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  1. thanks - im still in the process of playing with his wings, and he is getting better every time, so ill take it really slow before i try
  2. thanks for that MMM. how long do you think it will take before i could try him with the harness?
  3. hi all im thinking of getting a harness for jay, so i can take him out with me. i asked the breeder of jay about it and she suggested i play with his wings first till he gets used to it and feels comfortable with it and gets trust with me playing with his wings - i actually tried it out tongith and he wasnt too bad but started to attack after a while - i think he got sick of it!!!! the question im really asking is: do you think that a CAG would be happy to go out happy - he will be 2 in october, and could he really get used to it and be happy with it. i love jay to bits and wouldnt want to do anything that might be harmful to him thanks guys
  4. awwww how cute are those little fellas!!
  5. done the thing with photobucket now so hopefully you will all beable to see jay
  6. ive only been here a few times and find everyone so helpful. as alot of you know i now have jayjay - he did belong to beverly_67. well ive took a pic of him tongith that i want to share with you all, it so cute (he is kissing me) but i dont know how to put it on the site. could anyone help me out please......thanks
  7. thanks again - maybe he is sulking then as i have just been away for 2 days, and my daughter has been looking after him along with my husband - maybe its his way of showing "payback" for me leaving him
  8. thanks for that - i hadnt tried that, as he didnt bite before, it has just started within the last few days
  9. please help me, as alot of you are aware, i acquired JJ (off beverly67) some time ago, he is very well and happy, and is so funny, he is talking for england now and comes out with allsorts, but there has recently been a problem....he has started to go for me or any other family member that puts there hand in his cage to bring him out of his cage. he bit me twice tonight, but still wants to be stroked etc. can anyone please suggest how i can stop this behaviour from him... he is normally a loving bird, and quite happily sits on my shoulder, no worries at all, its just the thing with getting him out of his cage, he wont come out of his own accord now, and am starting to worry
  10. thanks guys, ill have a mooch thro beverlys posts and have a read. thanks again
  11. he has settled very well, is talking non stop (well for an hour in the morning and an hour at night) he has picked up soooo much new stuff since ive had him (1 week today). he entertains me no end. what im wanting to ask is, when i give him fruit or veg of any kind , he just point blank refuses it, and i was getting worried incase he is missing something from them. all he eats is his bird mix (fruity mix) but only seems to eat the sunflower seed thats in it. will he start to each fruit and veg in his own time or not, i would hate to think he was missing something thanks guys
  12. hiya gang - im so glad i found this post as i was told today that i shouldnt give JJ sprouts or cabbage.
  13. thanks guys - ive taught him now to shake hands, and the kisses thing - dont know if beverly taught him that already tho - but he loves my daughter now- cos of the treats - would just like to ask a question tho - when i got a glass of vodka and coke - jj makes a dive for it - he seems to love it - this cant be good for him - opinions, answers really appreciated tho
  14. i hope ive got this in the right forum - but its a follow on from beverly 67 thread about homing her CAG (JJ). i am the one who has him, and he is just so wonderful, ive wanted one of these birds for years, but never got to get one, until now, this is to let you all know that JJ has settled very well, he flies straight to my shoulder when i open his cage, i get all the kisses, cuddles etc, and ive had him less than a week. i was telling someone the other night that i had him, and the first thing they said was "give him to me, ill breed him" - i think they want to give their heads a shake, part with him - NO WAY. love him to bit already. i hope to have many discussion on this forum, and thank beverly for putting me onto it, i will certainly learn lots (from what beverly has told me), and cant wait to make some good friendships with alot of the members
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