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  1. Dear all, We recently moved house, so I have only just activated my broadband here. We moved Ziggy, with us and she started to get worse. Bertie came back from the Vet and there was no real reason for his death other than liver issues which they felt may have been there from early on in life. We burried her in Shell's parents in garden in a lovely spot although to be fair we cannot seem to get over it and without thinking call our for him often. Anyway, Ziggy started to develop a similar whinning sound to Bertie shortly before he got much worse and his eye kept closing etc... which at first we assumed was a kind of call for Bertie as she spent much of her time looking into the mirror at herself. We spent ages looking for a nice male to replace Bertie, but this too proved extremely difficult as most shops/dealers didn't seem to know as much as we did about the various male/female differences etc... After a few days of this, we suspected something was not right and so took her into Sileby Avian Vets where Bertie died. Craig said that she seemed normal (which to be fair she did). To cut a long story short, she very sadly died 3 days later, having been checked the night before and was perky, running around and apparently happy... we were devastated, dumbfounded and now needed to know why. As crazy as it sounds, we even considered that she could have died of a broken heart. £000's of pounds later, this time we were going to pay for a full postmortum (excuse spelling). Today we learned the results and more alarmingly... Bertie's death was not coincidental it seems... Ziggy had contracted PDD (Proventricular Dilation Disease) which Craig explained, is viral. Having read his info, all the symptoms matched Bertie (one eye shut, depressed (seemed like given up if you recall), fell off his perch, not being aware that we were there, losing weight and horrible/haunting fits etc...) Calcium difficiency, lead poisoning or foreign bodies can also mimic/suggest these symptoms which is what we originally thought Bertie was ill from when we took him to Nottingham. Ziggy either contracted it from Bertie who would have had the Disease from an early age having come from a mixed Aviary at Pet City, or Ziggy was carrying it and passed it to Berie and went on to lose the battle now. There was nothing Craig could do as there is no known cure we are told. Some birds it seems can carry this Disease without any problems for some time, but never has one survived long-term. There you have it, please take the time to pass this info on if you ever hear of any similar Bird stories/symptoms. We should have put Bertie down had we had the correct diagnosis from day one. The moral we've learned is never take your bird to a General Vet without the appropriate knowledge. Craig at Sileby (Chine House) was excellent and very understanding/swift to act (even with broken leg!) but ultimately, we have lost both our loved ones now, just before Christmas and we were so excited about them coming to our new home (bigger and more fun for them). Worse still, the cage may have the Disease in there as well as any clothes as although Humans can't contract it, they can pass/carry if handling birds, which we did of course. It's now a full bleach-out x 3, followed by several months before we either buy Kakariki's again or sell the cage which we can't even look at. Long post, but I hope by doing this, we may help someone. The only positive was that we did everything we could correctly and both Bertie and Ziggy were loved, cared for and treated to an extremely happy if cruely-short life with us. Kindest reagrds, Will
  2. Thank you all. I guess we all don't realise just how much out little friends mean to us until they're not 100%. I keep running the various scenarios we were facd with in my mind and really cannot think of anything we would or could have done different. As I said before, you all helped with your constructive comments as well as complete support and for that I am so so grateful. Bertie's test results are to be released to us next week and I will post those in the hope that it could help others in time. For those of you asking about Ziggy, she's very different in her behaviour. She is suddenly a lot more 'clingy' and I'd say even more affectionate but still seems happy when we're playing with her. We've spent loads of time with her, but she's pining no doubt about it. We called every pet shop we could find in Derby/Nottingham today, but out of all of them, there were only 2 Kakariki's available: One was female and the other we looked at tonight which was meant to be a male but turned out to be a (very nice looking) red-crown female in Beeston. The advice given was not to re-pair Ziggi as there can be rejection and fights? So, my final querstion to anyone reading this is do I start a new thread afresh to try and find Ziggi a new friend, or can anyone recomend a supplier Kakariki breeders? Once again, thank you to you all. Kindest regards, Will
  3. I can't really type this as I am too upset to really say how I feel at the moment but as you can probably guess from the tone of this posted update, Craig from China House called Shells yesterday and having already spoken to him in the day, we both feared the news. Put simply, Shell walked into the kitchen, looked at me said 'it's Bertie, he died tonight' before bursting into tears. I'm not normally an over-emotional person, but we are both absolutely devastated and extremely upset. Bertie was an amazing Bird and the thought of him not being able to come home, land on us, play with us and be cheeky in the amusing way Kakariki's seem to be is beyond comprehension/emotion. Little Ziggi still expectantly keeps calling out for him or looks to see if we're bringing him back every time we walk into the room which adds to the heartbreak. He was an amazing little guy, full of spirit, fun, charm, cheekyness and above all charisma to the point that everyone who met him (even if they didn't like birds) couldn't wait to have him sit on them. He was not friendly to start with, but became completely trusting of us and the problem now is all I keep thinking is how he was when I rushed him into Loughborough Vets, unable to even lift his head and in fits. I had some nice videos and pictures of him though, so he will never be forgotten. I still wish to thank each and every one of you for all of your kind words, support and help. Little Bertie, Rest in peace 14.11.07 I'm not sure if anyone wants to know what it was, but we find out tomorrow after the tests come back. PS if anyone knows of a Kakariki breeder to suggest, please can they let us know as we need to get Ziggi a friend as her behaviour is changing rapidly and some of that must be down to being alone in that huge cage. Thank you all...
  4. Thanks for your message. Bertie had a fit yesterday and Byron's were closed refering me to a General Vet who knew nothing of Birds. I called Craig at Loughborough (Sileby) who is back from hols but with broken leg. The stand in emergency Vet told me to get in asap. By this time Bertie was unable to move, wings callapsed and shaking badly. Shortly before, he was flapping like mad in the bottom of the cage in circles. I took him in and was told that Craig would be able to take a blood sample as he can from even Budgies. Update today was he was head down, but looked a little more comfortable. They are going to test blood, xray and check for bacteria on Tuesday when Craig's back. I'll update as soon as I hear more. Thanks for your kind thoughts all, it's a great comfort. Ziggi's ok, but going crazy once again as Bertie's gone. Best regards, Will
  5. Just found this on Kakariki.net, wondered if it could be a potential issue? Any thoughts all? Regards, Will http://www.kakariki.net/ftopict-974-.html
  6. It's so frustrating, one second he seems groggy and fine, then next he's vacant with one eye closed again. Is that significant? Can birds have a stroke or be neural related? When I posted at the beginning he was squawking like a Crow a couple of weeks ago, we thought it was attention as he was ok when we took him out and stroked him, but it may have been the start to it all, but I've trawled the net and there's nothing to pull I can find. Last night I got up to check on him and he was all puffed up on the floor with his head held low. I carefully picked him up and then held him close to me without so much as a struggle. About a minute or so later, his eyes which one was open both opened wide and he jumped as if he he'd not even realised he'd left cage (looking around him). I stroked him for a while (upsetting yet again to see him back like this) then put him back and sat with him for an hour or so. Bertie picked up some food and drank twice, then went back to being totally unaware of his surroundings, eyes open and one closing periodically. Am I right in thinking that I need to get a second opinion? He seems to be back one min then gone again the next. Ziggi is full of beans as normal plus we took their cage to peices and cthoroughly scrubbed and cleaned/replaced everything in case there was anything in the cage Berite found, but there was nothing at all. His stools are runny again making me think that yesterday was the last of whatever Byron's had fed him on and now he's home, he's not eating properly. I am so sorry to post this. You all must be fed up with me now. We thought he was getting better yesterday and now we seem to be back to the day before we rushed him in, please advise if you can as any help is appreciated I assure you. Thanks in advance, Will
  7. He's eating again... http://s122.photobucket.com/albums/o263/Will-Bad/?action=view&current=BertiebackfromVetsNovember6th20071.jpg = Always happy to shorten links (MadMudMob)
  8. Hi all. Just a littel more update. Byron the Vets called back today to ask me to go in and see them reference Bertie. I thought the worse as you can imagine. He went away and came in with a little less tired looking Bertie. Bertie chirped 'Beautiful' which is his only word so far that's understandable but one he's not said for over 2 weeks now. I would still descibe him as 'groggy' looking but a lot better. Mr Jones the Vet said it was difficult to take a blood sample as there is so little blood in a Kakariki bird. He also said Bertie had a little 'fit' yesterday when being taken out the cage, but was ok again now. He has injected Bertie as well as fed on calcium drops and new food type (mentioned below). The doppings he rightly pointed out were different coloured to normal and this is how he felt they should be all the time (a little yellow coloured rather than white and black as they were). He got out a Vet's Bible type book and showed me these as well as the Megabacteria sample I'd asked about which as CGM pointed out is very large. Lukily this was not with Bertie! Overall, Mr Jones feels that this whole illness is all connected to the diet Bertie was on and is convinced Ziggi would have been heading the same way over time. However, I was glad to hear it was not our fault as we had done what many do which is listen to poor advice on food diets as recomended/sold to by Pet City and the like. Mr Jones pointed out that this food source is simply too rich in Sunflower seeds etc... which a bird will eat too much of. He went on to say that Bertie and Ziggi are not to have them again. He sees expensive African Greys etc.. with near identical issues which he feels is attributed to a lot of Bird illness generally - i.e. Calcium difficiency. He's given me 120 ml of 'Zolcal-D' which is to be given to Bertie as 0.1ml a day directly into his mouth. This can be given Ziggi too as there is no harm in it. The food he's asked us to switch them both too is Pretty Bird's "Daily Select premium Bird Food" which many of you may know or possibly even use? This combined with fresh fruit or veg is perfect for every day use. He said Berite is not out of the woods yet but his chances are now looking a lot brighter. I drove him home just now and reunited him with Ziggi. Ziggi wsa very pleased to see him and they are now chirping away to each other as well as having their little scuffles over food as they used to! I've put them in a smaller cage until I clean out and upgrade the big cage for the new food diet (as well as some new toys we've bought them... how expensive are they to buy!) Bertie's now eating Brocoli as well as the new food which Ziggi is too and seems to like. We've got to keep them warm now as well as keep constant supervision for the immediate future but Mr Jones says they can go back in together as normal. I will of course update here if anything changes. Byron's I can report are extremely professional as well as come across as genuine carers. All of the team there said they loved having Bertie and when I went to the car to get out his travel box, I saw them all saying goodbye to him finger by finger! They've all obviosuly got a little soft spot for him too now :wink: I can therefore highly recommended Mr Jones and all the team at Byron's the Vets based on my experience. The overall price was worth every penny to us. Bertie would have been impossible to replace. I hope to speak to you all sometime in the future but once again would like to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you who has helped by posting your words of advice and encouragement. You have all directly helped Bertie Survive as well as Shell and I cope with the trauma his illness created for us. For that, we are both sincerely and forever grateful. It makes it clear that in life, there are lots of you out there who have real hearts for animals and are prepared to help with the pleasures as well as sometimes pains in taking care of our animal extended familes. You are all stars!!! Take care, Will & Shells.
  9. Another call in and a call back to Byron's today to say he's not eating now and sicks back anything he's taken. He's brighter apparantly though. I've just played with Ziggi for half an hour and she was full of beans again tonight... as Kakarikis do = into any gap and everything she can move. She seemed to love every second of the attention I think. She normally goes back into her cage when I put her near, but tonight she was staying out and being very cheeky which was funny and so so cheered me up. They all have a certain ability and charisma to do that don't they!
  10. Thanks for this Jane, I will definately ask Byron's about this. Very kind of you but also scary sounding...
  11. Thanks, good advice there. No, we've not got him insured. To be honest, when we 1st bought him from Pet City, we were told they only live for 2-3 years (not true as we know now). Based on that and the fact that they were no longer supplying Kakariki's in Derby, we just thought we'd take each day with him as it comes. We bought Ziggi after reading on here that they can be paired. We then saw a small advert in the ad mag for a male Kakariki that turned out to be a female(!) and as far as we were concerned we resuced her from a terrible home which housed a cat that mauled her so badly her wing was ripped/torn and all of her wing feathers gone. She couldn't fly, was massively agressive to any approach but we could not leave her there. The price asked was almost twice that of the price we paid for Bertie but it was worth every penny just to get her out of there. Her cage was tiny, (gold fish bowl size)... how cruel is that? What's worse is because of her aggression from the cat attack I imagine, she bit everyone so they never ever let her out. The kids were smacking her cage with card board tubes as well while we watched. She even literally started ripping her own feathers out whilst we watchd her. Sounds sad, but now take a look at my Photobucket link at the bottom of my message and see the photos of them both from then and now this year... we're proud of the fact we've bought them on as we have with virtually no bird knowledge at all but plenty of TLC! We've agreed that we would have another one in a second as they are amazing birds and now even Ziggi is as friendly as Bertie!
  12. Thanks cgm, yes he really did take him home indeed! I could not ask for more.
  13. Hi all, thank you for all of you advice and words of encouragement. Just to update... I called the Loughborough Avian Vet but he was away for a week on Hols and the Emergency Vet who called me back was upfront in saying that although he could take him in, he couldn't offer much assistance or help and so refered me to a Redditch Vet specialist. We took the decision to stay up with Bertie that night as well as leave the heating on for him all night. We checked and fed him at intervals manually too. Next morning though, he was worse. He hardly opened his eyes at all and couldn't seem to move. I called Byron's in Nottingham who said they were fully booked. However, based on the description I gave he would see him straight away and to rush Bertie in as he sounded bad. We took Bertie straight over and he Vet saw us within a few minutes. The Vet says he is extremely poorly indeed and asked about where we keep him, food he eats as well as cage toys (ie Zinc/lead free) etc... He commented that Bertie was ironically in excellent condition referring to his chest/breathing, feathers (ie not stressed) and droppings look etc... He also said that we should not keep him in a dining Kitchen as Teflon pans can give off poisonous fumes if not correctly ventilated. The problem there is our cage is huge (6ft tall by nearly 4ft wide). He also added that if Ziggi (our female who lives in the same cage) is fine, that rules out poison. He also said that it could well be food related i.e. Bertie eating too much of the wrong type he loves the most such as his fondness for seperating out the Sunflower seeds! He asked us to leave him with him and he would take him home to monitor. He said he was going to place a pipe down Berties throat in order to ensure a special liquid diet with medicine tablets were exactly where Bertie needed them. I have to say Byron's are far superior to our General Vet whcih was immediately obvious. He was extremely knowlegdable as you all suggested as well as being open about Bertie's chances, which I'm sorry to say are not good. We left him there and drove home somewhat upset but knowing all of your advice on here combined with Byron's knowldge/reputation was Bertie's best hope. We received a call that afternoon to say he was no better, although the food process had not yet started and whatever is wrong with Bertie could well be happening to Ziggi at a slower rate. Today (Sunday) we got another update to say Bertie has had another dose of antibiotics as well as food and appears a little brighter but still extremely poorly overall. We are praying as well as hopeful he's going to pull through. Sorry to ramble on, but if you are interested you deserve a proper update as you all clearly love your birds as we do ours and without your advice, Bertie probably wouldn't have lived this far. Believe me when I say that we thoroughly appreciate every post from all of you, and thank you very much for doing so. I'll update you as soon as we hear more, but will keep an eye on here in case anyone wishes to shed any more light based on the feedback so far. The only problem we've got at home now is Ziggi's has turned extremely loud! She misses her friend and spends all the time calling out for him in the same noises she uses when they are seperated from each other. She just clings to the front of the cage... that's very sad
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