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  1. It would`nt hurt to run the computer with the side casing off, (as long as there is no little *finger poking children around, or adults come to think of it... lol* this in open view will help you see when the comp starts to get clogged up, or when your vacumming in the room, its a nice reminder to just pop the "PLASTIC" attachment into that area and give it a quick once over, obviously Metal attachments are a no no, because of static build up and short circuit possibilities... most newer cases have various "case fans on" some can have upto 4 or 5, if you decide to run with the side casing off, at least 2 or 3 case fans can be disconnected "normally by a 2 wire plug" which will help prevent the sucking of dust into the case, "normally" the only fan thats blowing out is the power supply, which kinda defeats the purpose as this is obviously "sucking in the dust from within the case and that can over heat and blow up as well"...! If you can run with the side case off, I would opt to do so, as long as its not over humid in that room, disconnect "case" fans if you want to add extra protection for dust settling. NEVER DISCONNECT any CPU fan/fans, or small fans that are attached to the motherboard obviously, but case fans are normally ok to disconnect if you wish to do so. The other option, which is a little more indepth is reversing the polarity on case fans so they "blow out" rather than "sucking in" though this as I say is more indepth and needs a balance on "in and out air circulation." Of course you could go with liquid cooling.... but thats another subject all together... LOL BA
  2. Firstly... Hi MMM... Im drifting around still, so don`t shoot me for being too lost... I see there is quiet a few posts in the past regarding login problems, so I thought I would throw in my 2 pennies to the pot incase anyone finds themselves stuck again. 90% of user problems is related to the "cookie" which is a small file that is stored on the users PC, that contains there login name and sometimes there password (if they tick keep me logged in), working on XP based Operating system and Win2k Pro, these "cookies" are only stored for a limited amount of time, *this is normally overwritten when the temp internet folder reaches its pre-set alloted size, which users can manually set or allow windows to manage*, if the size of the folder reaches its maximum size, then the files *normally starting with the oldest or less used* starts to get deleted and replaced with new cookies from where ever the user goes too... When a problem occurs the first thing many suggest is to "delete" the cookies or temp internet files and retry, this can work 70% of the time, but when it does not then there is a problem. This problem is "normally" down to an antivirus software or firewall that is "preventing" the new cookie being stored onto the users pc, hence some users may find themselves having to login each time they visit as the cookie has not been stored. To get around this, as a "Temporary" quick method, disable the firewall and antivirus and "relog" in, once done re-enable all the stuff you have turned off, and you should be all set again. (If the problem is still there, then there is something else that is most likely running that is preventing the user from saving the cookie, and they need to investigate furture to see what it is...) Another thing a user should perhaps look for, is to see if they have 2 cookies stored on there PC from here, if they have, then there is a very high chance that both of the cookies are "fighting" each other, and this can cause the above problems as well, to fix this, delete both and try the above. Lastly I would perhaps suggest to the ones that maybe having problems, to perhaps "copy" there cookie out to another location once they have a "stable" login, 3 or 4 times without a problem, that way if there cookie gets deleted or perhaps corrupt, its a simple case of copying it back to the "temp internet folder" and restarting the browser, and that should fix the problem again. Im sure FG will add his bit to this... but thats a general guide for you and anyone that maybe having problems. BA.
  3. Tools, internet options, Browser history, Delete, Temporary internet files, this should sort out the problem. Also you MAY have to delete your cookies, the reason being, you may have a cookie stored from the old board, and its using that one instead of the new one... before removing your cookies however i would make sure you know all the passwords and login names for any other boards you use, as all cookies will be deleted. You could also possibly ask FG what the name of the cookie is for this board and what it was for the old board, and remove them both, this will allow you to sign in again and have only one cookie on your machine, however you will need to search through all your cookies to find the right ones, and this may take awhile to do... depends on which way you want to go really... the only other thing I can think of that maybe causing it, is that the cookie is not allowed to be stored, you can "add" https://www.parrot-link.co.uk to your trusted sites, which in turn should allow the cookie to be stored on your computer, if this is causing the problem. hope that lot helps...LOL BA
  4. Wow steve, this is turning into a soap like eastenders...! I cant wait for the next episode... LOL joking aside mate, I do wish you the best of luck on getting things sorted, sometimes though hard to see at the current time, its better to laugh than to be angry mate, I would be tempted if you get no luck on the phone to him, to phone her and tell her what has happend, and then go on to explain that you are willing to pay the remaining amount and collect the birds, (if hes not about, she may think ££££`s in her pocket...) just a thought. good luck bud on the deal BA
  5. every website you visit is "cached" in the above mentioned you`ll find settings to determine how much space is set to allow the storage of this information, once the storage starts to get full, it cannot refresh/add new info, so it has to rely on the old information, hence you see older stuff and not updated info... same princible as running games, once your RAM/memory gets full its starts to page the information out to the hard drive, hard drives are slower than Ram, hence the games starts to stutter and slow down after awhile of being played because of this delay. enuff of the history lesson, glad i could help. BA (as Roz now calls me... LOL)
  6. Tools, internet options, Browser history, Delete, Temporary internet files, this should sort out the problem.
  7. Hmmm, write protected document? .. hmmm a "picture" of a document you cannot edit, unless you have the right software... hmmmm *thinks*... maybe this might help alittle, think of it as a "CD" that you can look at "read from" but unless you have "a blank cd to copy it to and edit it" you cannot alter it.... Running out of things to compare it with here... LOL
  8. Portable Document Format (PDF) was an open file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 and is now being prepared for submission as an ISO standard[1]. It is for representing two-dimensional documents in a device independent and resolution independent fixed-layout document format. Each PDF file encapsulates a complete description of a 2D document (and, with the advent of Acrobat 3D, embedded 3D documents) that includes the text, fonts, images, and 2D vector graphics that compose the document. PDF files do not encode information that is specific to the application software, hardware, or operating system used to create or view the document. This feature ensures that a valid PDF will render exactly the same regardless of its origin or destination (but depending on font availability when fonts are not encapsulated in the file). PDF files are most appropriately used to encode the exact look of a document in a device-independent way. While the PDF format can describe very simple one page documents, it may also be used for many pages, complex documents that use a variety of fonts, graphics, colors, and images. Basically its like a microsoft word document, with the above meaning... "i would like to add a picture onto text then send it to someone via email." Once you get the .pdf document, you can open and edit it with "adobe acrobat" adding pictures or whatever you desire within reason. Hope this helps.
  9. http://www.ulead.com/vs/features_plus.htm DownLoad free trial top left corner of that page.
  10. Hmmm, What type of camcoder you got? is it.. Harddrive (no cassette or disk required) is it a dvd camcorder (requires a blank dvd/cd disk), or is it a "cassette" one... depending on which type you have, will dictate on how to do what you require... HardDrive one is straight forward, on connection to pc, you`ll have a "icon" in my computer under "removable drives", which you can open and within that you`ll find a folder with your .avi file which will be your video... (editing this is another thing however and will require software) If its a dvd/cd disk camcorder, then you should be able to place this into your pc as is, however you MAY require a 3" adaptor (if its using micro-disks, though some dvd/cd drives have this option built into them *you`ll be able to see the small size one within the normal size pattern on your dvd/cd tray*) if its standard size, then the disk should be able to be read from your dvd/cd player within your pc. If its cassette based camcorder you have, then you`ll need software to record onto your pc what you have on your camcorder. their are quiet a few dvd programs out there to do this, I believe "Nero" has one, as well as "Ulead" as well as others. Bottom line is: if its a hard drive camcorder its pretty straight forward, if is dvd/cd camcorder is also pretty straight forward, if its a cassette camcorder, then things get tricky.. Hope this helps. Begin Again.
  11. I don't have facilities or experience to look after babies, adorable as they may be!! well if they do turn out to be male/female, let them rear the chicks if you get some, no experience needed, just keep the food topped up and fresh water/fruit... Or use the "hand rearing" section and allow someone else to do it for you... either way it shouldn`t be a problem... good luck on whatever happens.!
  12. though im at the understanding now (chooses words carefully.. lol) that most if not all the new bits on vista are already out on different O/S`s anyway, Mac ? I know linux has alot of these "new things" and have had for quiet a few years now. I also read somewhere on me travels, that Microsoft was allowing people to "pay extra" for "bolt-ons" or added bits to their operating system they had purchased, again whichever way that goes, its still a huge money making scheme for the designers. I have also wanted to get into linux mainly "redhat" or simular GUI, but have never really had the time or chance to sit down and put it on and have a play around with it, though from what I hear, it is fast as heck. maybe one day i`ll give it awhirl....
  13. winge away fq , and im sorry to hear about you bad news whatever it maybe hope things turn out ok in the end. I was under the impression that Vista was based on the 64 bit cpu`s, perhaps I mis-read somewhere, (spending far to much time on my computer lately, so that wouldn`t surprise me) though im always happy to be corrected as it keeps me half awake LOL Ahhh found where I got my wires crossed: "The Aero ready one will need a 1GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor, 1GB of system memory, 128MB of graphics memory, 40GB of hard drive capacity with 15GB free space, a DVD-ROM drive, audio output capabilities and Internet access." yup less time on the tinternet I think, getting old now... lol
  14. as many already know all of windows operating systems have big holes in there security, vista just has a few of them plugged up... lol I have been using vista on and off now for about 3 months, (beta tester) I would say it looks better and feels better than other windows systems, BUT and here is the kicker, many many many people that have machines over a year old will most likely find they cannot run vista on there current machine, mainly because of the 64 bit cpu required, yes its a ploy from microsoft and probably the likes of dell, HP, and the rest to boost sales of pc`s again, everyone wins apart from the customer of course... It seems almost set in stone now that Vista will replace most if not all windows operating systems, pretty much like Windows ME did, and XP. they are saying that Vista is the biggest step since windows 95/98 to windows ME/XP, and most if not all new software will be made for vista, forcing anyone that wants to stay with upto date software to upgrade if their machines will not run it (which I personally believe is wrong, but still). for the first year say upto 2008 now vista will slowly replace all operating systems, and by 2008 if your not on vista then most of the NEW programs/applications probably wont run on the old machines, of course some will, but the likes of the new microsoft office packages etc, will require it... times are again changing and its looking more and more likely we the consumers will be hit in the pocket to change with them, sad but seems to be true.
  15. Glad you mentioned that Abez, as I wanted to clarify my intentions on this idea, I feel 100% sure that nothing will be taken away from the forums, if I felt that this could or would happen then I would of never made this chat room, I wanted a chat area for trying out a place to get some info fast (mainly for members that are having computer problems, or perhaps an emergency with there bird/s) I have ( and I don`t mean to plug this ) already had Roz in chat to sort out her video problem she was having, now thats sorted and she`s a happy bunny! at present i find myself un-employed (ack) and spend most of my time on the net searching around for jobs, (IT techy and all) so I thought that perhaps others out there may also be "home alone" and bored and would like a place to have some company or chat, or help with techy problems or whatever... ( you get the idea...lol ) hope this clarify`s the idea for all...
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