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  1. More details? "Rehome" suggests that you are trying to donate your bird to a new home rather than sell.
  2. David

    noisy yellow faced amazon

    Most Amazons are noisy, especially during Spring.
  3. David

    Manchester United FC

    12 months ago the best thing since sliced bread,:now no manager, a whole new team needed and no European football next season. Tragic.
  4. Every Spring millions of birds en route from Africa back to Europe stop off on Malta and lots of Maltese idiots shoot them as part of some supposed "tradition". Broadcaster Chris Packham is part of a team on Malta attempting to highlight, and ideally to stop, this cruel massacre. You can follow the dismal story via the links below. Please pass on and do something even if it is a message of support. https://twitter.com/ChrisGPackham http://www.chrispackham.co.uk/
  5. David


    Ours finally started turning up 2 days ago: a bit late I think.
  6. David

    Happy birthday pottys mum!

    Sorry I missed it, belated best wishes!
  7. I assume that "Dispositions' simply means birds leaving the Zoo. Where to, who knows. Re Toucans: yes.
  8. The latest NPZ inventory, for 2013, shows that another 83 birds have died bringing the total since 2009/10 to just over 400. Despite all the positive PR emanating from the Zoo this is an increase on the previous year. Worryingly 19 out of 109 Orange-winged Amazons died and 40 have vanished under 'dispositions' as have 40 Greys and 12 Citron-crested Cockatoos. Hidden in the stats is the death of the 2 resident Toucans which allegedly died after being left in a room with tins of paint stripper. The one DYH Amazon that died, apparently, according to inside sources, had its legs chewed off by the guard dogs. The National Parrot Zoo is supposed to be a 'sanctuary'.
  9. David


    Thanks. I did manage a tipple!
  10. David

    Holland bans hand-rearing?

    It would be hard to prove either way if this had happened?
  11. Apparently a new law in Holland will forbid this practise. From www.cityparrots.org
  12. David


    Perfectly safe, many flowers are actually edible but I would keep all cut flowers out of reach due to the insecticides used in some countries during production.
  13. David

    What is the best food for parrot ?

    It depends on the type of Parrot.
  14. David

    Changing BF Amazon's diet

    Welcome. First suggestion is to buy a Parrot mix with reduced sunflower and no peanuts. I use mixes from Junglegold for my Amazons. The rest of the diet sounds fine. As for pellets, I'm not a fan, although others are. Some pellets are actually 10% groundnut oil in any case.
  15. Happy Nude Rear indeed.