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  1. I wonder if the section of the forum called 'birds for rehoming or exchange' kind of invites these kind of posts. The title to me suggests that these kind of ads are acceptable and there is a need for rehomers. I do really feel for the people who post who then get all sorts thrown at them. I'm a new bird keeper, a good one who did their homework. Alot of it behind the scenes, (thanks Brooke!). I came on here asking for advise of where to find a bird and no one attacked me asking if I could afford food or vet bills. Is this just assumed if you can afford the bird in the first place? Should the rehome section perhaps be like the for sale section where you have to subscribe to post there. Would stop anyone just flying by to place an ad. I'd also like to see people who do place these ads to be treated with respect and educated to the needs of a parrot and the money involved in a nice friendly way. Just because there have been scammers in the past doesn't mean we should suspect everyone. These people could end up as long term members if we don't frighten them off. If they do end up as parrot owners wouldn't it be better that they were welcomed in to a nice friendly forum so they can benefit from advise and become even better parrot owners?
  2. Thank you. This would not be too far for me. I've been looking for another avian vet. I thought I had 2 close to me from the avian vet list but when I called them the avian man had left one and the other had been taken over by someone else. Seems like the list is out of date. I was thinking of calling paignton zoo and asking who they use for their birds.
  3. I've just taken Echo round to a neighbour to look after for the weekend. I've not left her before. I've taken her away with me up until now but this weekend is not parrot friendly. Feel worse than when I first left my children when they were babies. I really don't like leaving her and I'm pining already and it's only been 1/2 hour. The neighbour is fine with her, she's done all the meeting and greeting and is fully instructed on parrot looking after. I don't have any physical worries, it's all emotional. My husband says I'm a silly woman and I need to pull myself together, it's only a bird. She's not only a bird. She's my bestest friend. Hopefully people here will understand. It's going to be a l-o-n-g weekend.
  4. Just wondered if giving them old stuff to wreck teaches them that it's OK to break those things. I always say no when she's on stuff I don't want breaking. Are parrots clever enough to know that one keyboard is OK but another is not. Or do they think OOhh keyboard, fun i'll wreck that!! Echo seems to be learning well what she's not allowed to do and I'm not sure how confusing it would be for her.
  5. Thanks Brooke. Wrong time of year to discuss it really but I'll save some next time. Almonds are wierd. They are in an outer soft shell then a hard one with the nut in. I love them. I've never seen a walnut tree. What about acorns? Can parrots eat those? Elderberries? Chickens always go for the elderberries and the blackberries in our garden. We got a fig tree too but they never ripen. She loves pistachios. We discovered that already. Richard gives her the ones he can't open!
  6. We've got a hazelnut tree and an almond tree. We get a few off each every year but the squirrels do get there first. Not thought about them for Echo though. Are they OK to feed then? What sort of quantity should you give? Shelled or unshelled?
  7. Can I ask a silly question? How long should nails be?
  8. I'm friends with a sea food chef and he asked me yesterday if I want him to save the cuttlefish bits (not sure what you call them!) for Echo. I wasn't sure whether to accept them or not so I said I'd find out and get back to him. Not sure how to prepare them. Would boiling be sufficient? I think he's just planning to cut them out of the fish and throw them in a box, so they would need some serious cleaning.
  9. I'm certainly not house proud. I think I'm just clean and tidy enough. I do have to do that rush around thing if anyone is coming though, especially if it's mother in law. I think my kids are more messy than Echo. They don't poo all over the house but they make a mess and leave it until I make them clear it up. Their bedrooms need a regular mucking out. Echo tends to poo in the same places, under her fav perching places so I just have a sheet of newspaper there which I change daily and I sweep up feathers (those pesky snowflake ones get everywhere) and seeds everyday.
  10. I do every precaution I can not to let my bird get out and be in the position where she can be caught by a cat. Doors stay shut and the family are taught not to leave doors open behind them. If she's outside then she is supervised by myself or a responsible adult and harnessed. I liken it to my children..we have a busy road outside. Do I tie my childrens legs so they don't go out and run in the road? No I keep the front door tightly shut! OK..accidents do and will happen but I'm not going to limit flight just in case.
  11. I don't understand why people clip wings. If you don't want your pet to fly then don't get a bird. Hope she regrows soon, poor thing.
  12. I thought it was one of them supersoaker water pistol things..LOL Thanks Brooke, might just take you up on that coffee offer.
  13. Awww!!! I'm going to have to treck up north again and come and say hello.
  14. I've noticed that Echo picks all the sunflower seeds out first, then the pumpkin seeds. All the dried fruit and various other bits get left. I don't renew the seeds everyday so she will eat some of the other ones and her fresh stuff. I'm sure she would just eat the sunflower seeds otherwise. She never seems to eat the tiny seeds or the peas or flakes, she chucks them in the water bowl and makes pea soup, never eats it though...fussy bird. Pet shop food looks like it's been swept off the floor to me. Doesn't look appertising at all and looks dusty and yucky. The food I buy looks good enough to eat ourselves. Wonder how long it's been there, especially those ones where you scoop it out and weigh it.
  15. They know it I'm sure! Echo knows exactly where to go so I can't get to her. She's also learned that I'm not a quitter and I WILL get her. I've had to shut off some of the house to her, some of our house has double height rooms with beams really high up. I dare not let her in those rooms again. Last time (imagine this picture! :shock: ) I had to sit on Richard's shoulders waving a stick in the air to try and get her down. In the end we just had to wait for her. Doors stay shut now.
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