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  1. Hi there, If you need any help hand rearing your birds please feel free to contact us, we have many many years experience with all types of birds from smaller parrots through to larger cockatoos and macaws. Have hand reared from one day so know what is expected, have all of the equipment needed to finish the process and deliver the finished bird ready for the rest of it's life. Discreet, honest and reliable service, please take a look at our web site to see how we care for and rear our birds. Hope to hear from you soon.
  2. Hi pip,Sorry we couldnt help you out this time, just for info we do have a cage more than large enough for 2 greys, so maybe you will keep us in mind for another time, just the week you have chosen is full. Kind regards
  3. Hi there, Thanks fornyour kind words, happy to have Luna back at any time, sad to say we couldn't help this time as we were fully booked at the time she needed, still theres always another day. Thanks again, Catch you soon.
  4. Hi all, We are situated near Lymington on the New Forest and can look after your birds for you whilst you are away. Holiday, family emergency or just a short break away we can help. If you decide to use the service then can rest assured your birds will be cared for as if they were our own. They will have their own cage (which we have here) be fed with a varied diet of seed, pulses, supplements, fruit & veg, and have plenty of play time out every day. Once we have confirmed the dates are ok, just bring your bird down to us at the agreed time/date, see it settled into it's new home for the duration of its stay, go off and enjoy your holiday safe in the knowledge that your treasure is in experienced hands being well cared for. Please take a look at our web site to see how we care for and look after our birds, just pm or email for more info. We look forward to hearing from you.
  5. Hi Lesley, If they have no luck closer to home then we are ok to look after it down in sunny Lymington, just let us know. Cheers
  6. Hi there, after a bit of help with a pair of greys that have us confused. Ruby (sexed hen) closed ring is 8 years old, tame and has lived indoors with us as a pet, she is very tame. Roger (unsexed cock) is we think around 6 years old, he is an ex pet but lived for a year up till we got him in an aviary with young parent reared greys. we don't have prrof of sex as the previouse owners lost the certificate, he is not rung but is fairly tame even if a bit nippy. Anyway they were inroduced to one another and a large outside flight back in March, seemed to tolerate each other, after a couple of months we saw them feeding each other but they still seemed to bicker a lot. Well 8 months down the line they are fighting/bickering more than ever, they have chewed the nest box entance to double its original size but never go inside, I am at a loss as to what to do next. Leave them together, or find alternative mates? Any help and advice gladly considered.
  7. His Lil Sis, good to see you have joined the dark side most people here are freindly and willing to help, so you don't have to just listen to me nagging on Catch you soon.
  8. You should be ok with Asda, thats where we buy ours
  9. Cheers for the replies, looks like 14 gauge is a winner, out come the hammer and saw :!: :!:
  10. Hi there We are looking to put some flights up for our greys in the garden and wanted to be sure that the little beggars won't get out, would 14 gauge 1" x 1" be ok or is it a tad light, Await your replies. Regards
  11. Thanks for that, twas what I expected but if you don't ask! I love this place, no hassles, just nice people willing to help. Regards T&N
  12. Hi all :wink: We are back again after advice on Meyers this time, can they be kept/bred as colony birds, we have 2 pairs that bred last year,just wondered if they could be kept together in the same flight :?: ie 2 ***** 2 hens with 2 nest boxes and still breed without any conflict/problems. As ever we Look forward to you replies Regards T&N
  13. Just after some advice, on the best size for a nest box for my vosmari eclectus, look forward to your replies.Thank you.
  14. Cheers all, The information and links are as ever appreciated and a great help, going to give thema good scrub before putting them in the flight. Once again thanks for all the replies
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