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  1. peter my eclectus is doing the same sort of thing except he is trying to mate with anything. All day long he spends the majority of his time 'mating' with his cage..... here is him doing that He is now 5 years old and has been doing this for about 3 weeks now. at first it was funny but now I am worried, do I take him to the vets?
  2. havnt been on for a while. Peter is doing great and has taken to the new puppie. I have put a few videos on utube so u all can see. check them out search shartley100
  3. It is very important to never leave your parrot unsupervised when out of its cage. I am guilty of leaving Peter unsupervised when I nip out of the room for a few seconds unwisely thinking he will be fine. This morning while having my first cup of coffee, Peter was playing on top of his cage and he got his wing stuck through the bars. Within a second he had turned around and his wing was now twisted and firmly wedged in. Lucky for me he trusts me, as I had to hold him while at the same time trying to untwist his wing to get it loose. Again luck played a part as we both somehow stayed calm. I managed to get the wing out and having a close look found that no damage had been done. The is a load of 'what ifs' what if I hadn't been in the room? what if I hadnt been calm? what if peter hadn't trusted me? I could go on.. Why an I telling you all this? Well if like me and you nip off to the loo, answer the door, go make a cup of coffee, think of your birds safety and put him back in his cage or dont let him out till he can have yor undivided attention. All I can think of is 'what if it hadn't turn out alright?'
  4. Peter (the parrot) and pixi (the puppy) are now officially friends and often share kisses under supervision here is the proof :arrow: click here for pic http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p236/s_hartley/pixi%20and%20peter/pandp003.jpg (edited to leave link for pic as image was a bit on the large side - LAM)
  5. It all started when my human bought this thing home. I had expected treats but what I got was a 'beautiful fluffy baby yorkie', well thats what she told me. I hated it, this thing was going to take my humans attention away from me. I was not pleased. My human took Pixi (well thats what I was told)and put it in another room. She then came up to me and tried to make a fuss but I wasn't having any of that so I bit her. There! that will serve her right. She didnt say any thing but left me to go into the kitchen. I could smell all these good smells and knew a treat was on the way. All that day I behaved badly, well I was upset so if I want to behave bad, I will. The next wakening I saw Pixi again, I wondered what it would do if I could just get near it and show it I was boss in this house. My human didnt give me chance though, and took Pixi out of MY room A daylight had passed before I saw Pixi again, but this time I found myself curious about what would happen if I stayed calm about all this Pixi stuff and stopped biting my human (I have never mistreated her like this before) So I acted the grown up and welcomed her, but under my breath I told her that I was the boss here. The next wakening I was suprised that I actually liked Pixi running around, it gave me something new to do. I even fed her by dropping treats on her head as she walked by. This was going to be fun. I can now shout her name and she comes running. I bet I could even get her in trouble if i think about it. :roll: pics of Pixi http://s129.photobucket.com/albums/p236/s_hartley/pixi/
  6. well we went on our boating holiday on the norfolk broads sadly due to a death of my friends daughter we had to rush home early. anyway, peter really enjoyed the 2 days of his holiday. driving down took us 3 1/2 hours not incuding rest stops and peter coped very well, infact the last hour of driving we were seranaded with old mac'donald with dog, cat and duck noises. on the boat I erected his cage in the front cabin and as soon as he heard the ducks he started chattering away in quack noises, a baby duck and his mom climbed on the boat for food I put down for them and peter kept telling them they were 'good boys'. we visited a small shop by the river and the lady there has a small animal rescue service, proceeds from her shop and donations support the animals there. she had an avari with a grey and a lovely macaw, sadly the previous owners didn't give it the atention it needed and now it plucks its feathers other than that he seemed a really happy bird, talking and playing up to all his admirers. Peter enjoyed all the attention he bought when people saw him. on the day we had to rush home I was worried that he wouldn't cope well as he refused to eat or drink anything that was offered, taking it then throwing it down, he didn't speak or look at any of us in the car. Best news was that as soon as he was home he imidiatly 'forgave' me and started to blow kisses and snuggling under my chin. I haven't uploaded the pics yet, as soon as I do I will post them I'm just sorry I didn't take as many as I wanted but I thought we had plenty more time to take some. http://s129.photobucket.com/albums/p236/s_hartley/hols/
  7. I'd be careful there are people on this site who will slam you for having wings clipped, like I got slamed for letting Peter outside (who can't fly)https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/11113-out-side-adventure/ some judge before knowing the facts :cry:
  8. such a pretty bird and nice name too
  9. I would never leave him for any reason if he is outside . As I stated on my post 'I secured peter there and after a few minuits of not being sure he really started to enjoy it and stayed out for half an hour with my beady eye on him (cats live next door)' I know you were only playing devils advocate stormbird but I sugest in the nicest terms to read post first. I am starting to feel that I wont post anything anymore due to negative coments that are not called for. I am disapointed
  10. For the last 2 weeks I've been putting the harness on Peter to get him used to it, then just walked round the garden, come in and take harness off. well today was the first day that I didn't get scratched and as it was really nice out I took his playstand (a friend made it for me) and put it on the patio, I secured peter there and after a few minuits of not being sure he really started to enjoy it and stayed out for half an hour with my beady eye on him (cats live next door) Now I can be sure that he will be okay on our boat holiday here are a couple of pics http://s129.photobucket.com/albums/p236/s_hartley/outside/
  11. here's the link http://babelfish.altavista.com/
  12. Try bablefish to translate its free and is easy to use as long as you can cut and paste. Just go to google and put in bablefish it can also do webpage translations
  13. yes his dad Chet Womack is the main person who trains, they are from america and the son does tricks with birds on a cruise ship
  14. welcome to the forum thanks for the tip off ooooh do you have pics?
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