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  1. Agreed David - We could have gone down the road of selling cheaper items in our shop, but I would not do that. Our items are slightly more expensive but much better quality. A couple of the shops around us selling similar items obviously came to look and commented on "too expensive" ours are much cheaper Etc. Those guys are no longer trading. So as you say someone will always try to undercut and if they do this they have not done their homework or projections correctly and will not last the course. We are all in business to make a profit but things such as good customer relations, quality workmanship and goods are also equally as important, if not more so. A saying i heard a long time ago, not sure if I get it quite right but you will get the idea. "It can take a long time to build up a good reptuation but a short time to loose it" or something like that. Thats why I always go that extra mile for our customers, within reason. Now we have our feathered friends we may find it slightly more difficult to holiday now. Also it is difficult to forget about the business while away, are the staff giving the same level of service that you would give Etc. Drives me crazy, but I now know that I cannot do everything myself. Hard to let go but you have to do it or you go insane.... Think I may already be half way there, or so my wife and kids think anyway!!
  2. I agree when it comes to advertising, we get our local paper calling every week wanting me to advertise our shop Etc in their paper. I never have nor would advertise with them. We are in a shopping centre and as such most of our trade is picked up from passing trade or word of mouth and also returning customers. As David has mentioned Ltd company status brings many, many more headaches and expenses, I would think that as you may be starting off as a one man enterprise then being Ltd may not be an issue. I would also advise perhaps opening a seperate high interest account for tax and class 4 national insurance which you will have to pay at some point. It would be a good idea to put a percentage of all monies received from work into that high interest account ready to pay those tax bills as you will no longer be covered by the PAYE system, unless you go Ltd that is. With regards to accountants, who I really do not like. If you cannot do your own accounts and to be honest they are not that hard then you will have to use one. I have worked with many accountants over the years and to be honest the majority of them are just number crunchers as you say David and the majority of them rely on your figures. Most of them use juniors in their companies as they will not deal with the month to month running of your accounts. They will just look over the Profit & Loss/ Balance Sheet, asset depreciation Etc that has been printed off and perhaps make some adjustments to what the juniors have done. I am always of the opinion that unless your accountant can save you more money than they are going to charge you then what is the point. I must state though i do have many, many years of double entry book keeping and computerised accounting experience as one of my previous jobs used to be moving companies from the manual book-keeping methods onto computerised accounting systems, mainly Sage so I am very confident in what I do. I know that not everyone will have the experience that I have and will need to use an accountant or perhaps a local book-keeper which will be a lot cheaper and as mentioned above your accounts will be entered by a junior/book-keeper in the accountants office anyway. Also on your tax return there is a simplified section for sole traders Etc. Also ask at the local IR office as you should be able to claim a percentage for telephone calls, uniform providing it has your company name on, laundering your uniform, perhaps a room in your house that is used as an office plus lots of other stuff.They are very, very helpful, do not be frightened of them as they can be very understanding should you run into difficulties. DO not be put off by all this jargon Etc. Being your own boss does bring headaches, but also lots of rewards. As David also mentioned try to take time out from the business each week for yourself as it can take over your life and not for the good. Cashflow again is very important as some weeks you may have so much work on and so much money coming in, hopefully, but there are going to be weeks when you may not have so much on, but you will still need to draw an income from the business on those weeks. Keep this in mind and make sure that you carry money forward for the leaner weeks and not get tempted to spend it all on a holiday in the Maldives LOL. Cashflow is one of the biggest killers in business and you will really need to keep a very close eye on everything that comes in and goes out, chase any unpaid invoices also if it can be avoided do not give credit to anyone, I.E 30 days. If you can get credit accounts however for items that you may need as this does not attract any interest charges like an overdraft may do. It can also help with your own cashflow. You will need to watch this though and act responsibly by ensuring that all monies are paid to those companies as and when due. Please as mentioned earlier GO FOR IT. I know I have perhaps ranted way TOOOOOooo much but even if it does not work out, it is far better to know that you did try it and it not worked, than always to be wondering if perhaps it may or may have not worked if you had not tried it. You only get one chance in this life and I now live my life on this Philosophy do to past history. DO IT!!!!
  3. Hi - Setting up your own business is not really that difficult. 1. You will need to inform the Inland Revenue that you are setting up a new business as a sole trader. 2. Make sure that you pay all National Insurance contributions that are necessary - again the IR will tell you what you have to pay and when. 3. Keep accurate records - these can be very simple I.E basically all "ins" & "outs" little over simplified if you like but that is all that is needed. A spread sheet is ideal for this as you can get it to sum all colums for you. 4. Make sure you take out the necessary insurance for yourself and for the premises you will be working in. You will find that this is cheaper for sole tradesmen than say for someone such as myself who has a shop. 5. You do not have to have a business account, but the Inland Revenue do prefer it, but providing you keep accurate records of all transactions then this should not be a problem. With regards to the business cheque account you are better off opening a business account with the Alliance & Leicester as it is FREE banking at all times, unless you pay in a lot of cash. This means free cheques, withdrawls Etc. Most other banks offer free banking for a set period of time and then start to charge. Why bother when you can have it FREE all the time. 6. Make sure that you submit all necessary tax returns etc on time, also if you may have to consider the VAT element if your business is going to turn over more than the current government limit. Not sure of what that is but you can find it on their website. Again do not be worried about VAT, it is very simple providing you keep accurate records. Make sure that you do not claim VAT back on items that you are not entitled to do so though as the VAT inspectors can be very strict on that. There is a wealth of information out there to help you, but as mentioned your local tax office can be very helpful. Also you may find local business clubs within your area that can also help. I will say just be careful of some of the banks small business set up advisors as they are the majority of the time out to get as much business for their bank as possible. Just take your time and do not rush into anything that they may offer. Shop around for insurance, bank costs, accountants Etc. I personally do not use an accountant nor would I as I am more than capable of doing my own double entry accounts, tax returns Etc as I used to teach Sage Line 50 to companies. If you are not capable of doing this then you may be better off having an accountant or a book-keeper. But as mentioned previously your accounts can be very, very simple for the kind of work you will be doing. Do not worry as you will never know if it the right decision until you have tried it. Good luck
  4. Will not stress too much then. Just really funny as he will see them and go out his way to get them. Never seen him take so much interest in anything before, apart from lolly pop sticks which he chews to death. Just mark this one down to a foot fetish then!! LOL
  5. Oh no - Does not really do it to anyone else just the wife. I said it was because they smelled LOL, did not go down very well, could not think of any other reason. I will post a couple of pics to my photo bucket to show you!!
  6. Just wondering, we have a male U2 who is 7 months old and has taken to doing some strange behaviour. When my wife has her slippers on and he is out the cage he will travel down his cage or play stand to the floor and chase after her slippers. This freaks my wife out and so she takes them off for him to have. He will then try to kill the slippers, he does not do this to anything else but the slippers. He will get them in his beak throw them pounce on them and then bite. Funny to watch, but just wondered why he has taken to this behaviour. Any ideas appreciated. Phil
  7. Great news - I have a Too, to LOL - I was a little worried the other day when he was scratching his nose a little too much, so much so that he made it bleed a little. I panicked thinking this was something major, but fortunatley I showered him as usual paying particular attention to his nasel area and he seems to be fine now. I can only presume that something was irritating him hence the nose picking.. All is well once again. Very worrying though. Glad to hear Taz is doing good, the pics are great he looks very happy.
  8. Hi - Know what you mean about the DNA kits. I was very nervous about pulling feathers from Rue - Our U2. I did not have to hold him or anything as I just pretended to preen him and found the feather I wanted and then pulled quickly but firmly. He did not bat an eye lid. I then did 3 more from other parts, again no problems. I have, however not plucked up the courage to do our CAG - Roxy yet as he/she is a little more highly strung. Rue is very laid back and just thought I was preening him. If you have not guessed from my reply our Too is a boy. GOOD LUCK, although I think it is the thought of doing it that feels bad, the actual doing it is not quite so.... Phil
  9. reading all these posts it seems that this person is not bothered about anything that is written here. In my experience the only way that these kind of people will take notice is when they are hit were it hurts, their pockets. Perhaps if people understood the corect way that birds should be kept and that the way in which this busness keeps theirs is just not acceptable, inhumane and cruel then hopefully people will no longer buy from this man and go elsewhere. Perhaps a mass protest outside their shop is needed with a little publicity thrown in for good measure, then they might realise that this kind of abuse is not acceptable. I detest any kind of animal cruelty and just wish sometimes there was a lot more could be done using the legal system.
  10. Thanks for all your kind comments - Being handy has it downfalls though. My wife and kids think that I can do anything which tends to take up a lot of my time (lots of DIY). LOL Phil
  11. Hi - I have no problem with making them - not quite sure on the price however. The only other difficulty would be sourcing the Xmas tree stand for the pole to go in. I know that it cost me in total about £25.00 but that was because I already had some of the items, such as the Xmas tree base and the dowel for the perches. Thanks - Phil
  12. Just sisal rope (untreated) about 6mm diameter. Cheapest I could find was off Ebay at about £3 for 100 foot plus postage. Thanks Phil - With regards to the pics - you have to insert an image and paste the link to the image into your post. My images are the links from the photobucket website that i have uploaded to their site all necessary coding for the image will be at the side of the image within your photobucket it is just a case of copying the code and then pasting it as previously mentioned into your message.
  13. Hi - Thanks could not find one that was reasonably priced and how i wanted it, so decided to make it. I must admit that I am a little more partial to Rue (hope that does not sound too bad)as Roxy our CAG is far more taken with my wife. We adore them both though and spoil them rotten but Roxy is more my wifes bird and Rue mine.
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