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  1. Taff, those macaws free flying was awesome mate!! I bet your heart was in your mouth!! Well impressed with that buddy, they looked magnificent. Good luck with the mulloccan's maiden flight too. Keep us updated with your progress, I am really interested in it.
  2. Thanks Roz, you're lovely ! What drawback?! You try and get rid of me, im like a cockroach, you wont be able to burn me out!!xx
  3. Well, sadly for me, I think that this thread has come to it's end. With a great deal of thought, I have decided to part company with my breeding pair, as the knowledge that I wanted so much has been learnt. I have enjoyed every hour of the breeding cycle with my greys, and they have taught me so so much. Fortunately, and I must admit, more by luck than judgement, they are going back to Kleopatra Leslie, where they originally came from. I must say for any beginner in this facinating hobby of ours, that I have been incredibly lucky, and realise that fact totally. People spend thousands of pounds on breeding parrot pairs, with no success whatsoever, it is just part of the hobby. Birds are not machines, and their behaviour cannot accurately be predicted, and people who invest and take on breeding parrots, know the precarious risk only too well. Perhaps in the back of my mind, it was a fear of anything going wrong in the future that scared me. Maybe I wanted to go out on a high for my own benefit, im not quite sure. One thing is for certain, they did me proud, and the two babies we reared were absolute beauties, and I loved every minute of every phase (except taking the babies out the nest!!) I have been giving some serious study time lately, to parrot conservation. Concentrating on endangered species of large macaws, whereby they are bred and returned to massive aviaries as close to the wild as you can get in captivity. I have been talking and e mailing a lovely guy in South Africa, who is passionate about this, and his set up is simply breathtaking. I would like to get involved in this later if I can. Meanwhile, I still have my lovely Louis (the little git!!) who gets naughtier by the hour !! I would'nt part with him for the world though, and love him to bits. For anyone considering breeding parrots and having read my thread, my advice, if I am qualified to give any, is to pull up a comfortable chair to your computer, and log on to this site. I honestly am not being patronising, but it is the best parrot site in town ! The members have a wealth of knowledge between them, and are only too pleased to advise. Whatsmore, this parrot breeding hobby is so magical, that fortunately, there is no one right way. Breeders have all sorts of weird and wonderful systems, and the greatest thrill is to build one for yourself, out of all the advice given. Its very compelling stuff!! I do hope the moderators decide to leave my thread on the system, it would be great to know that something could be learnt from it. I have really enjoyed being part of it, and it was certainly responsible for my own success. Just before closing this thread, I really would like to thank everyone who helped me with advice, it was really appreciated and I learnt loads from it. Thanks also to the moderators who let me droan on a bit too long at times!! (like now!) See you all later, and be lucky. Steve.
  4. Hello Hopper. Thanks a lot for your posts, and glad to see you was brave enough to wade through it all !! Bit of a marathon was'nt it !! Well, the two babies left our house last week, to two fantastic people who we knew. I am confident (after some interrogation) that the babies are in wonderful hands. I was absolutely gutted when they went and got really choked. They had both bonded to me and Christine, and had impeccable manners. It is strange not having them around, and I miss their little cheeping sound, when I went to their cage in the mornings. It has been a wonderful journey, and I am deciding what to do next to broaden my parrot knowledge. One thing is for sure, there is so much to learn about them, and im looking forward to it. Of course, ive still got Louis to keep me company, and he is coming on in leaps and bounds. He is a beautiful parrot, and I would'nt part with him ever, he is such a character. His latest habbit is untying his swing from the top of the cage, watching it crash down and saying 'Alright boy?!!'
  5. Shell, happy birthday mate !! Hope you have a lovely day, and plenty of chocolates and wine! Sod the diet for a few days !! All our love from the Webster house xxxx
  6. Thanks a million Roz!! I had a great one. Your little signs crack me up !! xx
  7. Hi Leslie, just seen this thread, and fantastic news with the new baby, well done!!! Great photos as well, I bet you are well chuffed. Must phone you soon, got loads to tell you, but been so busy. Louis is doing superb. I will keep track of this thread to keep informed. Christine sends her love. Speak soon and congratulations !! xxx
  8. Hello Al. Great to hear from you buddy. I have been ridiculously busy, but hoping that things will slow down a bit. I trust all is well at home mate, and mummy and daughter are fine? Hope all your stock are well also Al.
  9. Well, the circle has almost gone fully round. It only seems like yesterday that I came on this site, in bliss ignorance, seeking the help and advice of the members. Not only did I want my own African Grey companion, but I also wanted to aquire a breeding pair and breed my own ! A bit of a tall order for a novice, even ridiculous! However, with a lot of help from the members, a great deal of kindness and patience from Kleopatra Leslie, and a generous portion of old fashioned good luck, I have managed to achieve my ambition. I have got the perfect companion in Louis, who, even though not a year old, manages to instill a calming effect on me after the most traumatic days at work. He is a wonderful parrot, and I love him to bits. Furthermore, my two breeding greys are magnificent birds. Perfect feathering, fit and healthy, although nowhere near as sociable, they are still incredibly facinating. Their two babies that are indoors with us, are for me, the icing on the cake. From the nestbox to today, they have kept me mesmerised and totally interested from the start. I have by no means led a sheltered life, often in either volatile, sad or dangerous positions, it has left me sometimes a little over cynical and pessimistic about life. In contrast, my parrots honestly amaze me and I find no end of facination with them, often sitting observing them for hours, with a nice cup of tea. In some ways, I am a bit choked that this time has actually come. Like a lot of things in life, the first time is such a wonderful experience (??!!) and although I could repeat it all over again, I wonder if it will still be as brilliantly enlightening. Although I am not yet in a position to advise the likes of Rob Harvey, I have learnt so much about the species, in such a short time, and it has been totally compelling. Obviously, one goes on learning all the time, and it must be with vast knowledge, that one could clasify oneself as an 'expert'. Personally, I hope never to climb to that regal status, as I would think that once there, there was not much more worth knowing. Not many things excite me as much either (other than my beautiful wife wearing her finest lingerie and Jimmy Choos, when all the kids are out!) but I cannot tell you how each step of rearing the babies have excited me. I want to expand on my parrot journey, and have made various leads in the conservation side of things, for species that are dangerously nearing extinction. I honestly think that parrots have been lucky to have survived this far in our materialistic world, and will no doubt need some assistance, to survive in the future. I am interesed in this, and would like to play a part. Meanwhile, it has been great to be part of this site, to which I owe all of my knowledge gained so far, to the smashing members on it. Thanks for that.
  10. Hello Roz, lovely to hear from you too. Yes, I really am working on getting the photos on, as they are really good. Wait till you see these babies, they are absolute beauties and hilarious as well ! All credit to Christine though, she has made a blinding job of rearing them. Hope Max and hubby are well Roz, and hoping that Max is home on safe soil. Take care xx
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