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  1. there are 5 in the family, mother father older sister (20), and younger brother (16), the birds are kept in my bedroom in a large cage, -a Miami. we all get the birds out the same way - opening the door and offering our hand, Arfur (my other conure) comes happily and now Jack does sometimes - if not we move away and if he chooses to come to us then it's his choice. I get them out every morning and every evening and usually another member of my family gets them out at another point in the day. we talk to both birds equally, the only difference is that if Jack bites we might jump or an 'ow' escape. w e have tried using treats to encourage him, but as I said before he can sit happily on my shoulder with Arfur then he will suddenly bite my ear or the back of my neck. I am not trying to train him to talk or do tricks just to sit without biting.
  2. The bird was not right when we got him, we went to see him and felt sorry for him. He was in a cage 18" x 12" x 24" high. He has both feet damaged and has a number of claws missing also a few deformed/ damaged toes, his only perch / toy was a nail file type perch; we hoped care and consistency would win him round, he does now come to us and will sit on shoulders, hands but then with no pattern or stimulus will bite - ears, fingers, back of the neck. we have come a long way with gaining his trust but this is the last hurdle.
  3. My conure jack is biting and my mum has said he has to go, i was wondering if anybody knows of anyone who i could send him to to see if they have any luck in training him as my whole family has bits of themselves missing because of him. He is 1 and i think he is a green cheek any help would be amazing.
  4. hi thanks for the offer but i cant get any new ones for a few month because i need to build up funds ..... if they are still available in a few months i would certainly be interested.
  5. Thanks its narrowed it down a bit..... still need to find a green cheek
  6. Ive just got this conure it was suposed to be a green cheek but i dont think it is if anybody could let me know what it is i would be really grateful. This link should get to a pic of him if not i will try again. http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u149/igglepop/Newparrot002.jpg
  7. Yes his names arthur, he is two years old and adorible, i am currently looking to get him a friend so if you hear of a conure or sengal needing a new home could you let me know as i am starting uni in a few years and want to make sure he has a friend.
  8. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply i have been really busy with my NEW CONURE arfor thanks for all your help. I am now completly addicted to arfor and am hoping to get him a friend but need to raise funds again..... but im getting there... Thabks again for all of your help
  9. Not sure if this is the right place to post so sorry if its not. I am hopefully going to get a green cheeked conure soon but my mother has said she would like to see one first to get an idea on the noise level so i was wondering if anybody had an idea on where i shold take my mother to see one. I live in walton on thame. Thanks for the help.
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