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  1. Just a note - we have yet to find any harness that either of our greenwings could not destroy in 5 minutes, even when it was on them, - no way will a harness be safe for a hyacinth. In the end, we made a harness for Max from quicklinks, he looked like He-man!! - but the loops pinched his feathers, he hated it. So now we just have them in the aviary outside, they don't go on walks with us anymore I wish you every success if you do get a macaw, but please, before you do, spend a few hours with someone who keeps them, when you see the incredible mess, destruction and time committment, you may think twice !!!
  2. You would need to prove they are handreared to get a necessary CITES certificate to travel with them abroad - but if you don't intend to do that you are good to go !!!!!!!!!
  3. It is up to your friend to provide evidence of captive bred; the breeder made hatch certificates were enough when I applied; I also asked the vet to print evidence of when he started to see each bird to prove I had owned them all for few years. As I say, not all of them are close rung, but that wasn't an issue as long as they were all microchipped. If he microchipped them soon, he should be fine presenting the certificates the microchip company will send him as extra evidence.
  4. Your friend will need to contact CITES for that section of the paperwork; IN ADDITION, DEFRA for import papers, if required, and the US equivalent of DEFRA for export papers, if required. It may be they only need import/export papers, but they will definitely need CITES paperwork for every bird. I was told if I could not prove any one of my parrots was captive bred, that parrot would not be permitted to be exported. Two of my parrots have no rings, but the hatch certificate was enough. They all had to be microchipped. Your friend will also need airline approved carry boxes, a fitness to fly certificate from a vet within 24-48 hours of the flight, and will need to sort out any quarantine requirements in Scotland. They will fly in the cargo section of the hold, which of course is heated. Often, they will only carry 5 animals per flight, so they may not allow all six at once even if he does somehow manage to get papers for the senegal. If he calls the relevant airlines directly, they will give info on cargo, some only allow animals on at certain times of the year due to very cold or very hot temperatures. If you are Googling for info, try importing birds from USA to GB, if you put in parrots it doesn't seem to work as well. It shouldn't be too difficult for the five captive bred, as long as he has proof they are captive bred. Good luck, I hope he makes it work out!!
  5. Well it is coming up to moulting season soon - I will see what I can collect for you
  6. Hey guys thanks! Sounds like some really good ideas for hubby to investigate here!! We now have the Von Trapp family of parrots (!!!), our two greenwings, grey and two senegals that came from England with us; and then another grey and a greencheek that speak Canadain lol Oh and I had a little human baby boy five months ago, who undoubtedly will speak parrot before he can talk Gotta love a busy household
  7. HI guys, Well it's been a while!! We are well settled in Nova Scotia, and are finally finishing off the big parrot room upstairs - 20ft x 18ft, with three windows and there will be all kinds of perches, ropes etc for them all to fly around to their heart's content So here is to the question - we have replaced the three windows and really don't want them chewing by eveyone from macaws to a greencheeked conure - so I need some ideas. The way the windows are are dormer style - the walls are parallel to the windows for about two feet and then the walls open out to the room, if that makes sense. I guess a bit like an attic window sticks out, only it's not an attic!! There is a windowsill that we can attach whatever ideas we get onto... We did''t really want to put chicken wire over the windows, for cosmetic reasons more than anything, and we need to be able to get to the windows to open them. So please give me some ideas and we can get on and finish it - I am sooo looking forward to getting my dining room back Rachel
  8. I have had two G/Ws for a number of years now, and I truly adore them. It is true as others have said they are individuals, like all animals, so one macaw may be totally different to another. We got Max as a baby and he was cuddly, cuddly, bonded more to hubby than me, but I was and am still fine to handle him. We got Blue as an adult, she was in poor health and after a lot of blood, sweat and tears she is now a huggy monster - sooo sweet. Max and Blue bonded about a year ago, before that time they hated each other. Not sure if it was the bonding or just Max growing up, but he is now pretty aloof most of the time, just has a huggy with hubby at bedtime for ten minutes. I adore them both, and would say they are pretty quiet for the majority of the time - I bet less than 20 mins a day (spread out) they actually call, and Max talking is the cutest little boy voice you can imagine! But notes of caution, echoing what others say. Even though Max tolerates me very well, he can turn for no reason and I have a number of scars on my arms and hands to prove it - they don't have serrated beaks like cockatoos, but they "squash" with their beaks nearly enough to break a knuckle. Max also rips open my skin - he holds on and twists and it takes a week or two to heal. This is for outrages like making him step up to go in his cage on the odd few hours the house will be empty every week! More than that, which whilst painful when it happens (around every few months when his hormones take over) is the mess; you have never seen mess like it, even with a house full of kids. Food bowls are emptied across the room and thrown; fruit and veg will stain the walls after a little while! Curtains and curtain poles are for hanging on and ripping; tops of doors and door frames are for chewing up. I left my two macaws with some friends (you know who you are !!!) for a morning one time, to see if they would be comfortable looking after them whilst I went on holiday. They have a number of parrots and are very parrot aware. I went to pick the macaws up later that day, their usually prinsteen home looked like a bomb had gone off, and they both looked exhausted. They didn't look after them both (although I am still grateful they at least took one of the macaws for holiday I'm not trying to put you off, our home would not be the same without them - and the african grey,two senegals and conure, but that is another story lol. By the way - the little ones are as good at wrecking the house as the macaws, and toys aren't as much fun as wrecking the furniture! Just want to help you make an informed decision, and hope you are not in the least houseproud! Good luck!
  9. I am loving some of these ideas - there were a load of ants in one of the sennie's fresh fruit bowls yesterday - yuck I have no idea where they were coming from, but this morning I tried the coffee idea : I want to try the talc or pepper idea, but a couple of beats of the macaws wings and the house will be a disaster zone !! Please keep the ideas coming, otherwise it will be death to the colony I'm afraid, and I hate killing anything ....
  10. So, so sorry to hear - you did the best you could for her RIP xx
  11. SDavies, What is the US site? Might be useful for me Thanks!
  12. My condolances to his family. We have spent the last three days splitting and stacking our winter wood, and strangely enough I have had Edward Woodward's name going round in my head all that time. I loved the Equaliser when I was a kid! RIP Edward xx
  13. lol - chips too and cheese!! :shock: In fact, anything that is my dinner will be stepped in and dragged round the room whilst I try to eat it fast lol. Mashed potato makes the best mess! And they love a tiny bit of coconut or oatmeal biccies any time they can get their beaks on them :wink:
  14. Oh my goodness, what a horrific tale. UKP.... really deserve to be shut down, it seems to be one thing after another and a "I'll suit myself" attitude; very shoddy. :evil: Of course, the real losers are all the birds who suffer from the "rescue" managements repeated poor judgement. If any of the members of this 'ahem' rescue are reading this, they should be thoroughly ashamed and consider at the very least a complete new "management team" to overhaul the previous dictator - sorry meant leader. Rachel
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