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  1. looks like a mutation redrump parakeet they come in many various colour combinations nowadays, redrumps are nown to breed with rosellas so it could be a rossella/redrump
  2. i would say they are no louder than some of the popular amazons its just unfortunate that they have a harsh screech that just seems to annoy humans and tame birds tend to be more noisy than aviary sun conures I find. I would avoid not many can put up with the noise
  3. some sellers actually show you the size like rob harveys site have a look around
  4. jave perch size is more to do with the thickness of the branches it is relative to the type of bird its to be used for ie: extra small for finches etc, small for cockatiels etc, medium for african greys etc, large for macaws etc
  5. do you mean one like our franky is sat on in pic she has no trouble hanging from all sorts of positions :arrow: http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u11/southmed/franky.jpg
  6. if your parent birds are close rung and are indeed from the same nest chances are the rings would have the same lettering with very close numbers if not consecutive numbers
  7. the rings are sized to be the most suitable fit for the species, putting a larger ring on may cause discomfort for them later in life, if its too loose they may end up fiddling with it trying to get them off or worst still getting something caught up in it
  8. polycarbonate is much stronger than perpex and is used as inspection windows in many industrial machines, perspex/acrylic 3mm thick would be to easy for a parrot to snap and splinter thicker perspex/acrylic would be ok, many of the parrot toys are acrylic but thicker 6-8mm. Many of the parrot cages used to come with acrylic seed catchers around the side that was about 6-8mmm thick?
  9. I have a grey that talks for england but only when she thinks she's alone........ she didnt start talking till after nine months
  10. when i was looking for some cages i emailed them and had no response perhaps there email doesnt work I went elswhere so there loss
  11. its a huge cage never seen a bigger cage but with the divider in you end up with 2 cages 32" x 32" dont think thats big enough for a macaw? looks like you will need 2 seperate cages if your birds dont share a cage
  12. i have a couple of these cages living space is 32inches x 64 inches overall floor space is 6ft x 4ft though. Build quality is fine, big enough for a macaw without the seperator splitting it into 2 cages, but with it in doubtfull. I also have the corner cages he sells they would be big enough for a macaw they take up floor space of 4ft square.
  13. i have reared from egg African Greys, white fronted amazons, bluecrowned conures, senegals and meyers and used to give them there last feed at midnight and there first at 5am, like you say i believe its best for them to completely clear there crop
  14. looking at the pics of his cage you seem to have all java or hard type perches which are great as they are virtually indestructable, but from my experiences of keeping Poicephalus, they just love to chew and shape their own perches infact any bit of wood available. You could try getting some, natural branches or square lengths of pine for jazz to perch on and see what happens you may need to replace it very frequently though.
  15. i know someone that kept a breeding pair in a built up garden without any complaints but the handreared youngster they kept indoors was extremley loud and they had to rehome it and they were very bird noise tolerent people. they do make excellent pets though and i would have thought £200 ish sort of price for a handreared one
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