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  1. Sadly not any good avian vets that i would recommend in northampton, i use either Scotts at Bedford or Meadows at loughborough...
  2. I paid £61:51 as well for a Cag and Bfa but had a claim and now they want £97:70
  3. Golden valley are still trading you need to phone them. The company never had a web site but appears the new owners will have very soon
  4. Thanks June. Got iodine block from the local pet shop for now so will crumble some over his veg tonight together with the milk thistle and just hope, ashe is still drinking loads
  5. Thanks June we haven't had any new toys or cage etc, he always has fruit and Veg with skins on so need to make sure i check and clean them first. We never use any sprays at home as thats a no no. He eats seed at the moment and lots of fruit and veg, but the vet is worried about Charlie's weight with keeps increasing so not sure about nuts! The vet has ruled out diabetes with the blood tests. I'll call you in the week if i can. Many thanks for you help.
  6. Took Charlie the Bfa to the vets a couple of weeks ago because he had very wet droppings, and was drinking excessive water and also putting on weight. had the blood tests results back the said he has polyuria and has high bile acid and very low white cell count. The avian vet has only recommended using milk thistle and what seems to be a waiting game, he still has wet droppings. Anyone experienced this issue or offer any other advice.
  7. I guess that's done to ensure you buy or subscribe to the mag...
  8. Thanks. Very helpful as always.....
  9. What I'm really intrested in is what are the visual differences between Blue fronted, bolivian and yellow wing which I think are all very similar
  10. Not sure if anyone can help on this. On the old forum there was a link to a page that identified types of amazons. I'm interested in types of blue fronted and how to identify them.
  11. For the record I dont have any connection with the park, and on reflection getting any replacement would seem premature. Greg why do you appear to have such a rude / aggressive manor, Timneh makes the same point but in a friendly way. It is possible to get your point over in polite way. I'm not certain that the photo used by both BBC and the police is in fact the actual birds or mesh, I was there two weeks ago and thought it was smaller. But one thing we should all agree is this is an action by inhumane people
  12. All very sick, I'm trying to find a couple of replacements as they where a nice addition to the park and very popular. So looking for anuy rehome's to help out
  13. £500 reward offered to convict the very sad people that cut off the feet of two orange winged amazons from wicksteed park in Kettering Northamptonshire. Both were still alive when found this morning but had to be put down.
  14. Should pumpkin seeds only be given as a treat ? Lightly baked some today seen to be a hit with the birds. Not so keen on the flesh which I boiled.
  15. The Johnson & Jeff sample has arrived it looks very clean lets see how it goes with the boys, they have also sent some pulses for them to try as well...
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