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  1. Oh goodness definitely. As long as the parrot has been saved and is having the best care and attention. The parrot is all that matters in all this.
  2. Im curious to know whether the breeder who informed the RSPCA is on this forum too. I would really like to know the state the poor parrot is in. The man selling it was in Swansea, South Wales.
  3. Well we have just phoned up the man again to see if we could see the parrot tonight. Who answered the phone to us? RSPCA. There was a complaint from another buyer when he saw the parrot about the conditions it was kept in and about the amount of feathers the parrot has plucked . Apparently he got aggressive with the prospective buyer. I cant believe it. Well I can to be honest, something didnt sound right and now we know. Dont laugh but im sitting here half crying half wanting to go up there and punch him. What a complete and utter wanker! My husband gave the RSPCA inspector or number but its very unlikely we will have him homed with us because the original man who made the complaint will have first refusal. Hes a breeder too so to be honest thats probably the best place for him so he can be looked after and given whatever he needs. God im furious :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: There was alot of shouting in the backround as you can imagine.
  4. Thanks GreenwingMax and BigBelly. Me and my husband had another talk about it last night and have decided to go and see him anyway. After the attitude of the man talking to my husband yesterday, it put more doubts in our head. Weve chatted now and have agreed to see him. I know I wont be able to walk away from him. The way I see it, I would rather him come to me, with a little knowledge of greys, than go to someone who has got one on the spur of the moment and know nothing about them. At least with us, weve been bitten before and know what to expect. I would hate to think someone got him as a cute pet, got bit by him and then he had the same sort of life hes got now or sold on again. Maybe the next person wouldnt understand that they have to take it slowly with him. I'd better go and put the cage back together for Saturday I think Lol x
  5. Thanks everyone. My husband just got off the phone to the man again, well about an hour ago. I wanted to go up today to see it but they were going out and told him to phone back later. When my husband phoned he asked if we could go up again and he said it will have to be tomorrow. That doesnt matter I suppose. Had Hubby to ask whether the parrot has a ring on his leg and if so what colour is on there. He has a silver metal ring on there. He also asked how tame the parrot was too and the reply has made me even more worried. He told my husband he has no idea because he doesnt bother with it, the only time he has contact with it is to feed it. Im wondering now, how long has he had this parrot for? Has it not been cleaned out since he has had it? Is he bothering to feed it fruit and veg? Also what bothers me the most about that is this...... If his son has had the grey for 16 years, wouldnt he/shouldnt he know whether or not it is tame? My inlaws know most everything about Mojo. When ever he says or does something new, we tell them about it. After 16 years they should have some idea surely. If they dont know anything about it, then why did their son give it to them? They dont even sound interested in its wellbeing. Probably a little paranoid of me and looking too into it, but honestly. Maybe its just me? I wouldnt just give Mo away to someone, who would never let him out or play with him, or give him the love he deserves. Im sad for him
  6. Thanks again, im off to read those now. I really want to be armed with as much information on the subject as I can. I know once I see him I wont be able to walk away so the more I know and can do, the better
  7. If he is a wild caught Grey, would he not have a ring on his leg? If he hasnt got a ring on his leg, will he ever properly become tame like Mojo is? I was going to go and see him today because to be honest Ive ben worrying a bit about him. The man told my husband last night that the grey gets no flying time becase he wont go back into the cage afterwards. What effect could this have on the grey? Would his flying muscles (if you know what I mean) still work? Im not sure how long hes been in this situation but if its been from the beginning would it be impossible to work towards taming him? Only seeing him will set my mind at rest. This is going to sound cheap of me, but please dont take it that way. Weve said the price of £275 (if I remember correctly). What if hes a total nutter and in an awful condition? I couldnt walk away if i saw him in awful conditions but then again paying almost £300 I would expect him to be relatively tame. Where do I draw the line? Is £300 a good price for a grey in the conditions Ive said?
  8. This is a link to the page where I saw the crows advertised http://www.birdtrader.co.uk/list/23
  9. I saw a site last night where they sold owls and haris hawks. There wee people having ads wanting crows too. Maybe they are used for hunting?? Ill have a look if I can fnd the site now. If I hadnt seen it last night, I wouldnt have had a clue.
  10. Excellent, Ill go and read it all now Thankyou
  11. Oh just wanted to add that although he's coming without a cage, we do have a cage her which he can go in. We bought Mojo a huge cage and have the corner one spare now, Im thinking maybe he can go in there until he settles and we sort out somethiing better. xx
  12. Ive just been looking on the ad trader and saw an ad for an African Grey. We already have Mojo but phoned this one up anyhow. The man on the phone said (hubby talked to him and relayed to me), the parrot is 16 years old, has been plucking his feathers and squawking alot. He wanted £500 for him but we managed to bring the price down to £275 without his cage. He had no toys in his cage either. What Im wondering is what effect could this have if we decided to buy him. Im not an expert but he sounds really sad. I know its going to take loads of work to bring him round to us. What do you think? The man said that the parrot was his sons and had left the parrot to live with him and the son moved away. It sounds odd to me that a son who has had him for 16 years would just entrust him to someone who doesnt really know about Parrots and leave him with no toys or anything. So far we have found out that, hes 16 yrs old, talks alot, and cusses a bit, No F words or C words but does say bloody, s*** and B*****. Doesnt bite but goes to bite the man when he tries to touch him. I dont know whether he is a biter or is just nervous/scared. Huge thing to take on, but im sure we can do it. What about Mojo? Will his personality change because of this? Will they get on? We were told when we got Mojo by someone (cant remembe who that having 2 greys isnt a good idea because they will pal up together and distance themselves from us. While a friend for Mojo would be lovely for him, I dont want to lose him to another 'bird' lol My first priority is Mojo, could anyone give me advice? Thanks so much, youve all been great in the past xx
  13. He has a corner cage. The same as this one http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/BRAND-NEW-Super-Windsor-Corner-Parrot-Cage-99-00_W0QQitemZ280086376795QQihZ018QQcategoryZ46289QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem (LAM - shortened link )
  14. We have this problem with our Mojo. Hes out so much that to get him back in is a bit of a game. Sometimes when hes being particularly devilish and wont go in we take his food bowls out to the kitchen, replace his water and tidy up his food then put them back in his cage. Hes so nosy to see what weve done to his food that he pops up onto my husbands arm straight away and goes in to his cage to investigate. Would it be worth trying it and seeing if it works for you?
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