on a weekend. I have already misted him today and his was completely soaking so I might leave a shower untill next week but will carry on misting everyday. What is the best way to shower him? Literally just take hm in the shower with me?
  10. When I say a handfull there is quite alot in the bowl and it is by no meens all eaten by the end of the day, I replace it for fresh seed every day with Double Dutch.... I will start putting some more in there and see what happens. From the pictures does it look as though he is plucking his wings or does it look like damage from hitting his wings off the cage? The edges of his outside primary flight feathers are really tatty....
  11. No he hasent ever been clipped. I have started to mist him 2-3 times a week as much as he hates this but it has to be done... Before I didnt used to mist him at all as he would hate it soo much whenever I did it and would flap about in his cage soo much hitting his wings off it and I thought it would be doing him more harm than good. He does seem really happy though, always sings in the morning and talks lots. Has plenty of toys to destory through the day and a fresh apple branch every morning which is destroyed by the evening. He is also out everynight for a couple of hours with me and then sits ontop of his cage for abit before it is bed time. I don't know what else to do really...? Also his diet consists of a fresh bowl of fruit and veg everyday, with a handful of seed in another bowl. I also give him a bowl of pulses every other day. I also put some liquid calcium in his water and abit ontop of his food 2-3 times a week. Any help would be great. Cheers Mike
  12. I need a bit of help, my African Grey is 11 months old now and for a few months now his feathers have been very scruffy. It is mainly on his wings that they are worst and I have a feeling it is because he is very active in his cage. He is always flying around inside it as it is quite a large cage at over 2 metres tall and a over a metre wide. Everytime he flys around inside it though he is constantly hitting his wings off the bars. I have taken a few photos for you to see if you think the feather damage is due to him hitting his wings on the bars or if you think he is plucking them. He also has a fluffy patch on his neck, I have never actually seen him pluck and have never seen any feathers in the cage apart from a couple of the small white 'undercoat' ones. Do you think this was due to him plucking at them once or could it be something else? Fluffy patch on neck: Wing damage:
  13. Cheers for the advice showgirl...Are there any other Parrots of a similar size to the CAG that I could keep with mine? Mike
  14. I have had my African Grey for quite a few months now but I am thinking about getting him a friend. I have always loved the Blue and Gold Macaws and was wondering if it would be possible to keep them together?? I will be getting a baby hand reared Blue and Gold and my CAG is only 6 months old, He is very friendly and does not mind other birds as he has a view out of the consevatory looking at other birds all day and he loves to sing along with them all. Just wondering if you think it would be possible to keep the two together, I would get another cage for the Blue and Gold but would keep them next to each other and let them both out together at the same time. Any advice would be great, All the best, Mike
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