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  1. L to the Z

    RIP Zeke

    I found Zeke this morning on the bottom of his cage curled up in his towel, we knew he was ill but thought he would recover. We will miss you little dude xx
  2. I am sad to inform you that our beloved African grey Rambo passed away late this afternoon. I came home from shopping to find him at the bottom of his cage with lightning by his side. The vet tried everything he could but Rambo was very poorly. Fly free rambo and be happy xx
  3. My god you are crazy but my hat goes off to you as I for 1 could never do it lol
  4. Aw thanks Suebarrass, nice to know I was missed that much lol
  5. Long time no see Mad Mud Mob how are you ?
  6. Not been about for a while so thought I had better pop my head in and say hi and catch up with some old friends and say hi to some new. So what gossip have I missed, and new birdie buddies ? My lil man Chayton is 5 months old already, where does the time go lol
  7. Only found this 1 out the other day but i cannot stand the noise of a plastic brick being scratched across glass, alost as much as nails on a chalk board
  8. With Christmas being so near and me kids having all sorts going on at school and the after school clubs iv`e not really had to much time to think about it thank goodness. I am having less panic attacks than what I was to so all is good at the moment. Thank you all ever so much for your messages of support,it means a lot to have friend like you about
  9. Awww he is gorgeous, can`t wait for my little one to arrive now
  10. I will be hiding behind a pillow tonight what with this last chance salon, my god it`s gonna make me wanna puke lol
  11. For my parnter to find a new well paid job (was laid off in sep) and for us to be able to go back to our 2nd home in the sun (Florida)
  12. Sorry iv`e not been on to update you all,iv`e not been well this past week,baby is given me what for. I have spoken to my witness protection officer and he has informed me that I am not needed at this point in the trial, it has taken a bit of the weight off my shoulders but I am still a little worried I may be called up later. I have seen my doctor twice this week as I have been waking in the night having a panic attack.
  13. bloomin cold and wet here, dogs won`t even go out for a pee lol
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