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  1. Re: Crash & losing files. We have a very techy house - server, wired network, wireless network, networked printers etc. All built up over a number of years. I have learn't through bad experiences similar to yours to back up onto cd (and now DVD) often! But I also have a website that gives me remote storage - the sort even I couldn't muck up! It is very cheap can't remember exact figures but my new one was under £30 for www and hosting. And easy to use - won't post details, don't know if it's allowed but if your interested contact me direct. BTW not my idea, my 18yo Son's who runs our house network (Linux) and is doing some computer stuff at Uni. I also have a nice new work mobile Blackberry Pearl (long story as to why I've got it) so I can post on here from my phone from anywhere! Frightening isn't it!
  2. I'm sure that FF 2 'remembers' the last thing you deleted and that overwrites the last thing you copied. Do you right click or middle click?
  3. Papa Candycom reporting, Right were do I start..... Candycom had decided a name 'Lulu'. Well that fits perfectly, boy can she shout If you don't know what I'm taking about ask someone who is, err over 40! There was I worried about the journey home - Lulu just ate grapes and climbed all over the cat box. Get her home, into her cage and she's straight off to explore. So we think it's a good idea to leave her alone to settle in/not get stressed. Close the door and within seconds she's shouting her head off! So give in and bring her down and sit the cage on the kitchen table. But if she's left on her own in there, with the door open, she still shouts. Note to Gary - definitely female - always demanding attention I added a few more picture to the bucket - but I missed the best one: Lulu in her cage on kitchen table and our Old English Sheep dog (Daisy) decides to see who is getting all the fuss. So Daisy jumps up and with front paws on table look into cage. At this point I'll add that Daisy did this yesterday at the front door and delivery driver jumped back about 6 foot So what does Lulu do? She calmly slids down an inch or so looks at big wooly thing for a moment then turns her back and goes back to the food bowl. Has to be on of the best put downs of all time ........................................ So we would like to say a big thank you to everyone on here that has posted any of the stuff we have all read over the last few days. It really has been a big help. No doubt we'll be back with questions (or just me rambling!) but for now, Thankyou Candycom - Ani Mama Candycom - Liz Papa Candycom - Steve
  4. Papa Candycom (What again I hear you cry!), Ros, I was just about to say no, no, no but then I read on the linked thread that you use FF so all is forgiven.......for now Steve
  5. MMM, Thank you sooo much - just going to get my sunglasses to read it Steve
  6. Gary, Many thanks for all your help and sorry for not emailing you :oops: But I really did not want to know that he is a she :roll: Steve (Papa Candycom)
  7. Don't worry this house is full of more toys - but we all read on here that it's good to change them. We are all very thoughtful of his first hours at home. Couldn't get any longer perches, well not with out them being to fat. But will no doubt get more over the coming weeks. The Girls are watching several bigger cages on Ebay! ..................... Now less about the bird and more sympathy for my wallet
  8. Thanks for the thoughts. Don't tell anyone but I'm quite looking forward to it
  9. Rinsed off - all I can say is I glad we don't have a water meter And don't worry I don't turn white when added to water :wink: BTW, MMM I was a bit disappointed not to get any flashy smiley things :wink:
  10. Ok it's Papa Candycom here. The Girls have been busy cleaning the cage, couldn't get any real avian stuff so the kitchen stinks of Dettol They have spent the national debt at the local petshops - food, toys, etc. etc. This not a problem except that my toy also need money spending on it and there's none left :cry: It gets worse, we have to set of at silly o'clock tomorrow morning :evil: This Cinnamon/Blue Green cheek Conure better be worth it One good point - we are already calling it he . Don't think I could cope with another female around here Should be link to Photo Bucket at the bottom with pictures of the cage. If it works I'll put more pic's up tomorrow if I'm still alive :wink: Papa
  11. I would definately be proud to own that quilt!!
  12. candycom


    That is a good price, but can anyone find the bar spacing? (I can't find it on that page - maybe I'm just not very observant )
  13. Personally I think that your quilt is amazing!! I would be extremely grateful to recieve a gift like that! I also think that squeeeks behaviour is appauling, and they obviously didn't grasp the concept of the english language too well! (I'm a teenager, & I have a wider vocabulary than them!!) I don't think your too likely to get an apology though - but it would be nice! BTW did I mension how amazing your quilt is :wink:
  14. Girl you are alway do'in wrong :wink: But I like girls that are naughty....oops wrong forum :oops: Dam .....I'm just as bad - quoting you just uses more 6d's. Papa
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