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  1. thank you, looks as if i'll get what i'm looking for here.
  2. hello, i'm just back from a weeks holiday and a friend parrot sat for the week. before we went we transported everything required for him. the cage is the problem, its quite big,can i get a "holiday cage". only go away for 1 week at a time. any ideas.
  3. thanks, was thinking of lowering the perch so as not far to fall !
  4. my parrot (8 months) has fallen prom its perch and swing about 3 times over the last 2 weeks. is this something i should be concerned about?
  5. cheers, better safe than sorry
  6. this might sound daft but my young daughter(stays with me at weekends) has chicken pox, is there any possible danger to charlie our african grey?
  7. no, not my d of choice. just so freindly leg pulling from a newbie.
  8. so i've not caught them off charlie, thats reassuring. next time charlie cuts my nails i'll ask him to be more careful
  9. this could reach epidemic proportions, if anyone else hears of this please let us know. we cold all end toe nailless if this continues. :x
  10. hello all, i have just become a proud owner of an african grey, charlie, 6 months old. i've had him for 4 weeks now but i've just been diagnosed as having an ingrown toe nail. can the 2 be connected and has anyone else experienced this :shock:
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