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  1. When we have to go to work, we leave his toys and hide food around to keep Alfie amused. I also leave the radio on for him. Do others leave the radio on? What else do you do? Does anyone use CDs that encourage parrots to talk? If so what are your views on them.
  2. I get mine from Rob Harvey and Alfie loves it. It comes packed and you should freeze it. The canes are quite long so i halve them before freezing. Just de frost the night before and put for your parrot. I only tend to leave mine for two days and then throw but was interested to read that you can leave them longer.
  3. He is beautiful..thankyou. Alfie is our first Parrot and such a joy. At first he was totally addicted to my husband and i was quite jealous :? but now he loves us all and the children are getting much more confident with him, he says 'hello' if you dont answer straight away he says 'hello alfie'. If you ask who is a sexy boy he wolf whistles, ask him where are his kisses and he does kissing noises, he says 'Alfie up' and is trying to say 'good boy' he is doing lots of things. We are so pleased we decided to have a new member in our family.
  4. Thanks for that!! As you can see i have sorted it and now you can see our lovely Alfie, he is 20 weeks now and is a little star, he is already talking quite alot....do many others talk so young??
  5. Trying to put a pic on, have shrunk the pic (thanks to info on this fab site!!) but when trying to load, i am getting this 'DEBUG' message.....anyone help??
  6. Yes, Alfie sleeps under his wing. He tends to this though when everwhere is quiet. He looks so cute!!
  7. Hi, Just after some suggestions please. Alfie is 17 weeks. Reading on this sight it seems that lots of parrots like to chew. We have given Alfie various perches and toys but he doesn't chew them, the only thing he loves to bite/rip is paper and he will spend ages amusing himself with this. (oh, and the remote control has to be hidden!) We do work and when we are home he spends the majority of the time out of the cage with us, but he does spend 6 hours alone. (mon-fri) He doesn't seem to be bothered by this and is really excited to see us when we come home. We dont want him to get bored while we are out, so he has some toys and we hide food in some for him to find. As he loves shreading paper is it safe to leave him some or should it just be supervised as we are doing??
  8. Having read loads of useful information from this site, i am after your views on feeding seed mix or african grey pellets. I have read quite a few different views on this and as this site has people who have tried and tested things and have their birds interest as top priority your opinions mean alot. Alfie is 16 weeks and at the moment is on a good quality seed mix and lots of fresh fruit and veg, i have been recommended that pellets are the way to go due to the fat content of seed!! All advice is welcome!!
  9. The one pictured at the top is the one that I want, I had been biding on e-bay but I lost out. ` Thanks everybody for your help. xxx
  10. Hi, currently looking for a table top stand. WE want that that is easily moved from room to room. Have been looking on internet. Would be greatful of some suggestions as to which people have found to be good. Or any recommended web sites from which to order. Thanks
  11. Thanks, that is how we thought we would deal with it. He has only started a few days ago and we just assume he has got confident here and is trying his luck. I have to say that he has not bitten hard enough to draw blood or anything but we want to nip it in the bud. We are so glad we have got him and really want to do the best by him so we will have a happy, healthy family member.
  12. Hi, Would like to have some advice on dealing with a nippy baby. He is 16 weeks and is lovely and we are thrilled to have him. He has been with us three weeks now. He is happy and whistles alot and feeds really well. He interacts and step ups brilliantly. He does like to feel things with his beak, which we understand but sometimes he will give quite a hard bite and seems to be being naughty, how do you experienced parrot owners deal with this. Books i have read give conflicting advice and there is no better advice than that which comes from experience. Thank you.
  13. Thanks for the thread, made interesting reading. What is the best way to teach him to stay on his play gym so it stops him flying around the room after Carl please??
  14. Had our baby for two weeks now and he is responding well. For some reason he has become really attached to my husband. For me he does all sorts, such as step-up, whistles etc. I feed and clean him and he is happy to be with me until Carl comes in the room. As soon as he sees him he will fly straight to him and kiss and nuzzle him. Alfie is not as good at doing things for Carl though. Allowing Alfie on top of his cage is a problem as all he want to do is fly to Carl. I have taken to sending Carl out of the room so i can have cuddles!! Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks :roll:
  15. Hi, what a fab site!! We have just had our first african grey. He is 16 weeks and we had him on christmas eve. Our children saw him for the first time christmas morning...we will never forget their faces!! Priceless. Alfie has settled in really well and has already learnt step-up and if i say "Alfie is a sexy boy" he gives us a wolf whistle. He loves to have a good head scratch and cuddle. He has gained confidence and over the last couple of days has really taken to launching himself and flying. He will go from person to person (on to our 6 year olds head...which makes her a little scared, although she stands frozen until we retrieve him so not to scare him!!) We are worried about him hurting himself as he will fly into things, any advice would be appreciated.
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