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  1. I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you that have given me advice and support throughout Milo's short life. I know I have tried hard to give him the best life but always will kick myself that I could of done more or things differently yet hindsight is a wonderful thing. Anyway I really appreciate everything from you guys you have all given me so much good advice and I will be eternally greatful that I discovered this site. Thank you for all your kind words x
  2. Thank you for all your kind words it brought a tear to my eye, especially the pic of him and rainbow bridge, I had forgotten about that picture. The vet said that he would of most likely have suffered a heart attack anyway if he had carried on at home as he was so used to panicing and stressed out. So I am pleased that I tried to help him but of course I still blame myself at the moment. I am sure time will heal my hurt. Thanks again everyone x
  3. It is with great regret that I write this but Milo passed away today. I took him to the vet to have his tests and op done on his wing to remove the bad feathers. The op went well but he had a convulsion when he was coming round. The vet managed to save him from that but then the poor soul suffered a heart attack. I had a feeling his porr little body wouldn't be up to much he has been through so much stress. I am devastated as the vet seemed so positive that this would be his answer and he has done it so many times before and he was also devaststed at what happened. He said that the place in which I got him from badly butchered his wing and he must of been in great pain. This has made me very angry needless to say. I howled like a baby and am still in great shock and it all feels so surreal I just want him back. Anyway I know thats not possible so I guess one comfort is that he is not suffering anymore and I hope he can rest in peace.
  4. Yes I have had Milo from young but unfortunately dont think the place he was from treated him right. for one he has a badly clipped wing which was not through my choice I realised this afterwards and the vet thinks something happened there with close contact to people which he remembers well and which may have sparked a similar reaction here. I dont thnk he likes a dressing gown of mine which I now tend to avoid wearing. I used to wear the same 2 or 3 pieces of clothing when I handled him in case he pooped on me! So I tried to think if I was wearing anything different but I have been through all of those things many times before. I accept that it will be a long process and I just pray it will all be ok in the end.
  5. I have put him in another room so that he can chill a bit. He is still fearful towars me approaching the cage which makes me feel it is something that i have perhaps done and not realised. I phoned the vet back this morning as he asked and asked how he had been. I explained that in fact he had a really good night in the end he ate everything I gave him and was even playing with his bowl and another toy I gave him. The vet seems to think his problem is more pyschological and that it will be a matter of gaining trust. That left me in another dilemma as I wondered whether to see how it goes or still have tests done anyway. This morning he displayed some of the signs he had in the other cage by being a bit twitchy and starting to wimper. I have received a book from a behaviourist about nervous and phobic birds which desrcibes Milo perfectly the way he is behaving and how I can try and build on this so I am working on that already. He is taking food from me with a few grumbles and he takes it a throws it. As soon as I sit away at a distance that he likes he will relax and tuck in. He has spoken to me once also which I saw as positive.
  6. Thankyou sharon that makes me feel better
  7. Yes the vet suggested putting the box inside his cage but not today perhaps tomorrow or the next day. My only worry is he has already made quite a mess of his little box and havent figured out how to clean him out yet!
  8. Yes we certainly have! I was unsure whether to keep trying to feed him through the bars as he was lunging for me or to leave him as I thought that was a sign he wants to be left alone. But in comparison to how he was in the cage it is a great imporvement as he was jump away and flap when I approached so I am looking at it postively also.
  9. Sorry you guys have only just come on have been monitoring Milo. Well I dont know what to say. It was a struggle getting him out and into the box we gave it plenty of time so he could settle. It was so bizarre as as soon as he was inside his travel box he was instantly calm, it was weird. He was calm all the way to the vet and we arrived early so while we were waiting I thought I'd have a go at giving him some food. I was amazed that he gingerly took it from my hand I was totally amazed. It is the first time I have got near him in weeks. He ate more in that box in 10 minutes than he has for the last day or so. Anyway I took him inside and I also took some video footage of what he had been like inside the cage. The vet asked me questions etc... Then I was expecting him to get him out...but he didnt. He explained to me that he thought there were no immediate or alarming signs by the way he was behaving at the surgery (he was even eating little monkey) And he said what he witnessed on the tape to him were signs of nervousness. I explained to him he has always been a particularly nervous bird etc. He told me all the tests he could do to rule out possible illnesses and I have the option to go back tomorrow. HOwever he said it is unlikely his behaviour/state will change and he wont be able to get any results until after Christmas anyway. He said see how he is tonight, leave him in his box as he is calm, and if he does still act up over night to bring him tomorrow. So I have brought him home and he is in his box. Since being home he hasnt been as kind as in the car on taking food from me he has gone for me a couple of times but the vet actually said that was a positive sign so I took that as good news. Anyway I felt a lot calmer after seeing him and how calm Milo is in the smaller environment and the vet said it wont harm for a couple of days. But Im starting to feel odd about that. I have asked a friend if I can borrow one of her cages which is bigger than what hes in now. The decision I have to make now is to book him in after Boxing Day to have these tests which could prove something or nothing! Does anyone know why he may be going for me as I feel it is something to do with me this whole situation but I dont know what! Anyway I am feeling a bit calmer but still anxious as Im not sure what to do next
  10. Have phoned my avian vet and he is seeing Milo today at 1. I am a bag of nerves waiting now and unsure how its going to go getting him in the box. The vet has said he will run some tests which i am dreading. His wing is causing him to be unblanced but hadnt thought of the calcium one although I thought I gave him enough but who knows. To top things off i now have a stinking cold so i feel even worse Im an emotional wreck!
  11. Thats all I want for him as well, I must sound awful to all of you and I really feel it believe me. I love that bird more than anything and now hindsight is a wonderful thing
  12. in response to the other question I am in Cookham, Berkshire
  13. Thankyou for your responses. I know what u are saying. I have been told so many things the past few weeks that i have given them a try. It has only been the last couple of days in which the behaviour has become more erratic and seems to be getting progressively worse as the day goes on. Yes I have tried to eliminate everything it can be and up until now have been very calm. I just cant stand this new behaviour as he throws himself in a strange way. I want him to see a vet but the parrot behaviourist said it might not be necessary and thats why I havent done so yet, but I think I may well ring him tomorrow as u say it may be illness related. Hopefully he will be able to come out and see him or something. I dont want him to move away again someone mentioned it I think my head is just buzzing with all sorts of things I just didnt know what to do and yes being so close to Christmas doesnt help how I feel either.
  14. Hello again I am so stressed and worried it is untrue. Milo was getting better but has taken a turn for the worse and now I or anyone cannot get anywhere near him without him throwing himself to the floor and flapping around. I have contacte various people and all the things they have said to try is not working. He is even falling down when i shut the room down at night now. I really dont know what else to do. The only thing me and my family can think of is something is stressing him here he is so nervous either that or bless him, he has had a mental breakdown or something. It just sounds odd to say it but sometimes he acts as if he is. Does anyone know of someone or somewhere that he may be able to go to perhaps try and calm down and be retrained or interact with other birds for a while? I am so upset at the thought but I want to try and help him the best I can. Also with Christmas coming up I know its a bad time but I wont be able to relax over Christmas if this happens. He jumps down whenever someone walks into the room now. We have had to keep the light on tonight as everytime we switch it off he falls down. I really dont know what to do as someone said a vet wont be able to do much and I cant get near him to get him to one anyway without stressing him. I did consider calling one out knowing it will cost but i dont know if it will be a waste of time. Be grateful for any advice or support. Thanks
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