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  1. Thankyou. I would like to add that it is continuing to wear down and appears to be a build up of dry skin. Dexter has let me gently file it with a soft nail file and it does flake abit. Still slightly worried as to what might be the cause.
  2. It has actually worn down a little from earlier today (Dexter has been on sandy perch quite abit) so I am starting to feel a little less concerned. But I would still appreciate any input Thanks to those who replied so far
  3. I'll try get a pic up in a few mins.
  4. Hi, I havent posted here for along time but I have something worrying me that I could use some advise with. This morning I just noticed something wrong with my 2 year old cags foot. On 2 toes on 1 foot he seems to be growing something out of the "pad" of the end of his toe. The nails themselves are well trimmed (he has sandy perches - replaced freqently) but the "growth" appears to come from the toe itself and not the nail. Its about 1/2cm long and curls upwards from the lower part of the toe. When I touch it Dexter shows no signs of discomfort and is quite happy for me to "wiggle" it. It appears to be an elongated scale. I can move it and see that there is no raw flesh or blood behind the "growth". I dont wish to take him on a Vets trip unless its an absolute must. What could it be? Should I try trim it off? Any help is greatly appreciated. PICTURE INCLUDED FURTHER DOWN. Joseph
  5. They are the wooden framed windows.
  6. Hi all Dexter my African Grey is currently located in our main living area which happens to be a converted attic but I have a little problem. We have 3 sloping roof Velux windows in the room and I would really like to have them open in summer as it gets a little hot up here. Last year we sweated it out through summer with the windows shut but I dont fancy that this year and I really dont want to relocate him elsewhere in the house as hes used to the constant human interaction. Has anyone got any tips on how I can make these windows parrot safe? Link to the window types: http://www.velux.co.uk/Products/RoofWindowSystem/.htm?pid=H001 Thanks in advance to any suggestions/tips.
  7. Hi folks Ive been trying to place an order with Double Dutch and I cant get past the checkout. It just gives error 404. Are they still going and ifso is anyone aware when I could place an order with them or maybe an alternative way for me to do it. Thanks in advance J
  8. Dexter does just the same for me. I voted
  9. Thanks for all the kind words and advice. Apologies for the Pic size. I didnt realise it was too large until it was posted, nobodys PC blowing up . Dexter was named by my son and partner, not sure where they got the name from. He (I say he but not actually sure what sex birdy is) is nearly 14 weeks old and was bought from a breeder who I was contacted by on these forums after placing an ad in the wanted section. now....must go..... Master needs me to peel some grapes !
  10. Hi folks. Just wanted to introduce Dexter, our new CAG . Its the first Parrot I've worked for so still learning lots and lots. He seems to be settling in really well. Eating lots of seed mix, grapes, pees, broccoli, scrambled eggs for breakfast and an eggcup of baby food for supper. Exploring his cage well and also coming out to play on the floor with foot-toys. He loves all the family from what I can tell so far. Have added some images and a video to my photobucket album. Just a couple of questions: 1. Can anyone recommend a good pet insurance company that I can get cover instantly over the phone or net? 2. Dexter doesnt seem to drink alot of water, only seen him take a small sip 2 or 3 times since saturday when we brought him home. Is this normal? (hes eating 4-8 grapes a day - fresh water 2 times a day) (ok ok 3 questions then) 3. We turn lights and TV down at around 9pm, cover cage at around 9.15pm and turn lights off completely when we goto bed at around 10pm. I have slept on the sofa to keep my eyes/ears peeled through the night while he is still settling in and I can hear him awake on and off during the night. Is this how they normally sleep or should he be staying asleep for the night once hes gone? (he wakes fully, is uncovered and becomes vocal at around 8.00am and sleeps 2-3 times a day for around 15-40mins each time)
  11. Sorry, just realised I posted this in wrong section Maybe a mod could move it for me? Again sorry Joseph
  12. Hiya! Im currently trying to find a new baby CAG to bring into our family and havent decided where he/she will sleep. So...I was hoping the good Parroty folk here might be able to help me make up my mind by answering a few questions. How well does your parrot sleep? How long does it take your parrot to settle? Does the slightest noise wake them when sleeping? Can you put your parrot to bed in the living room and continue to watch the TV at a low level? Thanks Joseph
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