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  1. They all sound bad to me! I really dont like water so id rather jump out of a plane..lol...i wouldnt bungee! I saw them do it in Africa on the bridge over the Zambezi river which links Zimbabwe to Zambia, they must have been mad, one broken elastic and they'd have swam with Hippo's and Croc's! No wayyyyyyyy!
  2. awwww i was wrong..lol...i thought i was having a boy on my 1st and i had a girl !
  3. ahh Mylo! He's just run over for cuddles...I cant believe regurgitating food is love, If my hubbie did that i'd finish him off...lol He's still trying to pass his white stuff! What's 'no thanx!' in birdie language! Thanx all, i feel much better now!
  4. thanks hm, my daughter came running in shouting, 'mummy...somethings wrong with mylo' and hes sitting like a chicken on an egg and making a weird clucking noise, flapping his tail feathers then offering me some white stuff..! ! Oh dear, shows how much of a novice i am!
  5. No, not really, he's clucking at me..and wigling his feathers and seems to be 'showing off' ,a kind of 'look at me' with the feathers, making himself look bigger than what he is..kind of thing, ive seen swans do it....lol and then gagging white stuff....ewwwwwwwwwwww...its out of chracter for him though.!
  6. oh i see ...i really was wondering if he was ill...But he's hopping around too and kinda 'charging' at me..this is very weird
  7. Er Mylo is behaving very strangely. Health wise he's ok, He's clucking and really opening his wings out (like a swan does..lol) and regurgitating food. And he's occasionally hopping around and wiggling his red tail feathers?!!!??!! should i be worried?...rather strange behaviour! :shock: :? :?
  8. Oh dear...thats sad, As Mylo's Mummy said, Im sure you'll get some expert advice soon, Dont feel guilty, i'm sure your doing your best. I wonder if its because hes so young, from what i can gather, they should be 12 weeks before they are rehomed. Its probably been quite traumatic for him. For some people, breeding's all about the money :roll:
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