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  1. So true. People discriminating against others for the way they look is soooo 80's LOL I get discriminated against too where I live, as most people where caps/hoodies & sporty gear, whereas I dress like a posh emo with spikey hair, and have had a lot of verbal abuse from da ladz. This is in a fairly conservative area too :oops:
  2. Storm, surely Orville was illegally being held since the police had to come help retrieve him?
  3. hell, give me his address. I'll send him a Sh*t-O-Gram for Christmas
  4. Aw, he looks great, so glad he's home & safe. Those people are monsters, their actions speak of cruelty, guilt, criminality & everything bad. These people need to be investigated by the RSPCA, I'd say. When you have got your breath back, write down what has happened on a couple of sides of A4, perhaps ask the Policeman who dealt with it to sign a written version of the events for you. Contact the RSPCA or maybe even the RSPB, explain the entire story to them. Then lead them through hell the long way.
  5. And surely there's proof from your photobucket site, that Orville is yours. Besides the scanner...
  6. :shock: OMG WTF??? Parrot hostaging, sounds like an evil b**** too. I mean, he's your bird....full stop. The fact that she's raising her voice/shouting at you too, shows an odd lack of empathy for what you have been through. Glad you've got the police involved, this may have opened up a larger can of worms than what it seems right now! All I can say is I wish I was there, she wouldn't forget me. :evil: Hope Orvillle is home safe asap :wink: Edit: Emergency vets I think are always available, RSPCA have a separate vet line & certainly advisable to call them as soon as you can. As your parrot is being hostaged by the Munsters, they should be bloody well forced to incur the cost.
  7. So glad you & Orville are going to be reunited - It's brought tears of joy to my eyes my budgie flew away when I was a wee tot, I saw him fly away too. We went around for days with the cage, calling for him, but never found him & it's something that has haunted me all my life - news like this helps to heal those old wounds a bit. So happy for you
  8. Hello everyone and thank you for all your welcomes I'm really so relieved that it was just a toy at the same time as feeling silly.... :oops: Doh! I do worry about hosting sites as there's no way they can completely guarantee what's uploaded. That being said, I have found some really great things there, as it's Friday I may as well share what I love about it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vL7Jo_1Z3Y8 Classic! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyPhCO3LrtQ I have a lovely Alexandrine called Pinky, who I believe is nearly 30 years old. He was given to us by an elderly lady many years ago, and he's much loved by all of us. He's always been hand shy, unless something has scared him & caused him to fly, which case he will go on hands. He's so much fun, with so many endearing things about him He can be seen here, his tummy isn't scruffy now at all http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/37523997/
  9. Hello, I really feel for you in this time & pray that you get him back asap If it gives any hope to you, there have been various sitings of a parrot that's lived in the wild for nearly 2 years I believe locally to me in Southern England. This may sound silly & possibly impractical too for you at this time, but is there any way you can download a call for this parrot somewhere on the net & play it on a mobile tape player or a dictophone? there's a few parrot calls here http://www.naturesongs.com/CRsounds.html#LPSIT or http://members.tripod.com/Thryomanes/BirdSounds1.html Sorry really lame suggestion Don't lose hope *hugs*
  10. Unfortunately my 1st post on these boards is something that has caused me utmost distress. The reason I registered here is because I have a wonderful Alexandrine parakeet. I occasionally browse http://youtube.com to look at various homemade pet movies/holidays etc, today while looking through I used various searches & found some really cute little parrot movies. Although when I typed in 'Alex Parrot', to my horror I discovered a title of a movie which ripped a whole in my heart, it said something like 'Alex beheads a parrot' - I MUST POINT OUT THAT I DID NOT WATCH IT, so I don't know if it's just some kind of (twisted) joke, and I wouldn't even chance watching something with title like that. The reason I have come here to plead for help is that if this is unfortunately real, I thought that somebody somewhere on these boards or beyond who maybe even knows someone who carries some weight in animal rights, can file or begin a trace on this evil sick **** Please can somebody help? evil is eating up our world & we all stand complacent. Once again I'm sorry that this is the subject of my 1st post, I cannot sleep at the thought of what it might be, and there's no way I can watch it.
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