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  1. try this link not a bad read http://www.jobird.com/eggdevel.htm
  2. the bird know when the eggs are dead they only keep warm if the chick is still liveing . when you candle them to find out if the eggs are fertile dont do it again .the candler can damage the membrain and never put a egg in water at any point . put the egg on a mirror and wait for the twitch or buy a hart moniter
  3. if you go on falconry questions and pm sharandys she is putting a insurance package together for birds of pray . ask her about parrots she can probley help you out
  4. when looking at all my birds the parrots tend to be more aware you are there where as the falcons/hawks/owls tend to know when food is dropped in otherwise they carry on as normal unless you make a noise in the passageway
  5. the problem is the spar carnt see the mesh only the parrots . i have seen poeple hang cloth on the mesh and they claim the attacts stopped
  6. not what i know but to be fair 2 out of 3 aint bad i have seen a lot worse
  7. i would pull the first egg and put it in a incubator just in case . she may lay a forth to make up the clutch . is egg number one the same colour and shape as 2 and 3
  8. if she lays 3 on what egg does she starts fully sitting
  9. have you tryed pulling the eggs
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