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  1. i can lean in and clean it easily enough if it's from teh top to bottom, just amended my post and think i'll have it top to half height down which will be about 3.5ft and then it'll be 18 inches deep and about 5.5 foot long.... there will be a larger part outdoors that's covered though from the roof and its' up against fence panels so sheltered all along the back. i'm not sure on the gauge of the wire, my other half has the details on his phone! but i can double roof easily enough i have about 3 extra metres of the stuff! does that sound ok for an inner flight?? off to take the cat to the vet now! then hopefully i'll be ready to build the inner flight especially if you think that size is ok! i spend most of my time at the vets! Kidney cysts... oh what a joy!
  2. Yes, sorry Tory, I've been on nights so wasn't overly functional i did mean the inner flight! Hatches it'll be then.... I am trying to design the inner flight at the moment, it will be fully roofed... i hadn't thought about a separate safety door to the inner flight, so that might have to go without... it is about 18 inches wide at the narrowest, but i will probably have it extending lengthways down the back of the outside with several hatches and then put some perches coming out on the front facing wall where there are no doors. i was going to have it raised so more like one large long nest box with hatches rather than a top to floor thing, although if it's only about 2 foot high ( so might extend it to the middle height of the aviary about 3.5 ft??) , i'm not sure how well they'll be able to fly indoors... does that matter?? or can it just be for night and required shelter?? if it was about 5 and a half foot long by 18inches deep would that be ok?? The wire is what the aviary panels were made with and i have bought a roll for the roof separately. It's about 1.5mm thick. i haven't bought the water feature yet. the one i want is nearly £200 at the moment! it's a cascading waterfall. they are made of resin and quite light so can be picked up and cleaned easily. Some come with LEDs others without. I have found a wall mounted mini cascade which i will probably settle with in the mean time, so it can hang on the back wall of the aviary. the "pots" are mounted on a wooden frame and can be removed individually and cleaned. http://www.primrose-london.co.uk/rock-cascade-water-feature-p-1476.html?cPath=1_853 is similar style to what i want. but in the interim i will probably get something similar to this that i have seen, but with wood rather than metal http://www.1000waterfeatures.co.uk/wall-mounted-cascade-p-1197.html?cPath=1_21 I am not sure how to post photos on here, i did try to look at your link to photobucket for some ideas but failed! but i will post some pics when i have more than a concreted frame! any photos of inner flights would be good to see!
  3. It's a kind of domed/trapezium shape, the right hand side by the safety gate will be a closed off type of area which will provide shelter from the wind etc, then the rest will be open, although part covered, part uncovered. I am considering possibly adding removable winter panelling to the outside to help with the wind in winter. i just need to decide which way to split the aviary roofing, probably will do the back part of the roof covered and the front uncovered as it will allow a longer flight (except the closed off area which will be all roofed). The closed off area i am still designing and want to build tomorrow, what type of door/entrance do you reckon would be best? or have it open slightly at the front?? The floor is concrete, it's still setting as we speak! The rope i have is sisal type, and i have dowel and will make swings and perches from that. I will also put a water feature in there, one that's not too deep but am looking into it at present. I might put up a mister on a timer, but again that will have to wait!! The wire is a thickish one, but i will have it doubled on top except where the roof is will only be singled. It's thicker than the normal chicken wire, you think i should double it all over?? i can't really bend it easily with my fingers, it's a rectangular wire, about 1.5cm by 1 cm. I haven't considered heating as yet as want to research into it before i put that up to make sure it's appropriate and necessary and to make sure it's the right type etc etc.
  4. Although i haven't measured it, it's about 7 ft tall (although height doesn't really count!) with a 10ft by 6ft flight i think, so it's a decent size i believe, but not very large by any means, just larger than i originally aimed for! (although things are never big enough!) Hence not wanting more than about 8 smallish birds for it.... from what i've read i think that's about right for the size of birds and flight?? As for branches etc, i have a few of the parrots that she's never used which are small ones for her travel cage etc. Manzanita type brances etc. I've also got rope and so on and plenty of toys to keep them occupied!
  5. Thanks Tory, I have that book and have read through it... The aviary is erm well bigger than we initially wanted! The red rumps i'm not too worried about, to be honest i'd rather have an underfilled aviary! I will probably see what happens as turks and splendids are hard to come by, so for the time being will just be bourkes and cockatiels. And then the turks and splendids can go in after as and when i find some. there would be no problem size wise with the 8 birds as the aviary is rather large and will provide plenty of flight and hiding space for each pair with trees, perches and branches! Fingers crossed, but like anything i will be keeping a close eye!
  6. The aviary where i got the bourkes from said that the birds we had chosen because they were peaceful and tranquil should be fine together, (always a chance that there might be a trouble maker,) but said that was a good selection and she suggested finches or canaries could be added as well. I was advised against elegant parakeets as they're bossy, but i didn't want them in any case. So although i've not been to a bird club i have spoken with the aviary and asked their advice. I will however of course keep a close eye on it! As for the illness, yes she had numerous tests under the sun and i was always collecting poop! She had recurrent yeast infections and C.Diff and other gastrointestinal problems. However for the past couple of years (touch wood) she has been ok. she sees the vet every 3 months and apart from being bald (started after the first crop infection) and having a heart murmur, she's in amazing condition he says, hence why having been given 6 months to live initially and surpassing the 3 year mark, he has revoked his diagnosis, based on lack of recurrent symptoms recently and also her health. Fingers crossed she stays as healthy as she is bald!
  7. I spoke to the vet and he said it wouldn't make any difference, so we've started building! We've decided on some bourkes, turquoisines, splendids, cockatiels and possibly some other parakeets such as red rumps or kakarikis depending on how things go. The aviary has ended up even larger than anticipated! The lineolated may arrive in the collection, but alot will depend on housing etc for the winter as i know they are susceptible to the cold.... Either way i will still be extra careful between the birds and my parrot, i'm not prepared to risk anything! Any further comments or advice would be great! thanks K
  8. I have to say i hadn't thought about the look and don't touch thing, but i know she enjoys watching the birds flying around when she's able to see them, but I am not totally sure how she'd respond, but if it were negatively, i'd remove the aviary. As it stands, apart from being bald and having a heart murmour, she's in good condition. She has her check up in a couple of weeks so i will talk to the vet then and see what he says. Thanks for all the thoughts and opinions!
  9. Thanks, yes, i have the tv on timer so it comes on during the daytime for her when i'm out....
  10. Fingers crossed for you too!! Luckily we've been OK recently, so must have just been a phase she goes through. She gets all handmade food, human grade too, although i'm not sure a mix mash of sweet potatoes with broccoli and bananas etc is really my thing, but hey she loves it! haha! I have the same with the meds, and work's a treat, although it depends what i have to give her, some of the antibiotics she's had previously weren't of her liking so ended up staining all my walls pink! Fingers crossed you remain infection free as we appear to have done for a year or so )
  11. Thanks Tory, I used to have a harness for her, but she hates it now! She doesn't seem to like going outside anymore, but likes being able to have her cage near the doors with them open to see what's going on. i have seen her following the birds flying in the air, hence why i thought that an aviary might help keep her entertained, but appreciate that it's not easy work. I am not concerned about her having PDD, as i explained, the vet has revoked her diagnosis due to how healthy she is now, and seems he feels that she was born with a weaker immune system, so just to be cautious i don't ideally want her mixing too closely with other birds, but an aviary or even perhaps another bird who she does not come into contact with but can see might be an option. Noise for me is not an issue (although my neighbours might disagree despite them putting up with her very loud squawkings for food). but any suggestions are welcomed! Thanks
  12. One of the reasons she can not have a companion is that she had a spate of getting crop infections and gastro-intestinal problems and so the vet thought she might have PDD (Although she never had a crop biopsy to confirm). This diagnosis has since been revoked, however i feel that it is probably best that she has no direct contact with other birds. Since these infections she has plucked continually, (how i first realised she had a problem) and because she has been so ill previously, i feel that with the insurance and regular check ups she goes through, that a change in owner would compromise this ability to provide ongoing treatment as required (due to cost) as she also has a long term heart condition. ( I only work a couple of days a week, so am around at other times, so yes, the aviary is for when i'm not around, and yes Peter i do agree sadly with the fact she is on her own for a long time when i work these shifts. Ultimately i want what is best for her and am happy to consider opinions and other options if anyone has any suggestions.
  13. Thanks for the responses, i will talk to the better half and see where we go from there, i guess what we can do is perhaps divide the aviary a bit to include the lovebirds and perhaps another area for celestials if they are still wanted but not suitable. I would love another eclectus, but unfortunately she can not have a close companion of the feathered type ( i know that he definitely wants the love birds, so perhaps they might have to have their own area? thanks and any suggestions of birds would be great K
  14. Hi all, I was wondering about an aviary I'm planning to build... I have an Eclectus parrot at the moment, and as my shifts are now 13 hours long, she is starting to suffer a bit with loneliness, and although no substitute, i thought birds was a second best option to a human! I had considered giving her up, but could not bear to be parted from her, and due to a medical condition she has, i would rather not have someone else look after her as she adores me and my cat and partner as is the reverse. So in any case we decided on an aviary to keep her company rather than introduce a new bird(s) into the house so as to prevent jealousy and so on i thought an outdoor aviary would give her entertainment. It will be by the conservatory doors she can look out of and so should be clearly visible to her. The plans appear to be getting larger by the minute! I have been trying to research selections of birds, but to no great avail. I love the parrotlets so was thinking of going along that route. As it stands the birds i would like in there are celestials, rosa bourkes, lineolated parokeets, love birds and cockatiels and perhaps a smaller ones such as finches. I was wondering what people thought of that as a selection. Any advice about birds in the aviary or any similar suggestions on content would be greatly received, Thanks K
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