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  1. Hey folks Aaww I've gone all mushy now :oops: !! thanks for all the kind words..Net,Sharon, Showgirl,Louise and Brooke from all you loverly people out there! And Sharon I guess I am a self declared Numbnut aswell :wink: There's a lot of us around!! lfrom what you say it looks like I'm in the right place for therapy X Debs
  2. Hey there What a clever idea...Anything that makes the daily grind of POO cleaning easier is great. Taa everso much Debs
  3. Hi MMM thanks for that I do feel a bit silly though. I just love em to bits and try and keep them all happy and healthy. Cheers Debs n the zoo
  4. Hi folks Sorry If I stressed a bit too much about Roly and his balding bits. He has pin feathers appearing and maybe I panicked a bit to much to about things :oops: Just want to thank every one who offered advice and welcomed me to the site. lovely to meet you all! Any way Roly is a bit of a hedgehog to cuddle just now with pin feathers popping up but he is fine just worried his old Mum to bits for a while X Debs n the zoo
  5. Hi My Caique Loves bottle tops he has this game that amuses him for ages ...basically he drops the bottle top in his water dish , then bobs it around And then the clever little chap some how picks the top up with his foot and laps the water out of the top just like a cup!! Honest it seems unbelievable but I have watched him using the top as a tool for drinking water from!! Clever so and so Bless xx Debs
  6. What a brill idea thanks
  7. Hi Net Roly quite happily gets shut in cupboards .. He sees a tin of beans that needs the label peeling off and even shutting him in the cupboard with the tins does'nt bother him at all when I open the door he just looks as if to say go away I'm busy!! Weird! Roly is quite clingy so I felt more confident that if any bird got lose the one that would have the sense to come back is Roly. It has happened once before when we first had him . It was hubbys fault but luckily in spite of him sitting on the neighbours wall he came home when I called him. We where lucky he is so bonded to us even from a baby. This will not happen again twice is lucky 3rd time is foolish!! Thank you God! we still have Roly But we have other birds that seem to never to end up in such scrapes.. Barney the YNA has more sense than to get himself lost, I think. As for the tiels they are just happy together. Roly is the wild card in the pack but we love him cheers Debs
  8. Hi Barney my Amazon started to do very loud Belches and go ahhh!! afterwards now Theres only me and hubby and the animals so I guess thats hubbys contribution to training Barney to talk. What are they like??!!! Men! Cheer Debs
  9. Hey Show girl Thanks for the advice...What you say about Ozzy reassures me that what Rolys doing is pretty normal for these bolshy little guys. It was just a bit of a shock since we had him from a baby and he was so cuddly but i guess hormones kick in and the need to prove themself is to be expected! Thanks Chuck X
  10. Hi net Just had a quick peek at a couple of pics of Harry.....He looks utterly adorable.. I'm quite smitten he's a yellow thighed he looks lovely! Yep Roly has toys galore which I switch round, He is a sexed male and he's about 2 now. I have been reading about other Caique owners and this hyper madness seems characteristic from time to time. Roly loves picking things up and throwing them on the floor, he loves to "LEAF BATHE" in my damp washing or washed wet hair and he is permanently attached to me whenever he is out, which is often. Thats why I call him velcro parrot, because I permanently seem to wear him so much so, last week I had just stepped out to pop to the shops when I realised I was "wearing" Roly when I went to grab him he flew off into the tree on our front garden. Bear in mind it was 5.30 pm and dark I seriously feared the worst till I heard a little uncertain squeak some where in the depths of the tree... I called him to me and mercifully he flew straight to me and was safely put back home... PHEW!! I have noticed some new pin feathers coming through but it remains to be seen if his breast and back completley fill up with new feathers. He seems happy enough and as I say I try to keep him happy, I'm adding vitamins to his fruit and veg and have a spray with aloe vera and other soothing stuff I use when he bathes to help soothe and clean him. He is a naughty cheeky chap as one would expect any self respecting Caique to be.. Any way sorry I did'nt reply sooner I have been helping hubby with his college work which he has to hand in tomorrow.. amongst with a million other chores! Cheers Debs
  11. Hi That is Soo wonderful, What a great drawing... quite breath taking!! What type of pencils and paper did you use ? I used to do a bit of art years ago so I am really interested. I was not as good as you, I just dabbled. You should sell your work Cheers Debs
  12. GREAT PICs Merry Christmas to you all too!
  13. Hi Ihave already mentioned Roly the preening obbsesive caique. I have been reading through some posts and have come to recognise the fact that what is happening to Roly is an emotional reaction. Like when we first had him he was a baby parrot settling in then a young adult finding his feet. I think now he is absolutley wired and full of instincts that are not satisfied. He flits between being the cooeing cuddly bird I have come to know to being a totally manic evil attacking machine!!! We feel he realy needs a friend BUT how can you know if any newcomer will be accepted? Its taking the chance to find the right one! Its a pity you can't try before you buy just to be sure both the resident and new comer will be happy sort of "parrot dating" to ensure a happy quality of life for all, in the long term He is definately lonely and human company is very welcome but not enough..... I have kept birds over the years but this fella is breaking my heart because I just can't solve his problem
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