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  1. From what i was told by the person stormbirds remarks were aimed at, yes it was bad, best just leave it rubytoo
  2. Any more Lesley ? i would be interested in an exchange of young at some point
  3. Likewise here, all pairs are laying large clutches with 100% fertility, including pionus, amazons (various species), caiques, eckies and greys we even had eckies lay 2 eggs again when their chicks were only 4 weeks old :shock:
  4. Well done Lesley, are they the pionus you bought off Matty, our maxi pionus are due sunday, 6 eggs and all fertile, and our blueheads have just layed yesterday
  5. suitability on mini chedders i dont know about :? depends on salt / fat / additive content etc,
  6. If you really want a companion for your scarlet why not get another macaw of the same sex = no useless hybrids :wink:
  7. Watch your ears Dan jasper is quit partial to pieces of lug :shock: but i expect you know that by now :roll:
  8. put a bath in their cage, turn on the hoover and sit back and watch
  9. all our birds today are more vocal, we have had some sun today we also ave our first babies of 2010 2 eckies just over a week old
  10. as has been suggested something isnt right, get him to an avian vet asap, a bacterial infection will make a baby act as you have described, its nothing to worry about as long as you act quickly
  11. maybe this will be the year, good luck with them
  12. I would think hight would be ok but 12x12 seems a little on the big side, a friend of mine uses 2ft tall by 8x8
  13. thats what i thought to kris, it will be interesting to see if any young produced from this pair carry as much color but they are only 2008 birds, so will have to wait a bit longer yet
  14. its not the location :roll: its the person who paulie thought wrongly the bird was with sorry LAM end of from me just needed to set a few people straight, as it was brought up earlier in the thread
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