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  1. LC


    Chi is currently sitting on my shoulder saying "hello" and regurgitating for Lulu, the elderly tiel sitting on my arm. I dread to think what the back of my t-shirt looks like!
  2. LC


    Chi is a little star. So well behaved with all my birds, especially my elderly/disabled tiels. He loves human visitors too and is very well mannered. As he can mix with anyone he comes out at breakfast time and puts himself to bed around 7.30 - 8pm. Like most caiques he can eat for England and is very easily pleased on the food front. Theo is an extremely neat eater and didn't appreciate the mess he made of the top of her cage when he tucked in to her leftover breakfast.
  3. I have paired up adult caiques three times. Two of them took a couple of weeks, one pair took 15 seconds. Two boys together has always worked for me. My two boys, Oscar and Harry, are inseparable, although that doesn't mean that either of them are any less affectionate with me. They both like spending time with me separately and together. My boys do bully other birds. My ammies and cockatiels come out in the morning, the caiques and African grey come out later in the afternoon. The boys leave Honey CAG alone unless she happens to be somewhere they want to be, then she has to move. They HATE my ammies, and I don't trust them around the smaller cockatiels. Two caiques together are an absolute delight. Although the scraps and fights can seem alarming at first, it's just their way. Both my boys instigate noisy punch-ups, you would think they were killing each-other but it really is just a form of play.
  4. Oh I'm SO pleased for you both. This has made my week. =D> xx
  5. LC

    Bald Spot on Tiel!!!

    That looks completely normal to me, it's exactly what I would expect to see on a lutino cockatiel. It is the same as Charlie and Lulu, and also Charlie and Daisy who live with my mum. I haven't got any pictures specifically of their bald spots, but you might just be able to make it out on Lulu, under her crest.
  6. LC

    Advice needed, very sad parrot.

    I agree with Net. Oscar happened to come along VERY quickly after Poppy died. Possibly a bit too quickly for me, but it was exactly what Billy needed, and that was what really mattered.
  7. LC

    Meet Honey....

    I've had a lok at her leg ring; Honey is 3 1/2, she will be 4 in August. Two of her nails are a bit long and need a trim, but I will give her a few day before I do them.
  8. LC

    Meet Honey....

    For the last two weeks Billy and Oscar have been at my mum's while I had building work done. They came home yesterday afternoon and in two hours caused more mess that all the rest put together in a week! No parrot is safe from them, so I have all the other birds out together from breakfast until mid afternoon, then the boys out until bed time. At the moment they are hanging upside down in their cage, smashing their bellies into each other and trying to grab each others feet. :roll: Actually, Billy is a bit put off by Honey telling him he's a good girl and asking him to step up. They don't tend to bother her in her cage.
  9. LC

    Meet Honey....

    She has moved in permanently. I knew she could have the same time out as Theo and the 'tiels, so it is easy enough to slot her in with how I already do things. She is really enjoying the company of the other birds, and enjoying more time out of her cage. Yesterday Theo and I were singing along to the radio while Honey danced on top of the kitchen cuboards. She is currently in a tall, narrow corner cage. I need to change it for one that I am able to access for cleaning, and gives her more horizontal space.
  10. LC

    Meet Honey....

    Honey is an adorable (2 1/2 year old) girl who moved in with us yesterday. She belonged to a neighbour who realised that Honey wasn't getting the company or time out she needed. Honey has stayed here in the past, so has settled straight in.
  11. Well done you for rehoming a 'second-hand' bird. I recently rehomed a 21 year old orange winged amazon, she is adorable and easier to manage than my naughty caiques! And by the way.......
  12. LC

    Ollie at his open door

    Oh he's adorable! It won't be long before he's braving the outside world! :D/
  13. LC

    Coco is learning to Dance!

    Yay, go Coco!
  14. LC

    Suki and Coco

    Two beautiful girls. Coco's feathers are looking particularly lush.