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  1. I bought some from a pet shop and they were expensive and my Parrots totally ignored them.
  2. Girl as it`s got the same head shape as my silver female Poppy...
  3. I feed Millet sprays to all my parrots large and small each day The smaller ones like the Tiels demolish it and Poppy my CAG makes a mess on the carpet so the rabbits clear it up.
  4. I have a magnificent Caique and can highly recomend them as a companion, never a dull moment with one around. Welcome to the forum:) and good luck with your birdy quest:)
  5. Scoobie is now a different bird to how he was. He has improved so much. Before he would sit on his food dish refusing to move except to jump and scream at the top of his voice. He was very hard work bless him. Changing his food and cleaning his cage could be heartbreaking. Gradually he is getting well. His problems were emotional he was mentally ill and very distrubed. Scoobie now comes out of his cage, sits on the kids, steals their food has had his prozac gradually halved and stopped his swearing and negative sayings. He walks around the room, parrotty chats to the other birds, flys around the room and generally is settled and happy. He has learnt new words and lets us touch him. He can still be a bit nervous in his cage but the improvement is 1000%. He actively wants to be part of the household and loves the hustle and bustle of family life. We are all so pleased with how he is doing. MissVee his original owner and Maggie his breeder and then rehabilitator keep in touch and send memories and photos of Scoobie from when he was well and he is begining to be that bird again. thanks for all the good wishes we have received and interest will post some photos when we have the comp all set up. It`s a new build and teething problems with everything at t he moment.
  6. LMAO VIKKY love the war game bit! My CAG Poppy doesn`t talk she sayes Hello but that`s all. I try to teach her and instead my caique Coco picks it up in an instant! Birds are weird !
  7. Hi Caroline:) I have a Grey that was wild and over the past few months she has been taming down she is around 3 and adorable. My daughter named her Poppy. We get sacks of food from PJ Pets Stonferry. They sell Elite Parrot food and pulses for soaking. We also feed fresh food every day. Greys can suffer from calcium defenciency so make sure yours either has cuttle fish, vit powder or water soluble calcuim. They sell it all at PJ`s. First don`t be disheartened if things seem to go slowly after meeting you I know you are dedicated to your birds welfare. It will just take a bit of time to get your bird to trust you. Being young she will adapt. I would start by talking and singing and just being near here, getting her used to having you around spend all the time you can and every time you are near or within earshot make soothing noises. Make her know that you live in her space. Enhance the touching she allows for longer periods if she starts to feel edgy take a step back. Let her know that by subtle body language you will back off. That will stop her using more dramatic means. It has taken months to get my bird to totally trust me. She still will not step up but she allows me too touch her even when she is growling at guests she lets me calm her. I think the trick with any animal is trust. Once they know you will respect their space and not harm them they will allow the relationship to develop. Good luck and anything you want to know I`m here:) Blessed Be Kirsty O:)
  8. excellent looking setup Vicky O:)
  9. Hand reared birds going wild.... I have come across so many growling ex tame greys and biting Amazons ect I have a theory about why these Hand Reared tame birds go wild and I do not think it is the hand rearing that does it. It`s the owners. There are many reasons, some I ahve come across: People buy tame birds because they want an instant pet one that they can interact with immedietly maybe even as a status symbol. Some people and I am not talking to anyone on here personally, some people get bored simple as that. Parrots are messy, loud their own person with their own instincts and cycles of hormones like every other creature. As I type this my Caique Coco is having intimate relations with it`s Java branch (I`m going to get it a friend so that it can have more of a natural life. ) Tame birds do bite they have beaks when they do bite they get stuck in cages and then everything gets worse, terrotoral behaviour and cage guarding results. The bird is often then sold on as the "owner has work commitments ect" There are many reasons why the tame bird stops getting the same interaction it had as a hand reared bird. The new enviroment might offer less interaction. What is the bird to do sit there moping? no it adapts to the new circumstances it`s instincts replace it`s learnt behaviour. This is true for all animals.... Tame cats go feral, tame rabbits bite and don`t let the owner change the food ect ect ect .... These scenarios result from lack of interaction lack of care I suppose. Maybe ppl who get or got the parent reared birds put more effort and developed a deeper bond with their bird thus the interactions continued and their birds remained stable. If everyone looked at the wilder picture there would be more clues to why birds change. All animals on the planet adapt to circumstance this might not always be a postive change but it will be a change. We as owners and breeders need to make sure that we and future owners realise that Parrots are long lived and that given too little human time will go back to being wild they will adapt they will not stay silly cuddly tame if they arn`t getting the silly cuddly cuddles! Of all the wild life programmes I have watched in my life time I have never seen any parrot laid on it`s back with it`s legs in the air making sweets sounds. It`s not natural parrot behaviour to be silly tame. It`s learnt behaviour and must be reinforced if it is to continue! We like to believe Parrots think they are human. But they will just do the best they can without another parrot. A budgie might feed it`s mirror or try to have sex with a plastic toy same as I have seen dogs doing the same to sweeping brushes and ppl`s legs, the famous exeriments with baby monkeys cuddling a wire shaped like a monkey or not shaped like a monkey. Point is all animals need company and stimulation sometimes. AS humans we can to a point replace the need for another parrot but I don`t believe we can do that totally. I personally do not like to see anything that lives in groups living by itself I like them to have a member of their own kind to interact with. I love watching animals interact. I love animals they make me happy. I believe we all need to respect mother nature more and get into the heart and mind of our parrots and looka t life through their eyes. Looking at parrots in the wild gives an insight into their world. If more people did this there would be less parrots in need of loving homes.
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