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  1. Jake, My CAG is now doing the telephone noise but answers it too HELLO! lol What does your parrots do? Richard
  2. It flaked off i did look some other birds and they had simlar looking beaks. BTW Jake is approx 13 months old Thanks Rich
  3. My CAG's beak has had part of it cracked but only the top peice it looked like it has naturally come off but has it? He's not bothered by it so is this natural growth? Thanks all Rich
  4. My Cag doesnt like getting wet any ideas on how to get him to have more baths? I am also trying to teach him to go to the toilet in the cage any ideas? Cheers Rich
  5. My CAG is 5 comming on 6 months. Ive had him since hand rearing was compleated and we are in full time jobs. Jake doesnt seem to bothered at the moment but it is something we will keep an eye on. I always leave the TV on so theres something there for him to watch or listen to. Keep your bird in the living room Jake is at the end of the sofa so he always get attention and is out for 1hr or 2 everyday. Rich
  6. Thanks for the replies. Might get a couple of green cheek pineapples now :wink: They look good. Dont know what the missus would say but hey. Do you think these would go well with my CAG? Rich
  7. To have two africans in one cage? I already have one boy at 5 months old but how would they take to another resident. Rich P.s cage i have is Heiti (spelling?)
  8. I leave my parrot for up too 9 hrs a day due to work commitments. He is young and learning that when we do come home that he will be let out to have the run of the lounge. in fact he got the run of me at the mo while he is trying to get his turn on the computer! Rich
  9. Havent really been on since I got my baby Jake the African grey. I tell you what ..... what a charator really funny when flying. Hes been doing really well and settled in perfectly. One night came home late one moring and he called. I called him back and 10 mins later 2 am still calling from down stairs. Obviously he didnt know that i wanted to go to bed! Any way hes 5 months old now and just got an appointment with the vets for him to get chipped and DNA'ed as Jake could be a Jackie LOL. Just wondering that when jake come out and he will some times rub his beak on the surface do any of your parrots do that just wondering if it is unusual. Talk laters Rich
  10. Thank you, Nice to see a friendly bunch. Thanks for you comments ill be reading tonight mud! Cheers Rich
  11. Just seen my new baby grey. had a cuddle and it pooped of me! Oh well **@% it happens lol! Cant wait to get it now should be ready in 4 weeks so any training tips would be handy if youve got em. you read all the books but there's nothing like hands on experience. Any other tips you have got let us know. Rich and Nats
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