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  1. once i have finished my assigmenet i can send it to u both to see if any of it is usefull for others at all thank you both for the helpand i have a good foundation now to build on thanks i picked birds cos everyone was dpoign cats and dogs and i want to be different and stand out ina good way i hope
  2. hi what madmudmob was very help full i am also looking the effect of psittacocis have on the birds body and immune system thanks
  3. thanks for ur help i am still lookign to find enough info etc on it but i am open to other ideas but thanks for any info on psittacoicos would be appreciated
  4. hello i have for college got to do a talk in a infectious disease as well as information packs etc ncluding leaflets,brouchers etc the information required is the nature/process of disease and the correct/effective nursing care of the infected patient. must be a companion animal so i picked birds as i like them and it would be different fromt he usual cats and dog stuff info needed would be symptoms,orgainsim involved, etc plus part 2 of the assignment would be the role the infection has on the immune system before,afer and during the disease( its the 1st time the animal has encountered it) part 3 is nursing requiremnts the nursing info throughtout the cource of the disease,observationprevention of spreading, treatment/medication. as well as the safe use of the medication. alternative therapies could be used if a benefit. i wasnt sure where to post this but as i read showgirl is a vet nurse i fet it may be use full here to ask advice on where best to obtain the correct info or any thought i may need to consider. i am not loking for my assignment to be done for me lol but just a bit direction in whats the best sites to get the correct usefull info instaed of some garbage the internet does provide. thank you very much
  5. i have looked after a couple of greys in the past although i liked them i dont think they are the bird for me,i like amazons as well as we had one in our college animal unit and i sort of bonded with it straight away and i did consider them but recently i have looked after a cpl of blue and golds and recently a greenwing for a friend so i am considering a macaw as i find them very pretty and very smart and i think there funny things
  6. sorry to stephie as well i posted at the same time as you i have no bird at moment but i am looking now to get 1 as i have a lot of spare time i couldnt comit to 1 before now as i was out a lot but now thats all sorted i am giving it serious though
  7. sorry MadMudMob as you posted the same time as me and thank you for the bright welcome i would add pix but i have no parrot of my own but i have cared for several for various friends and a few people i know. like i said i though i would say something as it would be unfair for someone to save money to buy a bird then send moeny in goodfaith and get nothing back. its ahorrible trick to people
  8. like i say i wasnt 100%sure but thanks for confirming what i think also i though it was very cheap as a pair of blue and gold are about £1600 i though and hyathincth are very expensive but beautiful
  9. i dont know where to post this as i am just newly registered i have had emails from a person about macaws for sale, and he offerred me 2 blue and gold macaws,and a baby pair of hyathincth and an adult hyathinth pair. i though ti was a scam from cameroon or someother place as i have been warned about them but he said he was in n.ireland and wanted £3000 for the lot. i offered to go and pick them up and pay in cash but was told that i would have trouble getting the birds in to england/scotland etc but he can arrange a courrier and they take care of all the travel paperwork. i dont think you need paperwork for transport of blue and gold in the uk but i dont know about hyathincth. i have a very strong feeling this is a scam but i wasnt 100% sure as he/she said they were in ireland. i thought i would post this here incase anyone else is asked about them or offered any
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