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  1. Thanks i have had a look and i'll give it a try.Gary
  2. Hi doe's anyone know of a good tropical seed mix avalable through a web sight for breeding parrots.I use george harrison premium parrot at present,has a good selection and not to much sunflower,but my local supplier has stopped it and has best pets mix,which seems to be nearly all wheat,and i do not have anyone else near who sells large bags.thanks gary
  3. thanks for that fannyann.Do you think that the moving chick frightened her,as she has sat the eggs perfect,because the person i purchased them from said they were prolific layers,could that be because he always took the eggs away and incubated them,as i know a couple of people who do this,which i think would make her have no instinct to look after them.
  4. Hi yes i hand rear babies but only from around 10 days old have been doing that several years with no probs,but only been forced to rear from eggs once before and failed.thanks for help i'll look through the section.Gary
  5. i have a pair of senagals who laid 4 eggs 2 hatched this morning and she has let them go cold and die,so i have taken her 2 other eggs away,and put them in the incubator.Can anyone help with feeding babies,as i have tried before but always die within first 48 hrs.Thanks gary
  6. Does anyone know of soneone who breeds black capped conures.Thanks gary
  7. WE are experienced in breeding of meyers, senegals and maroon belly conures.We have been rearing these babies for several years and are very experienced in spoon feeding,we have brooders to take in any help anyone needs,but would prefer that peoples birds are rung,so as not to make any confusion with ours.We would only be able to help with chicks from 10 days old.If anyone is starting out rearing and needs advice,on rearing any of the above please do not hesitate to contact us. Gary
  8. HI i am looking for info about jardines.At present i breed meyers and senagals,and wanted to add more breeding stock,but something not to big and not to noisey,and i have been told jardines would fit the bill,just wondered if anyone breeding them could advise,and are they very easy to settle in.Thanks gary
  9. So if i sell birds i handrear i will need to apply for license if i deliver them to buys?.Has anyone applied yet.Gary
  10. Has anyone who sells handreared parrots applied for the new license to transport pets yet,and do you think we need one for transporting odd birds,i have looked on defra site but unsure,that if i delivered a bird,or meet some one more than 65km away if i need one,anyone have thoughts on this.Thanks gary
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