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  1. mines on tidy mix aswell altho does eat everything in it apart from the peas and lentils if thats what they are so al be watching this with interest as i would like to change him as well
  2. i would be worryed incase she started to eat them as it is chocolate lol
  3. defo orange winged not being funny but i think there are a lot of diffrentces between them
  4. my 2 amazons are the same screaming all the time wont shut up
  5. yep i dont mind one little bit still get kisses and shouted on by name in the morning to give them breakfast lol
  6. i think thats great for him my 2 wont go on your hand but with go on a stick and both let you stroke them and take food from my hand dont think they will ever go on my hand but i dont mind
  7. very good new glad to see hes finaly coming home
  8. yep mine do as well its a musty smell lol
  9. soz was out last night lol am in edinburgh but am going to work down south lol so will go anywhere to drop them off as long as its the right place they are not that tame and angel can be a right ***** lol so needs to be someone that can cope with it there never noisy and are funny at times
  10. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i need to find a foster home for my 2 boys for a year am away in about 3 weeks so need to be about then contract will be drawin up and need to be someone well known on the forum anyone want anymore info please pm me or add me to msn its adamhfc1985@hotmail.co.uk al pay for any ytests for tests needed before i go
  11. can you no get 2 more birds a mate for each my to are males just found out if you want them you can have them lol
  12. parrot lovers i never used avian biotect but a diffrent company and it took 3 weeks for the results so dont realy trust the results
  13. well mum wants elvis redone one on left as he does not display and is not aggresive like angel also angel al way protecting and cleaning him so i think hes a she
  14. lol should be as this pair are at it and everything realy thought i had a pair parrot lover they are not tame birds and had someone wanting them if they where a pair as i feel it would be better to have them out side i can scratch there head when it the cage but out of the cage angel on the right attacks you if you go near him or elvis
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