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  1. hi stacey ive decided to give her the chance on her own for now as shes doing really well, shes ok in the noise department but she has learnt the high pitch whistle/scream like a grey (the sort that makes your ears pop) she's started talking to the birds in the garden so not only can she screach like a macaw she can talk grey with all the clucking and whistles they do and the strangest thing is an amazon whistleing like a canary and chirping like a budgie, its a strange world the fellas going to build her a separate play cage in the garden not to high so she cant crash 7ft to the floor with plenty of toys and stuff that way she can have her birdy chats outside. I would try the water thing as it wont hurt them and it beats screaming at them which most people do when a fight happens i use it with the greys as they will bite when you go to close so i use it to get them to move and it works you dont have to squirt the bird just above them or below them violet loves the squirty bottle i have when she see's it she comes straight to the front of the cage or avairy with her wings wide open and alot of people do use thes bottles to bath there birds as some birds dont like the kitchen sink or the shower or even a bird bath they prefer the rain good luck with it and i hope it works for you
  2. hi stacey dont worry about been a whimp i am a bit of a whimp to when chip and violet where let out togther the first day i was terrible, but chip submitted to violet straight away, but chip didnt like violets long tail i think she was confused to why hers is short, if i was youid get myself a bottle of water the squirty bottles and when they are togther if they have a bit of a fight give them a squirt and say no and see if that works a bit of water never hurts anyone and it will take there attention from each other HOPEFULLY Chips cage has come she loves it and i found a play stand aswell so she's a little spoilt now and it looks like her feathers are on the mend from what i can see and she glidded yesterday a good 3 or 4 ft so all is looking good for her, but when i tell her its in time to go in she gets angry with me so she knows what it means which is a good thing as she does go in on her own sometimes, so its all good here hope every thing goes well there
  3. hi thanks for the replys its a hard decision i think i will keep them and just just leave them to it in there avairy as i know they are happy at the moment and there is no point in upsetting them after all i love my birds and i think they love me to (or at least they pay an intrest when ive got some dinner) and you know what it doesnt matter to me if they breed or not as long as they are happy and healthy, so for now they are staying where they are as its the best place for them right where i can see them thanks again everyone for your input
  4. the reason for my asking is i have a pair of rare birds i am intrested in putting into a breeding program so thought id ask what people think without me saying what i am planning, but i dont want to make any mistakes ive had there agreements read out to me and they dont sound to bad except i said if for any reason they are to be moved from birdworld they are to come home and not be takin any where else as this is a chance for them to breed them and put young into a breeding program, im not that intrested in breeding birds and dont really know where to start but at the same time i dont want to be standing in the way of people getting the chance to see them, i guess i sound a little silly but i'd rarther be sure first, what i dont want is them been locked in a tiny cage to make them breed or been keept in a rubbish avairy which they will chew through within a week and trust me they can they got through a scaffy plank in 2 days i think i may drive down there in the next week and have a look around no point me catching and caging them if i dont like the place that would just be stressfull to them and really unfair so thanks all for looking into it for me
  5. seems that nobody has anything to say about this place well i'll just have to take the 4 hour trip to see for my self
  6. hi all can anyone tell me about birdworld in surrey what its like and are the staff any good and mostly what are there birds there like and breeding programs like thanks
  7. thanks for all your coments i think im going to give it some time then decide what to do about gettin another one, lets just hope and pray they grow back as you can see how desparate she is to fly i would hate for someone to chop my legs of never be able to walk or run, what other birds get on well with OW's just for intrest thanks again all
  8. she's great i right little chatter box as soon as the front door opens and someone comes in (she can see the door from where she is) she shouts hello to make sure she's noticed and then asks whosssss that her S arnt great last for ever but she's lurning sounds with my youngest daugther at the moment, as soon as she comes in from school she tells the bird the letter shes learnt and the sound of it so im sure shes going to be an alphabet friendly bird lol, she takes things from us with her foot as well in stead of her mouth think its cause my daugthers scared of been bittin so she always drops things when her head comes anywhere near her very clever i think, ive just ordered 2 new cages i couldnt decide which one so i brought both for her im sure she will make her own mind up which one im on the hunt for a floor standing playstand what she can climb on without to much trouble or a java tree so i can hang a climbing net on so she can get up not to tall as i dont want her hurting her self when she jumps think i'll have to buy some crash mats the sort schools have for kids lol
  9. hi yes its chip and ye she's great only does an evening call now (screaming) but talks all day she's saying hello constantly, whos that whats that, mum the door and all ways tells the kidds to shut up you noisey, plus a bit more she can do all the calls that the other birds outside do, she's a very clever little girl, i cant decide what to do get another or see how she copes without violet in the house.
  10. hi i thought tame as the one ive got as come such a long way and i didnt want her going backwards and when violet is indoors and comes to me the amazon as also started coming which i think is a brillant step in the right direction and i dont know for sure if she will ever fly shes only young herself and i am a little worried that she may be scared of flying by the time her wings grow back as she really does hit the floor like a tone of bricks and i think if it was me i'd end up not wanting to try anymore, also what do we think about the sex of the bird should i get a male as she is a female or doesnt it really matter
  11. hi all i took in an orange winged amazon not that long ago, i believe she was avairy breed and somebody cut here wings (primary flight feathers all of them on both wings) she isnt totaly tame shes not scared of anyone and has been fine with other birds she never stops talking will step onto hand if away from cage and is stick trained, now the wheather is geeting better violet (derbyan) has gone into her avairy and the amazon cant go in an avairy (she does attempt to fly from daft hieghts and comes straight down like a brick so not safe). when she's bored she pulls at her wing feathers whats left of them and i dont think they are going to grow back anytime soon, so im thinking of getting a hand reared baby orange wing as a friend for her or at least a tame orange wing thats been with other birds what does everyone think good or bad idea thanks
  12. hi jay and welcome to the parrot link what would you like to know about them i have 2 and i think ive read and asked everybody about them, so i should have a little info to share i think hope i can help you
  13. hi never heard of it as a lord derbyann but anyway i have a female i paid £150 for her from stafford bird show and i am collecting a 3year old male at the end of the month i am paying £75 for him, i got the female as a friend for my red belly but since then have got another red belly and my female is in need of a male as she is getting aggresive towards people i was looking for one for ages, hope this helps a little
  14. has there been any news on the orange wing yet i do hope its returned soon
  15. hi again i thought it was the same person i couldnt understand myself if she only wants to foster the bird to someone else then why take it from where it is, if the person whos got the bird loves it and is doing there best for the bird then it should stay where it is,
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