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  1. thank you for the info, those are gorgeous rainbows you have ! I must confess though that the nectar food is not for lorries but for fruit bats which are due in as a rescue. I have always admired lorries though and do hope to get some in the near future but will need to do lots of research first. thanks again
  2. Hi any idea where I can get hold of some Lories and Lorikeet mix ? I have in the past used "Nektar blend" which was diluted with water but I cant find it in any local shops. Thanx.
  3. what can I say ! when I made a post requesting advice on re homing sites and stating that I would like to get back into bird keeping again and would prefer to give a home (regardless of whether the bird was free or not) which was in need of one,I was baraged with negative replies ! Then I find this thread ! Selling a rescue is well out of order a least in the circles I operate in. Granted there might be out of pocket expences, but still. As some might know I rescue quite a few exotic animals, true I chanrge a re home fee to cover for mentioned expences (which it rarely does), however the price charged is a general set one, meaning that one price covers all, and not what the market price of the animal is. the charge is £40 which does not even come close to the original out lay. also all pertential new homes are vetted and the new owner (for want of a better word) enters into a contract part of which staes that should circumstances change the animal is returned to me. If I was to be seen selling any rescued or rehomed animal for profit I would expect to get strung up !
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