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  1. breeders will be forced to pay "pet " prices and pick up all the unwanted hormonal birds with any luck :wink: and for the record i totally disagree with incubating eggs by any artificial means for the pet market ( endangered species are a totally differant matter )
  2. yes we should say that. if you don't have the room for an animal, any animal, then you shouldn't have it. im sorry stephie but just having the room for avairies doesnt mean the birds are looked after . the worst i have ever seen (hard to explain ) is 3 6x6x6 aviaries in a sort of equal length L shape ,3 of the sides were breeze block , the roofs were wood and only the fronts had any light (except the aviary in corner of the L shape which had no light ) . these housed 3 pairs of greys, each with only a nest box and bird table (covered in the cheapest bird food you can buy ) .the floor of these "aviaries " was at least 3" deep in bird poo and roten food . no sight at all of a peice of fruit or veg yet alone a toy or perch ... there was however 3 mice that i saw happily munching away on the floors . i came away from that breeders ( less then 600 yard away from me ) feeling thourghly sick , and they were so proud that their birds produced 4 clutches a year :shock: :shock: . to be fair i have seen the worst of the worst of indoor breeding birds as well , 2 pairs of umbrella cockatoos kept in cat carriers ..... yes i did say pairs . the owners excuse "they have only been in them for six months while we moved , we are building aviaries now " ... those avairies turned out to be just 6x6x3 and only the base had been layed in the six months :shock: as for pet birds , proberbly the worst i have seen is a ruby macaw who was nearly totaly plucked and lived outdoors in the middle of dartmoor (even in the snow ) when he did venture in he was either hit with a walking stick or fed on chocolate biscuits and sherry depending on the "carers " mood . i personally think its not wether birds are kept in avairies or cubes but the quality of care they get . any birds (aviary or cube ) given no mental or physical stimulation will become (my most hated phrase in all the for sale adverts ) a prolific pair . many people with just a few birds who bred as a hobby think of their birds as pets more then breeders . all my birds have names , i know instantly if something is wrong with them . but most of all i delight in watching them play and interact . ohhh and i am perfectly happy for anyone who is genuinly interested in purchasing one of my babies to see the parents in situ
  3. if all breeders disliked cubes that much then why do no adverts in the for sales state to aviary breeder only , for that matter how many of the adverts extoll the multiple clutchs per year that pair of birds lay :shock: :shock: as for battery farming my caiques lay 1 clutch a year , they are not encouraged in any way shape or form to lay more ..... hardly the idea of battery farming . my greenrumped parrotlets are left to parent rear (unsuccesfully so far ) and will continue to be left to parent rear . my timnehs i have only had since october , again if and when they breed depending on clutch size only 1 will be taken for hand rearing , if they only hatch 2 or less then none will be taken . i also have a young ( less then a year old ) pair of amazona festivia bodini ,which are on permanant loan to another breeder , avairy kept and will be left to exclusivly parent rear as these birds are so rare in europe . the conures are leaving here tomorrow through personal choice as i am not convinced that mutation breeding is compatable with conservation of indervidual species in the long run . this post will proberbly disappear because of this bit but if people are going to tell untruths then i have the right to put them straight , i am indeed banned from one forum ( the knitting circle for those who realy need to know ) however i regularly post on 5 others including this one . if people are realy that convinced that i am unfit to post on here you are perfectly welcome to email/ PM David or any other mods with genuine reasons why i sould not be able to renew my trader status when it runs out in nine days ...... lets let david the owner of the site decide :roll: :roll:
  4. that poor splay legged baby parent reared aviary conures (taken today :wink: )
  5. I warned you and I am above all a person of my word Post removed by MadMudMob
  6. ohhh you live in the only place in the whole world with no mice or rats ...... congratulations :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  7. i am glad to see at least one of the breeding advisers reply i have just caught up with this after my last post yesterday ... two things have struck me .... the first being that only the hobby breeder with only a few pairs has answered about cube keeping , there are major breeders on this forum with large amounts of birds kept in cubes /breeding cages who are well respected who for some reason have failed to answer the question . why ? the second is no one has actually pointed out the disadvantages of aviaries ( are you ready for some constructive critasism ? ) it seems many avairy owners forget to take measures against rodents , they prefer the asthetic look of wood bark or soil ... not remembering that while it doesnt look as good a firm concrete base is a) rat proof .... a determined rat in an is not good news for eggs/chicks or adult birds . much easier to keep clean and stop insects and other parasite carrying creatures from becoming a problem , infact the woodbark vikky has down is a perfect breeding ground for parasite carrying insects and invertabrate . another must do anti rodent measure ( and anti flying predetor for that matter ) is double wiring avairies with a small gauge wire . any respectable mouse can get through 1x1 wiring leaving a trail of urine and faeces behind it ( including in food bowls ).i'm sorry vikky but my first thought on seeing the picture of the caique playing with the wood bark was " OMG just think of the nasties that bird is in contact with " so worming is an absolute must in avairy birds , along with regular inspection for tics etc .
  8. i have cameras installed but i still do a daily physical inspection of all boxes . this way if the cameras fail then the birds are not shocked or upset by me opening the box . this also means that i can do a direct check on chicks/eggs for problems that might not be picked up on camera . it also stresses parents less when the chicks are rung as parent birds are used to it .
  9. my point with that post was actually ment to show people that realy there is no differance between well kept cube birds and your average pet bird . i think this is a valid point as those who say cubes are inhuman battery farming (their words not mine ) are protesting on exactly these grounds lack of flight space lack of fresh air lack of direct sunlight
  10. yes it realy is a security issue .....would you leave your birds outside if someone had threatened them :?: :?: :?:
  11. they all have room to fly to a degree , hence the larger then recomended cubes. as i asked before just how much time do your birds spend flying ? why do you seem to think breeding birds do any more flying then pets ? now my turn ..... how many pet birds are clipped , never taken out to see sunlight or even given fresh air ? this seems to be a very one way discussion , especially as one of your forum advisers breeds in cages indoors :wink:
  12. no choccy that is a breeding cage for amazons or greys ...as recomended by the amazona society .
  13. as with half of the cages on ebay southmed , would you seriously beleive half of the descriptions on there ? the point i am trying to make here is this .... yes there are people out there who think it acceptable to breed large birds in 3x3x3 cubes but the majority do not agree with this and try to give our birds the biggest cubes to size ratio we can , we also pay more attention to mental stimulation then most avairy breeders do .... the number of avairies i have seen with no toys and just 1 branch/perch excedes the number of bad cubes i have seen , and when i have seen birds kept in bad conditions i have reported them . do not tar all cube breeders with the same brush as with all of life there are good and bad
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