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  1. Hi and welcome I lost my grey back in October there was no sightings until the 3rd day whereby I was lucky enough to get him back, flyers thru peoples letter boxes, also on lamp posts etc it may also be worth a call to your local radio station they may broadcast it Good luck and dont lose hope Tracy
  2. Hya red bellied need a diet RICH in palm nuts this is a must Tracy
  3. Tracy1

    Casper RIP

    Am so sorry to hear of your loss Tracy
  4. Its the aviator harness Tracy
  5. Thanks Roz maybe I try that instead Tracy
  6. Maverick was harness trained at around 6 months she began to fly herslelf real small distances in the garden, she hasnt been out that much to be fair because of the weather but even in the house she flies everywhere. have been looking out for the extension leads if anyone knows of a supplier can ya give me a yell please Tracy
  7. Took maverick upto the woods this morning the weather was much better today, she was so full of beans these last few days, considering shes only 8 months old I think she does very well and takes things in her stride Hope you enjoy the piccys Tracy
  8. Wendy do you use yours neat also, I maybe try Mav that way also Tracy
  9. Tried Maverick with the V8 fruit juice today, its vegetable and fruits in a drink etc no sugar or preservatives in there so can only do her good, diluted some in water in her water dish and she wolfed it does anyone else use this Tracy
  10. Arlene has sadly not got her bird back, no sightings or anything, Kent is the other side of the country to Cumbria but thanks for letting the forum know it may help someone in getting their bird back Tracy
  11. I have a little blue headed hes great pals with my baby greenwing, VERY under rated which is such a shame fantastic birds and talking capabilites yup on the whole pretty good, and laugh boy can he laugh literally howls at times, not one negative thing to say about them at all Tracy
  12. Really hope you can coax this little guy down his owners will be frantic thank you for bringing it to the boards Keep us informed Tracy
  13. Yup have 7 parrots with purple poo today also lol Tracy
  14. I have spoke to Arlene a few times and have offered to help her in her search, I know only too well what shes going thru, sadly no sightings as of today, she text me earlier and shes breaking her heart as anyone who adores their baby would, Tracy
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