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  1. hi - thanks everyone. of course - i will still love them if they both never talk - its just that i have 2 friends with senegals and both talk and part of me hopes that mine will. the breeder we got the baby from says her senegal who is approx 9 months old says hello and quacks like a duck but she doesn't know where he got that from! it just shows - that from all your comments - there are no "rules" regarding parrots! elvis - the older senegal is a rescue bird and the lady we got him from could not get near him because he was so nervous but he was with another senegal who bullied him and i think this was part of the problem. the other bird was top bird and elvis was not getting any attention. he still is a very nervous bird but recently i have seen him starting to play with his toys and he is generally becoming very loving. he is also barking like a dog now (copying ours) so it just goes to show what a few months can do for a birds confidence. he will now let me cuddle him against my chest and he even "coos" at me which just melts my heart! he is such a funny little thing!
  2. gary - how cute is that clip!!!!!! derek - thanks for the vote of positivity! of course i will still love jasmine if she never talks but it would be nice if she could learn! will my other senegal limit her do you think? they have separate cages for now and spend some time out together and some time each individually with me. actually - having said that our other senegal doesn't talk - he has started barking like a dog since we've had him - we have 3 spaniels and he has picked it up from them! it is the first imitation noise he has made in his life bless him! and the first few times he did it - i thought it was a dog in the distance but it is definitely him so maybe there is hope for him too! x
  3. oh! that's strange because i have two friends - both their senegals talk! x so i thought it was a case of more often than not.
  4. hi. i have a baby senegal - approx 16 weeks and i just wondered how old they are when they learn to talk? we have an older rescued senegal who has never talked and am also worried that his presence may stop our baby from talking - has anyone got a second senegal on here that has still learnt to talk? jasmine does get quite excited when i talk to her and she makes little baby noises in response? whats the general opinion of the age senegals learn to talk and if having another bird has an effect on them doing so? x
  5. hi there - good luck with your new birds! glad someone brought this topic up as i have been thinking there was maybe something wrong with me! my husband has banned me from looking at rehoming sections on birdie websires! i bought a blue fronted amazon at xmas - we already had a senegal and then i bought a baby senegal at the weekend) and i still would like a grey in the future - once we have moved to a bigger house. my husband says no more - and its a good thing we live in a small cottage with not much of a garden otherwise i am sure i would be filling it with lots of parrots!!! the thing is - i was never interested in birds but now i am completely smitten!!!! i notice that many people on here have 3/4/5 birds etc so maybe i am normal than i think!!!!? :?
  6. jack and elvis are very smitten with jasmine - jack goes "oooohhhhhhhh" when he can hear her but at the moment i am keeping them apart due to making sure they are all healthy etc. jack has certainly become more vocal and i think that this is because he can hear me talking to jasmine in the other room and so he joins in - jealous monkey!! i also want jasmine to become very tame with us before letting them mix as elvis is tame but not very people orintated and jack is not hand tame and so i would like jasmine to be just as people orientated as well as bird orientated! xx
  7. to all the lovely people who helped me with jack - he has been home almost 2 weeks and finished his antibiotics on friday so fingers crossed whatever was wrong has been cured. his psittacosis test was negative and he went for a check up with the top avian vet on wednesday who says he's had a chronic infection that has affected his liver. apparently it could be something like a tummy bug which has given him hepatits/respiratory symptoms. apparantely - the vet did think they were going to loose him because he was so poorly. obviously - there is a worry that whatever was wrong may come back but the vet thinks if it was something really serious - he would be dead by now! so that's hopeful in an ironic sort of way. also - have just found out that the pet shop i got him from goes to the bird sales every week so the story of "an old lady had him who died and he is only 5 yrs old" could be a load of rubbish. as he is not rung - the vet says he could be any age and maybe even an import - we just don't know. anyway - the vet is convinced Jack would be dead by now if he had become ill in the pet shop as we got him up there so fast etc so maybe it was meant to be - Jack has got a second chance! he has refused to eat harrisons so is on tidy mix which he adores with a vitamin supplement. he seems to be back to normal and i decided to risk letting him interact with my senegal - on your advice - and they are best pals! i only let them out together for an hour or so as elvis - our senegal insists on preening Jack even when Jack doesn't want to and then he starts getting bolschy with him! AND - after all the stress over Jack - and the fact that both our birds are rescue birds - we did decide after all to experience owning a bird from a baby. we have never been keen before due to all the adult birds out there needing new homes but as we have found out - rescue birds can bring their own problems - health/diet etc when you are not sure of their background. so - we now have a baby Senegal!!!!! We would like a grey in the future but having spent a lot of money this year and the fact that we already have a senegal - we decided to go for what we know and there were some availalbe just 12 miles from me. they were 10 and half wks old ( from a lovely old couple who breed them and these last babies have come on so well she is rehoming them slightly earlier than usual). and so i chose the one that climbed right on my shoulder and stayed there! We think we may call her Jasmine and although we have only had her since yesterday - she is soooooo tame! Baby birds are new to me and aren't they clumsy!!! She tries to do acrobatics in her cage and the silly thing then just lets go and lands in a heap with me running in every few minutes to see if she is ok!!! anyway - sorry for banging on - just wanted to give those interested an update! joxx
  8. hi - yes - i did think it may be because of my husband because jack will sometimes lunge at him (he does not like men) and he struck ellis exactly as andy walked by. i have decided that if i let them out together in future i will only do it when i am home alone. jack is not hand tame but he is not aggressive with me and will let me have my hands right next to him etc without lunging but i felt so sorry for poor elvis!
  9. hi. decided to go for it and let jack and elvis out together for a little while everyday and they were getting on famously - preening each other etc until tonight - when jack went for elvis and struck him on the back of the neck making him squawk. luckily he seems to be ok - can only think it was because my husband walked by (who jack does not like) and maybe it was an instinctive thing so i don;t know what to do now. if jack is going to be unpredictable - should i let them out together because next time elvis could be more seriously hurt.
  10. my amazon jack - who you may have read about seems to have completely fallen in love with my senegal and the feeling seems to be mutual. both birds get really excited and beak wrestle, kiss and coo and try to regurgitate at each other through the bars. I have read that birds of such size difference should never be allowed to interact outside of their cages but notice that some people on here own both cockatiels and greys etc and wondered if they allowed their birds out together? my worry is that jack will unexpectedly lunge at elvis and maim or even kill him - which i would never forgive myself more but they desperately seem to want to be together! if the advice is a definite "no no" - then i will of course keep them totally separate but just wondered what you guys think?
  11. jack is home!!!!! picked him up at 6 tonight. test results won't be back until friday for psittacosis so keeping him and elvis apart but vet thinks it will be negative - however - better safe than sorry. he has to take antibiotics in his food for another 10 days and has a check up with the top avian vet in 10 days time. when i picked him up - i am not sure if he recognised me completely - there was a spark of recognition and he had his head on one side making funny grunting noises as if to say - i know your face but i cannot place you! he was very quiet in the car but as soon as we got home - one look at his cage and he let out a huge "HELLO" and then scrambled up on top of it and launched into his repetoire of noises and wolf whistles! we had been working on whistling "ba ba black sheep" before he was poorly and he remembers that too! he shrieked and sqawked all though tea (i have not missed that!!!!) until he was given a tiny bit of vegetable soup and then sone rice pudding and he has already lunged aggressively at my husband twice so he seems pretty much on top form! poor Elvis looked at him as if to say - oh god he's back so elvis is upstairs with me whilst jack settles back in! xxx
  12. YES! YES! YES! rang the vet this morning and jack has eaten very well over the weekend and is being discharged by appointment this evening so i will need to see what the vet says about his aftercare etc and if they have got any results back for his tests but i am so pleased, excited and a little nervous! to be having him home! i hope he recognises me! i will try not to watch him like a nervous "mother" every minute of the day :shock: when i get him home - its going to be a worry he will fall ill again - but at least i will know the subtle signs that he displayed so hopefully lots of tlc and good food will keep him on the straight and narrow. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your messages and prayers and kind thoughts - i could not have got through it without you all - this forum has been a blessing! xxx
  13. yes - will avoid monkey nuts like the plague!!! i have actually bought some "tidy mix?" - human grade, pre shelled seed mix with only 10% sunflower and kelp added for vits/minerals - i thought it would be a good transition food to getting him on a healthier diet as it is better quality but looks quite like his pet shop seed!
  14. hope this works! http://s120.photobucket.com/albums/o164/joannap_bucket/jack%20and%20elvis/
  15. dear all - i thought i would start a new post because there have been so many replies to the last one and everyone seems to be getting a bit heated on the psittacosis/diagnosis debate! better news re jacks progress. i rang the vets today - they stopped crop feeding him on friday and he is eating a lot better on his own he is only eating the usual junk food seed - not the posh hillmans they are also giving him (that sounds like jack bless him!) - obviously attention to a healthier diet in the long term is what is needed but at least he is eating something. (he came to us on bog standard pet shop seed diet and so this is something we had been trying to address before he became ill). he is also not loosing feathers anymore and his plummage is looking a lot sleeker and his breathing seems back to normal. we are still waiting for psittacosis test results amongs others so not out of the woods yet but looking a lot more hopeful. vet says it may be a general bacterial infection that has overtaken him due to being rehomed/past poor diet etc. if he continues to improve he can come home next week. they are still injecting him with antibiotics but he has had a weeks course and so they are planning to stop this as long as test results show nothing nasty. he has been gradually improving day by day so taking this as a good sign - meaning he does not have something "terminal". vet bill also stands at about £275 so far which to say he has been in 9 days - i think is very reasonable. elvis - our senegal has "adopted" the top of jacks cage and his play perch - he looks tiny on them - so he is going to be a bit miffed if jack comes home because at the moment - he thinks he has gone up in the world bless him! so fingers crossed and THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your thoughts and replies - this is the nicest forum i have ever found! xx :wink: [/url]
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