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  1. how do i report to gumtree re breeder selling unweaned babies? > http://www.gumtree.com/p/pets/senegal-parrot-chicks/94684104
  2. i think it was called help bird keepers. in my opinion the cages allowed are far too small. there was certainly no help offered to myself. and the two bird per cage rule was applied.
  3. Hi guys long time no speak. I have just been to stafford parrot show and am disgusted. it was a disgrace with some of the most unfriendly people i have ever had the misfortune to speak too. out of all the exhibitors with birds only one was friendly. This was a gent from parrots a plenty with four macaws which not only seemed very steady but also in an aviary type cage. the state of some of the birds was frightening and the space between tables non existent. parrots seemed crammed into cages ten times too small. All the owners seemed to care about was how much money they could take in one day. i tried to speak to a number on how to care for the birds they were selling and all they did was show me the care sheet. :evil: I am sure there were people there who are out to call all parrot owners bad and not out for the interest of our birds this show would absolubtly prove this. I know there were lots of deals to be had but that does not excuse any of us from supporting this. Maybe i am in the wrong and this is "normal" but i for one shall never put money into the parrot society again. thanks for the space to be able to have a rant. and i am not sure if this subject has come up before.
  4. thanks ruby does that make them do it more then?
  5. have you tried the with chilli seeds mine will do anything for a chilli seed
  6. lmao i bet it runs as fast as it flies god thats a nightmare
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