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  1. Ohhhh poor Misty Well she's in the right hands now Taz, we know you'll give her all the love care and attention she needs to have a happier life
  2. Poor bird thats just butchery :evil:
  3. I voted no preference, but Ernie will pinch what ever Bert is playing with lol
  4. How terrible Lets hope someone sees them with your birds and gets suspicious with them, wanting know where they had them from at such a early hour in the morning. I hope they are returned to you soon Jayne x
  5. Hi & welcome mandy, I have a senegal too she is called BooBoo, plus 2 greys bert & Ernie. Lots of friendly advic eon here and plenty to learn
  6. Mine are cream, also with a hint of satsuma, corn on the cob etc lol I do wipe it down daily but how come you always miss a bit :oops:
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