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  1. Thanks. I'm still working on the handling situation so am unable to do this excercise, but hope to be able to do it eventually. It is good that at least she's practicing. I shall watch this space.
  2. hello! Does anyone know how long it takes a parrots' wings to grow back after being clipped? i thought it was around 6 months. When i bought our second parrot (honey an eclectus) the pet shop recommended that they clip her wings first as our last CAG flew away. I reluctantly agreed, but now im concerned that after 8 months she still cant fly. She has tried and failed, she regularly practices flapping her wings (whilst making a very loud noise) but im worried that they may have over-clipped them. :? Lucy
  3. hello there, Thanks Monica for your message. Sorry to hear about your Beryl. Your pictures brought tears to my eyes- seeing the happiness in your face at the time when your Beryl was with you. I do think it's better to wait a while before adopting a new parrot, as they can sense your emotions - i should have waited longer before adopting our Eclectus Honey. My boyfriend and i went for a look in Ottley, but we should have gone a different time. We arrived there around 3.30pm - it was really busy with traffic and school children. We didn't realise how many trees there would be, we didn't see any parrots. We may revisit early one morning. Im not sure that my charlie would have got there though. lucy
  4. Thanks for that Ash & MMM . i watched the news article, it's amazing that the parrots have done that. I didn't see my charlie, but the police officer in the article said that there were maybe 5 there! Im not sure if my Charlie would have got that far. But it might be worth me going there for a day out. It's nice to see that those parrots have grouped together, hopefully they'll be able to survive in a group. There's a woman in my village who apparently lost 2 CAG's a couple of years ago and never found them, i don't know details about that but i heard about it when i was looking for charlie. http://s198.photobucket.com/albums/aa176/ericalucy/[/code]
  5. or this one http://s198.photobucket.com/albums/aa176/ericalucy/
  6. Thankyou Angel_sugarhigh & amazongary for your kind words, i appreciated your replies. Im glad to say in the last couple of weeks Honey has really improved, she seems to trust me more. I have put some pics on photobucket, im not quite sure if you can view them this way. http://s198.photobucket.com/albums/aa176/ericalucy/Bunnies/ Let me know if you've been able to view them. Thanks Lucy
  7. I never found my charlie, im lost without him. i still think of him every day and have many dreams of being with him. It's hard not knowing if my charlie i alive or dead, i still can't move on and I blame myself for loosing him. Me and my partner bought a new parrot - an eclectus, i named her Honey. She's a lovely parrot but perhaps i bought her too soon (3 months) after loosing charlie. Honey isn't tame and i've had to persevere with her, she is improving but it's hard - i sometimes find myself crying when she bites, not because it hurts (and it does) but it upsets me because Charlie and I developed a great bond and i was able to handle him really well. Oh well i best go now, will write again soon if anyone is reading. Lucy
  8. Hi what parrot was it that you saw lost? I'm in the east yorkshire area and lost an african grey in july 06. Reagrds Lucy
  9. I lost my African Grey - (ringed 97) on the 08/07/06 in Hunmanby, North Yorkshire. Charlie can fly very well and is a good talker, he has small tufts of red feathers on the top of both of his wings. His ring (97) was originally purple but some of it has worn back to silver, also the numbers have worn but im sure it says 97 fairly clearly. I am desperate for his return and would give a reward. please can you help. Lucy 01723891158 :cry:
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