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  1. I think the idea expressed by hollid3011 that having your parrot to sleep in your room is 'coddling' it and that this will be bad for him or her is mistaken. This implies that it's not good for a parrot to be away from his flock, to be alone. I don't believe that this is true. Let's look at the parallel which hollie3011 drew between a parrot and a child. She suggests that it's not good for a child to sleep in her bedroom, and implies that this is a generally accepted fact. I'm an anthropologist, and I can say that the modern Euro-American notion that it's good for children to sleep in a separate room from their parents is one that is not shared among most peoples of the world, whose children sleep in their rooms, often in their beds when they are small. The point to note is that this does not cause emotional or behavioural problems. Such peoples generally have better adjusted children (and eventual adults) with fewer behavioural problems than we have in our society. Among the people I studied (and lived with for two years), the Kelabit in Borneo, the fact that we put our daughter, who was 1-3 at the time, to sleep before us and in a separate crib than our bed was already pretty odd. They told horror stories about Europeans they knew, who put their children to sleep in separate bedrooms at the other end of a corridor from them. The Kelabit leave their children to go to sleep and then take them to bed - rather than putting them to bed and then expecting them to accept their solitude and go to sleep. Sure, you can get your children used to solitude at night, but it's not actually ideal for them. I believe it's parallel for parrots, who, like humans, are group-oriented, flock creatures. We have deprived them of their natural flock, and have become members of their flock. As they need to be with other parrots in the wild, so they need to be with 'their' humans. In the wild, parrots don't go and sleep in separate rooms - they roost together. We can therefore assume that they prefer to roost with us, their flock, not on their own. So my feeling would be - it's great for your parrot to sleep in your room, from his or her point of view. He or she doesn't want to be left alone, ever. He or she wants to engage in activities alone, sure, but doesn't appreciate or see the point of actually being left alone in a room - night or day. Monica
  2. Debs, sorry I haven't been on the forum much for the past few months. I'm teaching at the university in London this year and have been so busy writing lectures. I am so sorry that Charley is losing more feathers but am glad you are spoiling her by allowing her to spend time with you in the office and outside (too cold now for that!). A big cuddle for both you and Charley. xxx Monica
  3. Yes, I look at pigeons too.... I do feel better now. xx Monica
  4. I am someone who lost a bird because she was sitting on my shoulder. Some of you know that we had a dear African Grey called Beryl whom we lost last December. She was lost when I went outside with her on my shoulder forgetting that she was there. It was an extremely windy night and she lost her balance, I think, when I bent over to put something in the bin, and was forced to take flight and was then blown down the road... I suddenly realized that she was on my shoulder as I bent over and at that moment she was gone... I don't believe that she would have flown away deliberately actually. It was pitch dark and she wasn't stupid! The reason I forgot she was there was that she spent so much time on my shoulder. She liked to accompany me while I did housework, watching everything I did. If I leant over she'd scramble down my back to keep her balance and then climb up again when I stood up straight. If I was doing something she found interesting, she'd sidle down my arm and investigate. Just a few minutes before I lost her I was chopping ginger and she was down there chewing at it... I wouldn't change the fact that I let her sit on my shoulder. I just loved having her there. She smelt so lovely and was so soft and warm. I just wish I could turn the clock back and not have been so stupid as to have forgotten that she was there.
  5. How is Phoebe getting on? I was expecting Charlie to look much worse - she looks pretty good, I think! Just had an emotional moment ten minutes ago - there was a loud squawking outside in the park and Kaz said to me that he's heard it before and always imagines it may be Beryl. He said he hears this bird swooping down the side passage by the house outside sometimes and he thinks it may be Beryl. There was another African Grey somebody told us they'd seen regularly in the park when we lost Beryl (since before she was lost) and Kaz thinks they may have found each other and are living happily there.... but he got me calling Beryl in the dark outside and in tears.... I have had two glasses of wine... xxx Monica
  6. Debs, so sorry to hear about little Piper. He sounded such a plucky little sweetheart. It sounds as though he was happy right up to the end. Being loved is the main thing in life, after all. xx Monica
  7. I bet you'll miss having them around in the kitchen and will bring them back in for visits rather frequently!!
  8. When is your new bird conservatory going to be ready Debs?
  9. Who says other species don't plan and don't have such complex minds as we have?
  10. I too was laughing out loud reading about Pharrell's behaviour. Just imagining the cat deciding 'right, better do something - I'll go and wake the humans, they're going to sort this out'. And Pharrell pretending he was in his cage all the time. Monica
  11. I'm sure you won't mind which it is, Noora, but perhaps it would be good to get a test done since it is nice to sort it out in your own mind, I think, so that you can adjust your attitude to him/her! I think there is no doubt that we think slightly differently about boys and girls - no doubt transferring from our preconceptions about humans, actually, but still, we can't help doing it! x Monica
  12. I am so pleased that George is already having such a wonderful effect on Harri. I can really understand that you felt like crying. Here's hoping that George provides the trigger for a real turning point in Harri's life. I believe that different species benefit a lot from relationships with each other. We are not intended by God or Nature or whatever is out there to live alone, in isolation from other species. Our ancestors lived in wild places and related to wild creatures. We live in man-made environments and so we take in pets. But I am sure that both our animals and we benefit from the contact with each other. There is a special bond between species that opens out aspects of our nature - and theirs, too - which is not opened out by relationships with others of the same species, I think.
  13. What wonderful news. Arthur must have had a great time in Hyde Park in the summer but he noticed that the weather is getting a bit nippy and thought he'd return to the humans!! Day before yesterday I had my hopes raised briefly - after dreaming that Beryl had returned home the night before (she was speaking English fluently and explained to me what had happened and where she had been, which I can't remember now) I had a call from a guy called Tristan in Stamford Hill (about 4 or 5 miles from here) saying they had found a grey and had seen my notice in the local pet shop. Tristan was really hoping it was mine. But I asked did it have a ring? and it did, so of course it couldn't be Beryl since she didn't have any ring or indeed any identification. I had never thought of getting a chip and Sonny Stollenmaier, who bred her, didn't put a ring on her - I think because he left her with her parents until she was about 9 weeks and that's too old to put one on. Lesley - is it OK if we come over tomorrow rather than Thursday? Been trying to ring you but no answer from your mobile. If Beryl had been microchipped maybe we too could have had a miracle like Arthur's!
  14. Lesley - of course, I'd forgotten about your first baby. Too many things have happened in between to me. I hope the little baby is doing well and I look forward to meeting him or her! Could we come tomorrow (Wed) rather than Thursday? I've arranged to go see my sister on Thursday. Could come at about 6 or 6.30, with Molly, if that suits you. Monica
  15. My God, Lesley. You must be so relieved. I thought that Athens laid some eggs a few months ago... what happened, were they clear? I was meaning to ask you on the phone the other day, and forgot. Fingers crossed this time. xx Monica
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