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  1. Hi, I would like to sell a few things and need to subscribe as a trader to do so. I may not want to re-subscribe after the year is up, so could you please let me know in advance how i go about unsubscribing. Many Thanks, Elaine.
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I have actually fed both of them to him in a small quantity, then realised that they might not be suitable to eat, hence the question to be on the sure side.
  3. Hi, Could anyone tell me if the seeds in butternut squash & peppers (capsicum) are edible for parrots? i have a B/H Pionus Thanks Elaine
  4. LOL!!! Never thought of that, maybe my deoderants toooooo smelly for him Like to think MMM has got the right answer or two though (not sure which at moment) Yeh, will enjoy the freedom while i can, but i will never have a problem with the size of my birds wings like the size of your birds
  5. Yes will agree with my daughter. Double Dutch is definately great to order with. Very highly recommended!! Quality is excellent. Thank you Double Dutch!!
  6. My B/H Pionus (8 months old) has always flown to me, around early evening, since we got him in february, and spent the rest of the night happily on my shoulder All of a sudden, he doesn't want to be there He now goes straight in his cage, onto his sleep perch for the night. Is this a problem? or is he just changing his own routine? if i actually pick him up off his cage to stay with me he'll just climb off my shoulder and huddle up in the corner of my chair (still enjoying his scritches though) He seems happy enough! I'm a little confused by his behaviour as i have never owned a parrot before, so any advice will be welcome. Also, would like any feedback on training, is clicker training the way to go? because i dont seem to be having much luck in trying to get him to fly to me on order :oops: am i doing something wrong?
  7. A BIG WELCOME!! from your mum too Lisa !! xxx Have you any idea's on a name yet?
  8. Thanks Dura!!, will give that a go We both work full time so will put seed in when we get home after work.
  9. Hi, I have a B/H Pionus i keep trying him with sprouting seeds but so far he wont touch them. Do i keep persevering or is it a case that maybe he will never eat them? Also up to now i have been feeding him a quality parrot seed mix (that i leave in cage) plus a seperate bowl of sweetcorn, peas, pulses, apple, orange, pomegranate and grape mix. will this diet be ok :?: i have tried numerous things but these seem to be the only things he will eat ( are grapes ok?)
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