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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/devon/4021933.stm "Zulus, thousands of 'em".
  2. I visited the Dutch refuge centre this year, I’m no expert but the conditions looked good to me and some of their aviaries were huge and not over stocked. I did note that they sold cedar nuts to visitors and to prevent fingers through bars they provided a flat piece of 1inch wide wood with a V cut out. The idea being that the cedar nuts are pushed into the V and the visitors poke the wood through the aviaries fence. Great place to visit by the way.
  3. My Buddy has one (YCA) he uses his beak to pull himself to the cage bars and just steps off. Pete
  4. Hi Joel, I went last year, not impressed usual story Amazon's and Grey's in very small cages with no toy's. They had around 30 parrots in at the time. I did see a large number of toy available, shame they don't put any in their stock cages. Quite hard to find, a drive between houses. Good luck Pete
  5. Both myself and my wife work full time. We have a single male YC Amazon, Buddy. Debbie has Buddy out from 07.30 - 8ish sharing breakfast etc. He is then put back in his cage (in the conservatory) until around 1pm, Debbie comes home for lunch and spends about 45minutes with him. She then moves the whole cage into the kitchen (sun comes over at around 3ish.) He spends the afternoon in summer in the kitchen and stays in the conservatory in winter. We are home around 6, which is his time out till around 10pm. We have had this rouitine for about 3 years, since he was 16 weeks old and it seems to work. We have considered getting another but the jury is still out on that one.
  6. They have a lovely GW hen at the Parrot Center Northampton. If you call ahead they should let you handle her. Good luck.
  7. We currently have a 2.5 year old YC Amazon (male), Buddy! Have been thinking of adding to the flock. Fell in love yesterday with a 16 week old Lesser Jardine (hen). Have read through MMM's previous links regarding introducing a new bird, and will of course follow this and any additional advice given. We are aware of the extra work and don't fear this. We have the space to accommodate another cage. Our question I guess is: How many other members have different species that they are unable to have out at the same time or share the same 'space'? Also, how will introducing a new bird affect our relationship with Buddy? We appreciate that there is no yes/no answers to these questions, of course it will vary from bird-to-bird/type-to-type - but your own experiences would be much appreciated......
  8. Hi Choccyb, Buddy started to talk at about 4 mths, the normal stuff "hello" "how u doin". Then at 6-9mths he started putting more words together like "hello Bud, you been a good boy". At 13-18 mths he started finishing off stuff and awnsering questions. I found the best way to encourage him was to spend time one on one, at the same time of day - tea time, when he's on his cage and full of himself. Its also good if everbody uses the same terms when speaking to him.
  9. Buddy is two next week. He was about 14mths when I took the vid.
  10. Hi Danii, I have a short vid of my Y/C, Buddy in my bucket.
  11. A fine choice of bike, I.ve got a K5 750. Sorry MMM another screeming 4.
  12. HI, great to see another YCA.
  13. Hi Pottys Mum, I live in MK, if I can be of any help please let me know. Pete
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