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  1. ok many thanks have got my grey booked in to my vet tonight she is looseing hight whilst flying i have been told that she could be feeling poorly and she has lost a few feathers from her wing so going to have her checked out will keep gwr in mind sounds a great vet many thanks
  2. could she be like this because she is not getting enough of a a vitamin or mineral from her food many thanks for your replies i am new to this and am greatful to any advice
  3. great im with garston vets group for my dog many thanks
  4. could any one tell me where you get your vitamins not sure where to look for the best products many thanks :wink:
  5. does any one know a avian vet in wiltshire somerset area many thanks
  6. shes totally fine other than this she is still eating and chatting away to me. bless im prob worried over nothing really but would hate my self if i left her and she had hurt her wing .
  7. there is no blood in them just looks like a normal feather but would she loose hight whist flying as today she flew to the floor im bit concerned that she has damaged her wing . would she still be abble to flap about if it was damaged? rang vet whos receptionist was no good so made an apointment to see vet tomorrow at 6 :cry:
  8. my year old affrican grey seams to have had lots of wing feathers come out in thje past 2 weeks is this normal ? do they molt alot more at certain times of the year ? help as im getting worried many thanks :cry: :?
  9. as i write this i have just hovered and my grey mocca is flicking her food all over the floor . bless !!!!! :roll: but i feel my children make more mess than my baby and i hoover more than i would of normaly so haveing pets makes you more house proud and as for poo my bird is trained the same as the children to go on the perch we call the potty :wink:
  10. many thanks will try some of these
  11. does any one have any ideas for treats recipes ect i can give mocca ive looked at the pet shop and they all look nasty wouldnt put them on the bird table :wink:
  12. are these ok for a 13 week old baby grey ive just putthem in water waiting for them to cool down then give them b4 bed :?
  13. we have made a special potty perch for mocca when isee her wiggle her bum i say "potty" and put her on it and it is starting to work
  14. yes i know the feeling im wearing fleeces at the moment when i get her out and it gets rather hot so any one please help
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