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  1. Yes I am aware of those facts thank you stormbird. I just wondered if any other breeders had any useful hints and tips. They are a proven breeding pair, they came from a breeder. I've also seen chics from this pair.
  2. Hi. I've recently aquired a breeding pair of cockatiels and was wondering if anybody had any help/advice to give me as this will be my first time breeding. This is a picture of them - not yet named if anybody has any suggestions? The boy is a normal grey and the hen is a pied.
  3. Hmm, seems too good to be true. I'll just have to wait and see. I am hoping to take it tommorrow.
  4. I'm taking it to - Birkenhead Powder Coatings 33 Cathcart St Birkenhead CH41 3JY Tel: 0151 650 2324 Email: info@birkenheadpowdercoating.co.uk The quote i got was £25, that was for a cage roughly 2 foot by 5 foot. I will let you know the actual price when i have taken it. If anybody does go, remember to ask for a non-toxic powder, they told me this would limit the colours to choose from, but as long as my birdies are safe I dont mind
  5. Thank you for your help, I am taking the cage to be done tommorrow
  6. Hi. I was wondering how many chics cockatiels have on average? And what is the best diet for breeding cockatiels to be on?
  7. Thank you. From reading them I've decided I will get it powder coated. Does anybody know a rough cost of this?
  8. If they have, what paint etc is non toxic and safe for birds? I have been given a double parrot cage I would like to put my cockatiels into, but as it is a bit rusty I would prefere to coat it first if possible. Can anybody help?
  9. aww - they are all adorable! My grey is 1 on 31st jan. He can speak a few words clearly; hello, good boy, what ya doin, oi, ow. He also has a large vocabulary of mumbles, woffles his head off at times - i just cant understand him lol.
  10. As I'd really like Ted as my avator pic. Problem is, I've no idea. This is the pic -
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