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  1. thats me in the pic ollie is beautiful and coming on loads he talks and dances and has adapted well in the last 2 days although he is tempamental but then what do you expect he is presumed mail !! :wink:
  2. hi all been so busy yes i picked up ollie and he is adorable i will post more later,three laddies will be putt ing on piccies soon as i can,t do it
  3. hi all before i go on i just ask you not to judge me i havant posted for a while and the reason being is that i had to rehome whisper and i felt soooooo guilty,about 5 months ago my husband and myself split up and he moved to berlin for work and i have not seen him since so he has left me on my own with 5 children 7,6,4,3,3 and roughly at the same time i found out that my stepmum had cancer and didn,t have long left,so i did what anyone would do and insisted she move in with me but she was terrified of birds so i rehomed whisper back with her breeder and one positive outcome is she is so happy,anyway my mum passed on a little while ago and i did not want another grey for the fear of comparing her to whisper and then a b&g macaw has come up for rehoming who needs a new home now as he has started to pluck so i am going to foster him to see weather i can make him happy again and offer him a perment home and i pick him up tomorrow.
  4. thankyou for that yes we did get formula from pets at home and my neighbour is goingto do the handrearing although i have said that i will help while he is at school thankyou all again
  5. hi there please help i have come home and my neighbour has knocked my door asking for my help. his cockatiels have had a baby and it is now 4 weeks old, he was going to leave the baby in the aviary but the mother has rejected the baby and one of them is having a go at it so i have suggested he takes it out and hand rears it but i don,t no what handrearing formula to get for a cockatiel and where to get some NOW please help asap as my neighbour is only 12 and panicking. kerry
  6. wow it looks great i know how hard you have worked on it, oh by the way when are you coming round to build mine take care
  7. hi I telephoned the lady as i have a friend that is very interested in a tag, and the lady told me that the bird was semi tame,lives ok with other parrots but the thing that worried me was that he had a mate that had recently died but was reluctent to give any more information.I have also noticed that the add has now gone. kerry
  8. hi well yes another grey would be the best option if you are hoping that evenually they will share or at least a parrot that is the same sort of size,or if you want a different type of parrot that cannot share the cage ive heared caiques,conures,sennies,are smaller birds with big personalities(they can still be great friends and keep each other company while their cages are next to each other). and apperently compatible with children if you decide to start a family because don,t forget parrots live for years and years. kerry
  9. so if thats how you really feel why not give it ago? It is obviously upsetting you the thought of having to get rid of pepi so listen to your HEART and not anything else.
  10. please help whisper my cag is now 6 months old and i have a problem,she is absolutely fine with myself in fact she sits on my shoulder,kisses me and wants cuddles al the time,she is also fine with my children in the same room as her but if they try to stroke her she squawks at them and tries to bite them.She has already biten my youngest daughter quite serverly and i dont,t want anyone else to get hurt. take care
  11. hi all im here hope everyone else comes on we all beat the record.
  12. I remember when we had mice and used the poison and although it seemed the cleanest way to get rid of them, you would not believe the amount of dead mice i had to remove like from the back in the fridge freezer and from my childrens rooms upstairs, and sometimes the only way you know they are there is from the foul smell so i personally wouldn,t use poison again but i have heard that they like ham on the traps or try melting chocolate onto the traps.
  13. hi all i just want to say i think i have finally lost it, i went to see lesley today to see what toys etc she had and i ended up buying one of each of everything for whisper.(she loves them). You may not think that is a problem but whisper has more toys than all 5 of my children she also has 3 playstands 1 in front room 1 in back room and 1 in the kitchen and the kids ask me why whisper has her breakfast before them can someone tell me am i in sane or is this normal. take care
  14. hi david i also have a cag from three laddies and would also advise if that is the parrot you decide than speak to her, but i would also like to say whatever bird you decide on someone on the forum could help you in finding the right sort of breeder as everyone is lovely and have have helped me since joining the forum good luck and keep us posted.
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