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  1. Hi Joyce, Welcome to the site. I have a sun conure who never has talked really but i know just what hes trying to tell me. He also understands a lot of words and we communicate very well. Conures are great little birds. I am also the slave to my new buddy, a male Eclectus called forest. He is settling in really well from his previous home and is talking more each day. I hope you find lots of buddys here to chat to its a nice place bye for now jax
  2. Hi there, So sorry to hear of your heart break. my best buddy vern the sun conure has lukiemia. i watch him getting a little worse every day. I only hope that when the time comes i will be strong. Its hard to loose a beloved pet. I am hopefully getting an Eclectus soon. It wont ease the pain but might help me through a little Good luck with your new baby jax
  3. Hello there, i am looking for my own Ekkie as we speak. i have opted for a male as i personally think that i will bond better with a male and a few people have told me about the females tantraums and moods. Im sure there are loads of people though that will disagree with this good luck in your decision jax
  4. Hi Rachael, Glad your joining the mad world of parrots. These guys really do take up your time as well as space and if your house proud they are not the pets for you. I love greys they are wonderful pets. They can be one person birds if not handled by both of you. Galahs i dont know much about. Most Cockatoos can be extremly noisy, i dont know if Galahs are the exception but deaf or no nieghbours may be a bonus. It may be a good idea to look at that one Good luck with your decision, i hope this has helped a bit jax
  5. Hi there, Its always a difficult one this........i hope you get some good info on introducing these guys together. My guys were let out at seperate times and caged next to each other for a while until we felt it safe to let them out together. They tolerate each other and dont squabble hardly at all so we feel lucky. How ever i dont think there is any love lost betwen them either!!! Good luck jax
  6. Hi leena, My Timneh makes all kinds of high pitched squeekes and beeps, im afraid its just one of those things. My guy also talks alot for a 14 month old so i dont mind the beeping. A distraction sometimes helps, a sound that is more pleasing to the ear that he likes or talking very quietly sometimes makes them stop and listen. Or a toy as jemdino sugested... Good luck they are great pets jak
  7. Hi Craig, welcome, im fairly new too. Its a nice site with lots of friendly people to chat to..........have fun bye for now jack Jasper timneh grey Mo Flow Jardine Vern Sun conure
  8. Hi there, great to have you along. i hope you enjoy this site lots to learn and enjoy.......... jackie jasper timneh grey vern sun conure mo flow jardines bye for now
  9. hi there, welcome to this mad place of parrots. you will get plenty of advice here. A good talking family bird. Well maybe some thing not too big. I have a timneh grey who is really sweet. he doesnt bite and is fairly quiet ( most of the time ) he is also very bright and talks for England! as you know having a parrot before, you need to be careful mixing kids and birds but im sure you will find a nice buddy for the family. I also have a jardines parrot who is fantastic fun but her beak is quite big and she can be nippy when she decides to have a tantrum ( usualy if she gets told off for chewing the remote controls) he he. have you tried reading up on blue headed poinus or maximillions. i have heard that both these are quite sweet and can talk. Hope that helps bye for now jack
  10. Hi there, welcome to the parroty place, its nice here with loads of people to chat to. Your flock look lovely. i used to have a senagal, she was a lovely bird but prefered my ex so when we parted company i left her with him where i new she would be happy. i have a sun conure, a jardines and a grey. bye for now jack
  11. Hi mandy, 10 birdys wow you are a busy lady, but they are very addictive i could quite happily have loads if i had more space. so do tell what do you have. im jackie by the way fairly new to this site as a member but have been creepinhg around it for about 6 months. Do you have an Eclectus amongst your flock, im reserching them at the moment. i think this will be my next buddy! bye for now
  12. Welcome to this great site. you will find lots of friends and helpfull info for you and your flock im sure bye for now jak
  13. Hi adam, im fairly new too but it seems a very friendly place. good luck with your grey you should have a fun time. i have a timneh grey, he is very sweet and talks very well. his latest words were last week and he said.....EXCUSE ME WHAT YOU DOING.........OUCH! i think my other half has been playing with him again!!!! bye for now
  14. wow, thanks for all the replys i feel like im a part of the gang allready! great to talk about my favorite thing without boring people. bye for now
  15. hi, Thanks for that its nice to have parrot friends to chat to. was wondering if anyone else has had an experience with Lukiemia. Also my next venture might be a solomon Eclectus...........any owners out there, are these birds quiet in genaral If not it will be a congo grey, but i have to say im quite taken with the Eclectus, they seem cute and ive been told they speak just as well as the greys bye for now
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